Nicolai Reveals Gravel Bike: Argon GX

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Nicolai is known for making distinctive bikes – so what would a Nicolai gravel bike look like? Now, we can find out.

‘Blurring Road and Mountain Bike’

The Argon GX name comes from the gas argon, which is used as an inert protective atmosphere when welding the frames. GX stands for Gravel plus Cross. The GX joins the existing Argon line up, which includes the Argon CC, Argon FR hardtails and Argon Road.

Made from 7020- T6 aircraft aluminum, which has a 30% higher tensile strength and a 20% higher elastic limit compared to the 6061-T6 alloy, all frame components and tube sets of the Argon GX are made in Nicolai’s own German factory.

Thanks to modern 5-axis CNC machines, you get all the expected looks of Nicolai’s bikes:

Particularly characteristic components on the Argon GX such as the seat stay yoke or the combined bottom bracket chain stay yoke are made possible by the so-called Hollow Milled technology. Welded at NICOLAI by experienced hands in several passes and with a very slow feed. This achieves a deep fusion of the material, minimizing stress and distortion. The iconic flat and evenly shingled weld seams on the Argon GX are not only visually impressive, they can above all optimally dissipate the forces occurring in the frame. The manufacturer has complete confidence in its designs because where most gravel bikes limit the total weight of rider and wheel to 125 kg, the Argon GX frame has no weight limit and a 5-year warranty that includes the toughest uses and competitions.

As the length and height of the main frame increases, the seat angle becomes flatter on larger frames, while the steering angle becomes steeper. This ensures that the bike‘s characteristics remain the same at each size.

You can use the configurator to specify the exact build that you want – even down to flat or drop bars. Though Nicolai notes that when configuring the components, the gears are a limiting factor in the choice of tyre width. When using a front derailleur for a 2 x 11 Shimano GRX the cage of the derailleur allows a maximum tyre clearance of 42 mm. Nicolai says this limitation is not Argon GX specific, but affects all bikes equipped with a dual GRX shifting. If you want to haul luggage in panniers, there’s an adapter which is inserted into a transverse cutout of the seat stay yoke and screwed through two holes located underneath.

Argon GX

Argon GX Geometry

Argon GX Features

  • 142 x 12 mm thru axle dropouts
  • tyres up to 45mm wide on 28 inch wheels or 50mm wide on 27.5 inch wheels
  • compatible with gravel suspension forks up to 40mm travel
  • Flat Mount 140 standard brakes
  • Dropper post compatible
  • 31.6mm seat tube
  • variety of cable routing options
  • 3x bottle cage mounts in all frame sizes
  • 6 frame sizes, from XS to XXL, suitable for riders from 155cm to 208cm
  • 50 colour options, each in high gloss or satin finish. Additional option for hard anodized black, bronze and titanium, or uncoated in ‘factory raw’ aluminium finish.
Argon GX

The Argon GX is offered both as a frame and as a complete bike. The frame kit weighs 1.9kg in size M and is available from €1449. Complete bikes weigh from 8.5kg and prices start at €3750. See the website for details.

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