All New Cannondale Topstone – Full Suspension Gravel. And Electric too.

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Cannondale has updated its popular rear ‘suspension’ gravel/adventure bike with new models like the Topstone Carbon Lefty 1 and 3, with a matching 30mm travel Lefty Oliver fork. And to further rile up the traditionalists, there’ll be a full range of e-bikes too.

Topstone top bike – the Carbon Lefty 1

Cannondale is well known for pushing boundaries (and buttons) and the development of the new Topstone Lefty bike kind of parallels its mountain bike development where it originally came out with rear suspension (on the Cannondale EST back in the 90s) before adding front suspension. It also has form in adding a Lefty fork to its previous Slate gravel bike (which was well ahead of its time). Now, though, the addition of the Lefty Oliver makes the Topstone a proper (30mm) full suspension gravel bike.

Topstone Carbon Lefty

Where to start? There are so many rules broken here. As Cannondale puts it:

The Topstone Carbon Lefty takes the playful, genre-blurring, boost-off-everything spirit of the legendary Cannondale Slate and pushes it to a whole new level by adding the all-new, built for gravel Lefty Oliver fork, while Topstone Neo Carbon and Topstone Neo Carbon Lefty are where e-bikes and gravel meet to create the ultimate in mixed surface capability and fun.”

Topstone Carbon Lefty 1 – £6599 of wireless, full suspension gravel bike.

e-bikes? Let’s start with the regular push bikes first. The Topstone Lefty features a full carbon frame with its ‘Kingpin’ suspension, where the whole rear end – the chainstays, seatstays, seat tube and even top tube are designed to flex in order to give up to 30mm of rear wheel travel.

Comin’ straight atcha!

And then we have the Cannondale Lefty Oliver fork, which is a super light, single-crown (and single sided) suspension fork based on its Ocho race fork, but built specifically for gravel riding. The Oliver features 30mm travel using the same needle-bearing design as the Ocho for supple performance and precise steering. There’s a lockout lever too, with a blow-off valve for those unforeseen potholes. Longtime Lefty users will be pleased to hear it comes with a new, tool-free StopLock brake mount for swift wheel removal. The Lefty Oliver comes designed for flat mount brakes. In order to make room for all that gnar without jacking up the front end, the Topstone bikes with a Lefty will run 650 x 47mm tyres front and rear.

A nekkid carbon Lefty frame
Topstone Lefty 3 – £3399

And talking of sizes, the Topstone isn’t a slacked out gravgnar/gravduro bike – it still runs pretty steep 71.2°/73° angles (so, just like a nineties mountain bike then?) There will be sizes from XS up to XL.

It’s for this kind of stuff…

Cannondale Topstone Neo Carbon and Topstone Neo Carbon Lefty

Who will ever notice, eh? Full Bosch motor for miles more gravel fun.

Cannondale has also introduced Bosch-powered e-bike versions of the Topstone Carbon, called Topstone Neo Carbon and Topstone Neo Carbon Lefty. These bikes take all the features of the Topstone Carbon gravel bikes and add Bosch power to create “powerful, go-anywhere, do-anything adventure machines with unreal riding qualities” and a range of up to 127km (79 miles). It still has the same passive rear suspension system in the frame, giving 30mm of rear wheel movement.

Topstone Neo Carbon 1 Lefty – £7999
Topstone Neo Carbon 4 – PD

Topstone Neo Carbon is available in two frame and bike configurations – a 700c-wheel version featuring a rigid carbon fork, and a 650b wheel version with the new Lefty Oliver. Tellingly, Cannondale is planning in bringing in to the UK, four different models of the Topstone Neo: two with a Lefty Oliver, and two with 700C wheels and rigid carbon fork, but only two of the regular ‘acoustic’ Topstone Carbon Lefty.

Topstone Neo pricing will start at £3999 for the ‘entry’ rigid Topstone Neo Carbon 4, rising to £7999 for the top end Topstone Neo Carbon Lefty 1.

For fans of the existing, 700c, rigid forked carbon and alloy Topstone bikes, these will continue into 2021, so don’t worry that it’s all going 650B… it’s just that that is what the new bikes have. There will still be rigid forked 700C bikes that fit in the range in between the Lefty Oliver versions. Cannondale is claiming that with today’s announcement, it now has the biggest selection of gravel bikes everywhere – full suspension, rigid, carbon, alloy, e-bike… what more do you want? (Actually, there’s no alloy Topstone Neo in the mix, though we can’t imagine they’re not working on one…)

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    Came full of hope, but heck, those are ugly!
    Shouldn’t this be on the ChargeGritCXsusworld sub-site?

    This is the futurish folks, get on board.

    I actually really like the look of that but then I also loved the Slate when I rode it despite quite a few folk, ahem, slating it. Wonder if it can be set up 2 x for proper gears for touring? Weirdly, I think the cheapest one is the nicest looking. With wider flared bars, I could have an awful lot of fun with one of those.

    @big_scot_nanny But it IS on ChargeGritCXsusworld – look at the logo up there. All (and Charged and Tech) stories now list on the Singletrack front page. You can adjust what you see in your user preferences.

    My eyes are bleeding…

    It isn’t full suspension is it.
    Why 30mm of travel at the front. Why not 80mm. There has been no time on the history of off road cycling where some one said you know the 60mm of travel in this fork is just too much. Look at the head tube length. Loads of space for a longer fork

    Jolie laid. The battery version might possibly appeal to a super-commuter?

    It would be great for commuting except you can’t leave it locked up anywhere, fit mudguards or use panniers and it costs 8000 pounds.

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