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I’ve got blue dot envy. The Highland Trail Race is going on at the moment and I’m finding life as a blue dot watcher hard. Let’s first ignore those that are riding, they are having fun in probably the best weather the race has ever seen. Secondly, let’s ignore the fact that most of them have been riding since Saturday – they chose to do this, you make your own bed and sleep in it.
But what about me? I didn’t chose to waste hours of my time following the little blue, pink and purple dots around a 550-mile race in Scotland. I didn’t chose to be transfixed to the near real-time (bullshit) 10-minute updates that you put out allowing me glimpses into your life. Damn you. Damn you for being so entertaining you little group of pixels.
I would turn you off…but what if you’ve moved on since I last looked? Taken a wrong turn? You’ve stopped? Why – what – where are you? Is it a shop? A bear? A pub? I must have more data!!
Every year this goes on around the world – not just because of the HTR – but as the ever expanding self-supported race scene gets drawn more into the light, more blue dot junkies are created. I’ve had the joy of being a blue dot, several times, and I know what it is like to be that dot expectantly moving around a predetermined course. But it’s odd being the other end again.
However, there is something special about it. Almost like receiving a hand written letter, or stepping back to using film again. The delay, the anticipation, the feeling that you’re part of what they are doing. Obviously without the suffering, effort, or midges. Lack of sleep, well not something I’ve had much of since they started.
Now, where has that purple tandem pair got to…
Beer of the Week
Early Dawn – Hay Rake Brewery ABV 4.1%
Hay Rake Brewery

An IPA brewed using a blend of 4 hops with a hint of honey and lemongrass.

Out for dinner at a local tapas restaurant. My wife informs me that they do their own beer. The chef, who is the owner, and also the brewer, does everything. He even makes his own lamb and mascarpone sausages. Probably the most local brew I’ve chosen, but damn, damn good with a plate of chorizo and potatoes. Food was nice too.