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I used to joke that I was sponsored by toast, or rather that I should be, for the amount that I eat and talk about it. For all intents and purposes this hasn’t changed. I love toast. I exist as a medium for consuming toast and all the delicious toppings that can be afflicted upon it.
Lately, my ability to eat, talk and publicise my consumption of toast has been at an all-time low. But with a few weeks passed since the beating, my jaw has settled and I can continue my affliction with my all-time favourite sponsor.
It’s been odd though. Firstly I didn’t really think that two weeks of riding less than 10 hours per week would affect me so much. A sort of unexpected taper took place that I didn’t notice – I became more grumpy and irritable in the mornings. I just couldn’t deal with the most basic of human tasks…like not being a dick. I’d look at my Tour Divide bike and feel hate towards it. It didn’t make sense. I’d lost my love for the #dirtydropbargoodness.
So I swung the other way. I Grabbed the singlespeed mountain bike, and went out with one aim: Find some stupidly steep things to ride down. Ignore fitness. Ignore speed and distance. Ignore anything about anything to do with training. Pedal Damn It.
Sure it snowed. Sure it rained. Sure it was not the most classy descending I’ve ever done. But do you know what happened? I came to love the bike again. Little did I realise than looking at my watch I’d ridden two hours in one direction in what felt like 30 minutes. Little did I care that I was in the middle of nowhere on my own. Little did I want for anything else but to just keep riding my bike.
It was at this point I realised I had no money, phone, water bottle, or spares on the bike. Commence two hours of mincing home. Live and learn.
Beer of the Week
Squwak Brewing Company: India Pale Ale 6.0% ABV
Squwak India Pale Ale

An amber coloured beer with a lovely fruity aroma. Hopped with Cascade, and Amarilo, this IPA boasts a biscuity malt base holding up sticky, tart citrus hops.

I went on a shop ride a few weeks back with friends and industry types affiliated to a wonderful bike shop that does what it likes. Afterwards there was beer. There should always be beer. But more importantly, there was beer on tap from the folks at Squwak in the shop. I’m a glutton for a good heavily hopped IPA and I was not disappointed – not at all. Check it out if you can find it in your local. It’s worth it.

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