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  • your weekend cycling plans?
  • Premier Icon ratadog

    Had day off yesterday and spent a few hours in Dalby. Today and tomorrow the Ryedale Rally is running so most of the routes in and out of Dalby/Cropton/Langdale/Wykeham filled with motocross bikes.

    Road/bridleway between Dalby and Wykeham only just got vaguely rideable following last year so probably trashed again by Monday. I may cycle up and have a look early tomorrow if only to depress myself.


    Just got in from a 2 1/2 hour ride on mtb. Tomorrow doing the 4 hour cat at the Army/Gorrick are you tough enough. Will probably get cooked if its going to be as hot as is forecast.

    Premier Icon asbrooks

    Sods law dictates that my brakes need an overhaul, New master cylinder piston in the post. Thought I’d clicked the place order on the CRC, checked two days later it seams as I didn’t.
    Oh well. On such a nice day the swimming pool is beckoning.
    Have a good weekend everyone!


    Also – Nothing today (well TdF Mountains obviously, and perhaps a bit of Wimbledon….Sabine Lickmyclitty vs the French Frump…may the best babe win!). Isle of Wight with Newforce tomorrow – see you at the Ferry, Ciderman! 😀


    Packing for hols today,beer and curry tonight,shuffle around tomorrow morning late mtb around kinver tomorrow afternoon,top gear then off to bulgaria.

    Premier Icon stewartc

    Just had a ‘hike a bike’ session up the Lofu Tau trail, very sunburnt but one of those days were the hard work is quickly rewarded.

    Premier Icon adsh

    6hr in the are you tough enough. I suspect not at 30C!

    Premier Icon MoreCashThanDash

    About to head out for decent road ride in months after screwing my back up. Mate and I are thinking a stop at Matlock meadows ice cream farm may be in order mid ride…..


    Went out yesterday morning for a couple of hours on the roadbike, ended up doing 94 miles. I was slightly underprepared, no cash or card, slice of toast before I left, 2 energy gels and one water bottle. I was struging a bit towards the end.


    Bit of fettling the bikes yesterday, followed by a 25 mile run on the road bike at 7 this morning … excellent start to the day 😀

    Premier Icon Wookster

    None so far, put by back out on Wednesday now on my holidays :-/ pants

    Hob Nob

    Yesterday involved lots of driving, so no riding.

    This morning involved getting the road bike out of the van & doing a nice 50km road ride, which finished with the 21 turns up to Alpe d’Huez.

    This afternoon the fun really begins. The proper bikes come out for the start of Mega practice.

    21 turns was brutal.

    Better than the usual weekends riding for the next few weeks 🙂

    Premier Icon postierich

    Bivi and ride out of Elterwater 60km on a fully loaded hardtail my wrists are sore

    DSCF3382[1] by Richard Munro, on Flickr

Viewing 13 posts - 41 through 53 (of 53 total)

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