yeti 575 rear triangle debonded from aluminium shoe.

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  • yeti 575 rear triangle debonded from aluminium shoe.
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    Is it definitely out of warranty? I thought the warranty only changed to two years in 2012. My 2007 did the same. Someone on here bought it and was going to rebound it.

    Edit: it was Andyl


    Happened to a friend of mines, he said it was the heat from the rear caliber caused it to unglued, anyhow he got a warranty replacement and sold it

    Yeti shortened their warranty? Classy way to respond to all those swingarms.

    Wish I could check been digging in the house everywhere to find the receipt I’ve hid it that well from the Mrs I can’t find it myself.
    I bought it in march around my bday so its over 3 years anyway.

    Don’t think it was heat I ballsed things up and came down on a double. Didn’t notice i had trashed it till I got home and cleaned her up. Its only opened up about 4 mm .
    Any ideas for something that bonds carbon and ally well.

    De Moose

    The 2010 575 would have been sold with a 5 year warranty. Yeti changed it to 2 years at the start of 2012. I would imagine that the 5 year period is still valid from the date it was bought so your 575 should still be covered as long as you are the original owner.

    One must double his efforts for the receipt. Into the attic for me


    You can buy 2 pack glues that stick carbon bits onto metal frames no problem. I’m in the motor trade and we use this stuff all the time for bonding composites to metals. Where you at? I can probably recommend somewhere for you.

    Hey up folks I’ve got a 2010 yeti 575 I was at degla on Wednesday night and my carbon rear triangle has debonded from the ally shoe. Its not snapped just slipped out approx 4mm. Anybody had this? I know the carbon triangle can snap but mines just failed at the joint. Can it be stuck back together with epoxy or something similar. I spoke to my dealer but as its out of warranty they will not help me. Just tried to sell me a new frame instead.

    Last frame I buy from one planet


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    Is it definitely out of warranty? I thought the warranty only changed to two years in 2012. My 2007 did the same. Someone on here bought it and was going to rebound it.

    Edit: it was Andyl

    #waves# hello!

    Funnily enough the fantastic weather we have been having has kicked me up the arse to get back on finishing the Yeti this week. I took the rear triangle into uni today to have a chat with some colleagues and see how the new epoxy they are trying out is going (aerospace composites group). If I’m not happy the stuff I can get for free is the right stuff (looking for a toughened epoxy) then I might just buy some. Then I just need to get some nice forks for it.

    First thing you need to is chase up the warranty and really hound them as I also think it should be covered.

    If you get a definite 100% NO then what you need to do is get the lug out without causing any more damage. ie don’t go forcing something between the carbon and the alloy or wiggle it too much and then set out bonding it with a proper adhesive, not one from B&Q.

    If you are not happy doing it yourself then get a quote from one of the carbon frame repair places and let them take it apart and rebond it.

    hey up TK46HAL im in warrington so yeah if you have any heads up on a good adhesive it would be apprechiated. Searched all night for the sale receipt but cant find it rang the Bike shop they are trying to find it but not convinced they are searching that hard


    jack haslam,

    I’ll send you an email detailing where you can get the glue in your area!

    I’d recommend 3M 9323 epoxy adhesive for this application, might be difficult to get hold of it in small quantities though.


    Ask around on the Yetifan site. Lots of helpful people who may have had the same problem.

    I’ve managed to get the carbon arm out around 20mm without too much hassle and cleaned and lightly sanded the lug. Its now got epoxy in and curing. I’m gonna try the red at degla on Wednesday night after work.
    I’ll keep you posted.

    Thanks for all your help


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    Good luck Jack.

    I’m sure Compositepro on here does this for a job, or something very similar , ping him a mail and see if he can help. Failing that there are carbon bike repairers who definatly can bond it back together, shipping might be prohibitive though , Oxford way iirc.

    Just so people know about the some what shitty 5 year frame warranty from yeti it does not include the rear triangle as this is surposedly classed as suspension. Also ive been told a punch of lies from silver fish stating that i wont be able to remove the lug as it has spikes that they wrap the carbon around.
    Well gues what Silver fish ive removed that lug and what your rep on the phone has told me is complete bull shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The carbon triangle is moulded then the aluminium lug is just bonded into it.
    If anybody else has a similar problem to mine let me know and i will send you a step by step guide and pics on how to remove the lug and do it yourself.
    Thanks to tk46hal on recommendations for epoxy adhesive and i will let you know when i return from degla on wednesday night how the repair has worked.
    But for all those who silverfish are trying to charge £699 for a new triangle dont bother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I love my 575 and had no problems with it till now but i have to admit this has left a sour taste!


    Have you considered complaining directly to Yeti? It wouldn’t be the first time an importer has been less flexible than the actual company

    If you can’t claim under warranty don’t panic. Exact same thing happened to my 09 575 – where the carbon meets the ally housing at the main pivot end. Luckily my mate is a bit of a whizz with fixing things and used epoxy to glue it back in. He also cut ally plate to fit both sides to brace the two joining points to make sure it stayed put – if i’d have attempted that it would have been a real dogs dinner but luckily alongside my friends’ obvious skill he’s a perfectionist so the result looks amazing, not bodged at all and more importantly it has stayed fixed for the last 7 months – i’m of average weight but ride quite aggressively so have definitely tested it well.
    If you want i could pass on his details to you along with photos of the fix.
    Btw yeti def lost my respect they way they have handled this obvious design fault.


    how r u mister haslam buy a covert!!!!!!!!! u wont break that!!

    Did Degla no problems at all the beast is back!


    could you send me details of were i could get some of that glue.
    I’ve got exactly the same issue with my 575, and would love to be able to fix it as it is a great bike.


    I can vouch for the quality and long lasting of Hammermasons fix!!!

    Hi, just returned from trip to Scotland that was spoilt for son by this happening to his beloved 575 09 on first day on Sunday at Wolftrax. Bike is second hand hence warrnaty not an option, though sounds as though carbon rear was not covered any way.
    Would much appreciate it if those of you that have fixed this could let me have pics,step by step guides etc. Would also be interested in those who do this professionally. I do a lot with bikes my self but not happy about this one.



    My mate got fed up with the importer here and just sent pictures straight to Yeti. They paid postage and sent hi out a new one, bearings and all. Nice chaps. Also their warehouse lady is really hot.

    yogi bear not been on for a while do you still need daetails of the glue or are you sorted

    email me on: if you want details on glue if your not far from warrington i have some left and the applicator glun you can borrow.

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