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  • Wiggle orders? All gone wrong?
  • Premier Icon paulmgreen

    Nope …. My order all good !


    Great just me then looks like I have been billed several times and then order cancelled but re opened and unable to cancel it.
    To say I am unhappy is a understatement 😥
    Ordered in plenty of time and now it looks like maybe not 🙄


    I ordered an Endura MT500 jacket a couple of weeks ago from CRC. It turned up fine, but I returned it (as per the instructions enclosed, last weekend) to the CRC Doagh address asking for it to be exchanged for a larger size. Yesterday, I got an email from a Wiggle mailbox, telling me they’d refunded my money, and quoting a Sales Order no bearing no relation to the original CRC one at all. No mention was made of “We’ve despatched the replacement you requested”
    I checked my bank account earlier today, no sign of a refund yet. Looks like I’d better wait a bit before re-ordering, or its odds-on they’ll have two lots of c£180, and I’ll be lumbered with a long-winded chase for the replacement. Sigh…

    Premier Icon paladin

    ordered slx brakes from crc, received them from wiggle. no complaints (front was boxed, rear was oem)


    Hi anyone having problems ?

    Premier Icon Alphabet

    I ordered some bits from CRC and received half the oder from Wiggle. The Wiggle half turned up before the CRC half.

    Premier Icon breadcrumb

    I’ve a Wiggle and a CRC order on the way, both in a timely manner.

    They’ve been awesome with a recent warranty I sent back, quite impressed!


    Used them twice recently & click & collect has been fantastic. No issues at all


    Ordered at 21:50 on Wednesday with next day delivery. Arrived 14:00 in sunny West Sussex.


    16/09 10.22pm in Melbourne Aus’ would like to buy a headset got this for last 2hours – still its only a bike part

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    Bought a helmet showing as in stock, got an update saying they were cancelling the order as they couldn’t provide it.

    It then got put on back order, got another update saying that was cancelled and another back order was created. They haven’t taken payment but I can’t cancel the back order either as it says the item has been picked.


    Refuse to use them due to there being a lack of someone on the end of a phone ..
    CRC on the other hand ..great customer service whenever it’s been needed ..


    Cancelled part of my order due to not actually having it, put on back order.

    Then got another email saying can’t get item so cancelling back order.

    They also told me website still shows item in stock but not to place another order as they can’t get item!

    Premier Icon tomd

    I ordered some bits 2 weeks ago off CRC. Still no sign, they said it got loaded with a pallet of stuff and sent to the wrong courier. There is no definitive idea when I might be getting it.

    It seems like Wiggle / CRC have gone to crap recently.

    Premier Icon deadkenny

    CRC bindun too http://singletrackworld.com/forum/topic/crc-order-cancelled

    Basically due to both (under same ownership now) having had their systems upgraded, plus apparently stuff to do with moving to a combined warehouse, it’s screwed everything up.

    Premier Icon ads678

    Ordered some rotors from wiggle a couple of days ago. Arrived today.

    Ordered some brakes from crc Monday and they’ve been dispatched. Hopefully they’ll arrive tomorrow…..

    Ordered a brake caliper from crc a couple of weeks ago. Got delivered from wiggle.

    I’ve been wanting to return a helmet that doesn’t fit me, but since Wiggle and Chain Reaction started having a mare a few weeks ago, I dare not send it back for fear of not getting my refund!

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