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  • Smarty

    Damp and drizzley this morning but what the heck ! Had a cracking ride round Thursden Valley, Widdop, Gople and Hurstwood res, not many braving the weather, only saw a couple of lads heading up from Hustwood as I dropped down.
    Oh and I cleaned the climb up from Widdop res to the top of Gople, not super technical since the surfacing work but still steep so I guess I’m getting a bit stronger. The road riding I’ve done since NYD paying off now.

    Not my pics BTW


    Short local road ride as had to be home by 10am. Deceptively warm.


    Jase. Long time no see, who you riding with these days?


    Glentress red today, great ride even while full of cold


    Garburn pass for me and my nephew this morning.Just finnished washing the bike off ready for gisburn forrest tomorrow with the dog.

    Premier Icon gonetothehills

    Lovely early local ride into the hills above Macc, a fair bit of road in between but the dusty, dry trails more than made up for it. What made it even more special was it starting to drizzle as I came back down my road. Result! 😆


    stannage edge and rivelin plantation area of the peaks. A little windy but the trails were dry!


    nowhere, sat in with a broken and a cold


    played cricket in camp bastion against some taliban


    Lee Quarry in crap mist, rain and howling rain. Still, decent ride had by all (apart from the lad who got lost in the fog!)


    Just out mile munching on the local bridleways in Warwickshire.
    Nice and dry, and going well until my last tube gave out after 46 singlespeed miles 🙄


    A blast round the monkey and dog at cannock, one emergency mechanical before we started had to replace Bottom Bracket on my P7 in the car park, after that was a great ride. Dry trails?? this time of year no puddles, felt a bit cold post ride, otherwise an enjoyable morning. Was a gentle reminder of how unfit im allowed myself to get over the winter.



    Rich has finally stopped messing around with the running so first ride with him today for a few months.


    40miles through the cotswolds linking up the hills, Cleeve, Nottingham, alderton, Dumbleton and Bredon. Legs are a little sore now.

    i rode with some guys from http://www.settingascene.com/ (wiltshire) .we went around cherhill and then to wandsdyke/pewsey vale. one of the guys took some photos.will upload them when they are on forum.was a great ride though with some good guys 😀 plus i got some air off some roots (pics will confirm it 😉 i am well chuffed (don’t usually do air/just breath it)

    Premier Icon mc2

    Just back from a loop at Dunkeld.

    Took a slight detour so we could do part of the downhill track.

    Great ride!

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Today has been a day of vegging, did the Dirtschool trail high school at Glentress yesterday, not a massive amount of distance covered but lots of pushing back up and riding again and enough thinking to destroy my brain completely :mrgreen: So having a day off, and off to do a mixed innerleithen red/black/dh ride tomorrow instead.

    Premier Icon portlyone

    Gnarly, rad to the max ride up and down the TPT/Mersey in Manchester


    I really couldn’t generate the enthusiasm today. So I’ve not bothered. I will try and make up for it on Wednesday though when I ‘work from home’.


    Took my son to do the Midlands XC under 10s race, it was suprisingly competitive 😀

    Qs with Snaps and Rainbow. Beautiful day: Snaps led us around: Great Bear, Dowsborough, Holford, Dog Pound, Smiths, Willoughby Cleeve, Lady’s Edge, Bicknoller, Triscombe, Jambo and Sharki (yay!), Chimney, Ramscombe and back to Dead Women’s Ditch.

    Many of the trails were dry and fast, but some still had wheel catching mud pots to watch out for. My downhilling ability was coming and going which made things interesting. Smiths was terrifyingly fast as usual, not helped by my eyes streaming and riding the steeper rock/rooty section virtually blind – I was close to losing it! All good fun.

    Best of all, back feels pretty good – I’m very very glad. 😀

    Premier Icon cp

    Lovely 70km road ride in the peaks. Windy and I decided on a particulalry hilly route, but loved it, bar the person towing a caravan who tried to take me out – think they forgot they had a caravan behind them!

    But lambs, blossom, daffodils and a but of warmth in the air got me excited that spring is on it’s way 🙂

    Roadie clubrun out to Poole Marina. Bloody filthy conditions, good ride though 🙂 My new wheels are lovely.

    Lovely by simondbarnes, on Flickr

    And my Sabbath continues to put a smile on my face.

    Polished by simondbarnes, on Flickr

    377km since last Sunday 🙂

    Distance by simondbarnes, on Flickr


    Craigmillar Castle in Edinburgh, trundle back round Arthurs Seat and back home. Bit of history at the castle… very interesting place and great views


    Went round the wall at afan by myself. Did it in an hour and 40 minutes. Think I need a more breathable bag though.


    up rivi (bolton/horwich) great hill loop/decent as it was pssing it down and its a bit drier. took my five for one last go of the ‘MISTRESS’ before she is traded in for the new 2011 orange five frame.

    **** gutted as i just didnt ‘feel it’ today,,,,no flow etc, it was supposed to be a memorable ride but it wasnt, fell off 3 times, gutted as i usualy nail the same decents with a grin 8) but in my defence it was a bit slippy and i did big rides fri night and sat day so i will put it down to being tired. have took loadsa photos of the ‘MISTRESS’ being stripped,,, oh-er 😉 , feels as though im splitting up with my one true love, im sure that the next girlfriend,,, erm,,, frame, will take my mind off it.

    possible 4 week wait for a new ‘MISTRESS’ due to the colour i have chosen. will have to ride the ‘WHORE’ (456) until then.


    Premier Icon Rusty Spanner

    Tour de Bury: About 20 on/off road miles, bit grey and miserable, but it’s all good innit?

    Ms Spanner’s fourth ride on SPD’s after a lifetime of toeclips – not fallen off yet!

    First road race of the year for me. The Rochechouartaise…7 laps of a fast undulating circuit. It was very fast. Had a good dig on the last lap, but finished in the bunch. A good workout, and great to be out there. Sunny but with a cold wind.


    Premier Icon HansRey

    rivelin valley – ringinglow – roman road – descents into dore – ecclesall woods – home

    bloody knackered. i need a lighter bike for rides like that


    Bernaard “Just out mile munching on the local bridleways in Warwickshire.”
    Me too. Sun came out just after I started. Twas nice.


    Dusty trails and a partially blue sky at Afan today. First time I’ve been there when it hasn’t hoofed it down and dissolved a set of pads with gritty miserableness.

    Premier Icon Clink

    Mendips with scienceofficer and candodavid. Sunny, mostly dry & fast trails. 😀

    Premier Icon Esme

    Lovely ride at Rivington this afternoon, after the earlier rain had stopped

    Premier Icon Jase_MK

    Thetford offroad Duathlon – shattered now.

    Premier Icon lungman

    Swinley with about 65 riders from this forum. Great weather and good riding nice

    a very slushy avoriaz.

    road bike should arrive out here in the next few days, so i’ll be getting myself reaquainted with pedaling again soon!

    I did my first road race. Loved it, very fast, am hooked and want to do more now!

    lee/ cragg quarry with Crag (above) among others.

    left beautiful yorkshire weather as we passed over the tops and began the descent into dull, dreary, wet lancashire. wouldn’t expect anything else 🙄

    oh, and i’m sorry to say that i took no heed of last nights ‘right of way’ post as i belted down the link trail, hitting every rock jump on the way 😀
    sorry 😳


    No riding today, feeling too battered and stiff after yesterdays Bringewood uplift on a hardtail! I can feel my riding starting to get a bit faster and smoother 🙂


    Just went for a quick ride around pirbright ranges trying the new zesty close to home before venturing further. damn they are fast compared to the old stumpy 8)

    Gorrick. spring series 4.
    Looked like a couple of bad crashes, healing vibes.
    Would have been at swinley if this wasnt on.


    2 of us went to do the crompton moor and denshaw route that is in this months s t mag , was a nice change of route but spoilt by the mist a little . We ended up going wrong a bit and went over the motorway foot bridge and coming down the roman road into littleborough so it was a bit longer but our car was parked at summit so was ok for us . Plenty of other bikers out despite the poor weather , will go again in clear weather to enjoy what should great views .

    Part of the ride yesterday Encantada Descent

    pop larkin

    Quick local ride around Hanchurch Woods with the dogs- dryish trails so quite enjoyable

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