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  • Premier Icon geoffj

    scrappy – Member
    played cricket in camp bastion against some taliban


    Premier Icon lowey

    Jacobs with some lads and ladies from here.


    20 or so of us did rivi, darwen tower, brinscall woods, nab – grim early on, couldnt see mast when we were riding past the bottom of it but at least it put the walkers n dogs off.

    Premier Icon Tracey

    Kevins mum died on Thurdsay, not riden this weekend, got other things on our mind at the moment

    Just a walk with Mrs Htc today – a couple of hours out and around from Hound Tor in absolutely glorious weather. Saw a massive party of mtbers just leaving the car park when we got back – nearly all with knee/shin guards which seemed a bit excessive but maybe they know of some gnarr radcore stuff I’ve not found. 😕

    Did the stepping stones loop from Postbridge yesterday – first ride after 3 weeks off the bike with cough, and first ever (well since 1992) with flats. Was cream crackered by the end and had to have an all day breakfast at the Fox Tor Cafe to recover. 🙂


    I had a hopton uplift today.


    It’s a lovely change to not have to clean the bike when i;ve come in from a days riding.

    But then again, i destroyed my pro 2 bearings today, loads of sideways play on my front wheel!

    Premier Icon crazy-legs

    The Endura Lionheart Sportive at Longleat.
    Was really good, lovely route (100 miles) on virtually deserted roads round Somerset and Wiltshire, fantastic weather after a bit of a cold grey start and LOADS of great food courtesy of the WI. Oh and proper coffee and a chilli at the finish.


    Today was spent teaching my daughter to ride her bike……..

    A very proud daddy 😀

    Premier Icon lowey

    Sorry to hear that Tracey. Condolences to you all.

    Premier Icon chakaping

    Only had time for a couple of miles trying out my new road bike.

    Did them very quickly though!


    im down at the in laws – so did a 45 mile route round the new forest on my road bike

    lovely views,nice change of scenery, but some of the road surfaces were pretty rubbish

    southampton – lyndhurst – brokenhurst – lymington – beaulieu – exbury – fawley – hythe – totton

    down here for a few days so should get chance to be out again soon


    Did the black at Glentress today.

    Ran in the 10k Mighty Deerstalker at Inners yesterday evening.

    Did the Inners xc black run yesterday morning.


    Premier Icon Sandwich

    Just the 10 miles with Mrs S. Tea-stop at half way to encourage her along, we’re going to get out more together. Got told to “leave me alone” at 9 miles though (a combination of sore bum and tiredness)! I’m hoping she’ll be trail centre fit by the end of summer.


    went out along the canal towards loch ness. back towards Inverness and up Blackfold.crossed over the hill in the snowy tracks to descend down into Craig Dunain.Nice and warm today.managed to cool/dry off at the top of the climb by standing in the sun at the side of a snow field.pity it was still too wet and slushy to really enjoy it back down into Inverness.

    Premier Icon Garry_Lager

    Out in the Pentlands this w/e to see what’s what. Did the ridge yesterday – Kips – Turnhouse, good to get up there but I always forget how much pushings required in that ride. Quite tiring. Today just a quick blast up to Hillend, looking for trails down the other side. Didn’t find much.

    Not any more, Robert:


    RLS used to ‘holiday’ at Swanston. Well out in the countryside at that time but then I don’t think he ever had the chance to enjoy coming off Allermuir at dusk with the lights below him. Or he never wrote about it anyway.
    I’ve walked that Pentland ridge many times, never biked it. Is it worth it? (stupid question – anything you’ve ever biked was worth it).

    Hillend around to Boghall and up to Allermuir was okay last year but I thought it would be better the other way.

    Actually, <edit> I’m back in Edinburgh after a while but my last ride before leaving was off Allermuir down to Swanston with failing brakes and an undropped seatpost. That was a lesson in having faith that speed will carry you through.


    working 👿

    got a little road ride in after though 😕

    here’s the pics that i promised 🙂 thanks for a great days riding chaps! 😀 p.s i am the waster who looks like a hobo riding the x2 😉

    Premier Icon robgarrioch

    Bit late – was let out for a blast Sunday afternoon, went for a good dollop of climbing up t’Pentlands too, Puke, Scalextric, Harbour, Maidens, Castlelaw, Capelaw. Really enjoyed it, + chuffed at cleaning them on the first decent ride in 3 joy-bundle filled months..

    Just a pity my awful skillz led to a snapped rear mech hanger directly after this shot… 😳

    Premier Icon Garry_Lager

    RLS used to ‘holiday’ at Swanston. Well out in the countryside at that time but then I don’t think he ever had the chance to enjoy coming off Allermuir at dusk with the lights below him. Or he never wrote about it anyway.
    I’ve walked that Pentland ridge many times, never biked it. Is it worth it? (stupid question – anything you’ve ever biked was worth it).

    Swanston is real picture postcard pretty once your’re behind the golf course developments.

    It is definitely worth taking a bike onto the ridge once in a while, although I wouldn’t fancy it much more than that. The views and feeling of being out there are exceptional, but the riding is pretty ordinary really. Unless you’re a heroic rider you’ll be pushing up every one of the hills (Scald Law southside actually has a decent path up, but I’d bow down and pay homage to anyone who can clean that climb), and the downhills are not amazing or anything.

    Takes a good hour from West kip to Flotterstone – although that’s without stopping much as the weather was average. So you can work it into a Pentlands ride nae bother.

    Van Halen

    just an hours worth of laps and some digging on the backyard pumptrack.


    The batch burner on the Long Mynd.

    Sadly lost back brake (pads fell out!) within a mile so did Minton Batch front brake only – interesting times!


    P1030815 by stuartrider25, on Flickr

    P1030808 by stuartrider25, on Flickr

    P1030813 by stuartrider25, on Flickr

    A 100km overnight Bivvy trip through the Dales.


    Had a cracking ride on some local trails and bridleways in Co Durham

    Anyone who suggests mountain biking damages trails should look at what horses do at this time of year. They’d churned some of them up so much that the rainwater could no longer run off so they had turned into muddy swamps. The pictures really don’t show the full extent of the damage very well.

    During the Summer and Autumn this had a lovely narrow track running through it.

    Robert Louis Stevenson, turn the capslock off before sending quotes to the printers.

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