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  • Which Hope pic n mix headset do I need?
  • Headsets overwhelm me.
    This is my bike:

    It has a purple Hope headset at the bottom. I want a red one as the anodising everywhere else is red and it’s the ‘last’ thing to finish on it.

    But I can’t work out which one to buy.
    Can you help?


    2F I think.

    Premier Icon nickc

    I think I disagree, I think I’d buy a type B ZS44/30 (semi intergrated)

    I think you want a standard 44mm internal diameter, and the type F is an internal 49mm


    From the spec, it looks like it has a 44mm headtube. Therefore you need a ‘2’ upper and ‘H’ lower, assuming your fork is tapered.


    I was just going off the spec in that link. 1 1/8″ internal, 1.5″ external.

    Problem is, they tell you what headset works, rather than what the head tube is.

    Worth a look at the tech documents on the Hope web site.


    Yeah looks like a 44 ID headtube.

    I asked a question on the chain reaction QA section, they replied a few days later and were spot on

    Seconds later I was 80£ lighter but the proud owner of a nice orange headset for my Major Jake

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    Which one was it in the end, out of curiosity?

    So, more research
    Using the SHIS:
    The headset on it is an:
    EC 44/40
    EC: External Cup
    44: Bore Diameter
    40: Crown Race Diameter

    Which would be an H headset from Hope:

    It seems a B could work too as it is a ZS 44/40, where ZS is Zero Stack – I guess it would lower the stack height a little.

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    B won’t work as it’s for a 1 1/8 fork.

    Took my H cup to the bike shop to get fitted. It’s wrong, you need an F for these bikes….

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