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  • What jockey wheels for m7000 slx 11speed rear mech?
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    As title, was tempted to mispell jockey but no, this is too important a question for it to be derailled by jokers.

    Last night I took the jockey wheels out to clean and one of the steel inner bits fell out, bounced on the stone tile floor and then disapeared down a temporary black hole never to be seen again. I assume that is what happened because I spent far too long looking absolutely everywhere for it.

    These are the ones: SLX/METREA Jockey Wheels RD-M7000-11/U5000

    Can’t seem to find them in UK. Why has one got long teeth? Does this matter?

    Sorry I have to worry about jockey wheels every so often.

    I can’t face buying another set of those crappy jockey wheels where you have to choose the right shaped bits of plastic to press into them depending on speed/manufacturer.

    Premier Icon teethgrinder

    Uberbike alloy ones work fine in an M8000

    Premier Icon Tracey

    As above and UBER20 will get you a discount this bankholiday


    RD-M7000 jockey wheels;


    £9.99 RRP

    SJS have them in stock, other online sellers if you stick the part number in google, Madison have them in stock so any Madison dealer can get them next day if not in stock.

    Premier Icon sirromj

    Thanks Tracey, got some brake pads too with that.

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