what is the point of those ‘lay down bikes’?

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  • what is the point of those ‘lay down bikes’?
  • Wiredchops

    Massively lower frontal area means very efficient, and why they’re banned by the UCI for competition.
    Generally can use more comfortable seats to give back support for those not as agile or flexible.

    If faired can reach speeds > 70 mph.

    I’d love a go!

    [EDIT] Oh yeah, and back support means you can put a lot more force through pedals without having to counteract force with forearms -> More efficient, and good for those not so limber.


    It’s just you.

    Recumbents I think you mean 😉


    Do you really not know?

    What is slowing you down when you ride a bike? Why can’t you just go faster and faster? Go on, I’m sure you can work it out.


    glen’s right. I just tried lying down and my beer gut looks a lot smaller.


    My fitness?


    Traffic lights?

    They look totally impractical to me. Well apart from potential for carrying the weekly shop. They look dangerous in traffic too.

    Premier Icon DezB

    Saw a tandem one on the weekend. I reckon they were going about 35mph.
    Went under a lorry and.. no I made that bit up. I think the big yellow flags are supposed to keep them safe


    Always fancied a go on a speedy – looks like a go-kart.


    are they really fast? the ones on the iow randonee at the weekend were slow up the hill, slow on the flat and slow down the hill too!


    Me pre ride on one

    They are fun for about 10 mins …. felt really vunerable on it ! couldnt relax , was constantly on alert. Felt like riding my road bike in the city……when i was on deserted roads !

    Would only consider one for closed track racing and TT riding….


    with the right rider they’re super speedy.
    I remember seeing one a while ago a dude had made in a ‘prone’ postion. I.e. head forward, lying flat about six inches from the ground. Can’t imagine it’d be very safe on British roads but I bet the sensation of speed was incredible. Meeeeeooooooowwwwwwm!

    You know those abberations?! those bikes where the rider lays down and the pedals are up front… what’s the point? They are plain silly right? or is it just me?


    I have had a go on afew, trikes and 2 wheeled racy ones. I can confirm they go VERY fast. I didnt like the vunrability but would love another paly!


    How about offroad?!

    Premier Icon Mr Agreeable

    Went under a lorry and..

    Came out the other side? Like in Speed? That would be ace!

    There are types of recumbent that sit you up a bit higher too.



    I’d love a go of one, but I’d want a tadpole trike or a prone bike.

    Apparently the trike-type ones are very safe in traffic as cars treat you like a car as you’re wider and cant be shoved over in a lane, plus you’re not a thin edge heading towards people, you’re a low flat mini-car-like item in the middle of the lane.

    Some say they’re hard on uphills, which I find odd – cant think why?

    Fully faired ones can look fairly imposing, if a little like a ladies toy…


    Ooh you can sit up or lie down on this one from BenK:

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