What good, fun, interesting podcasts?

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  • What good, fun, interesting podcasts?
  • nickjb

    We normally listen to infinite monkey cage or RHLSTP on a long drive but we’ve just finished the KLF million quid one which was ace. So what else is there out there to try?


    The Moth
    This American Life
    BBC Friday Night Comedy Show


    Adam Buxton

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    Blood on the Tracks for music and people stuff, some interesting guests and stories

    I listen to loads of podcasts when I’m driving around. Mostly to avoid the rubbish on the radio during the day. Here’s a list of the ones I’ve enjoyed. Most could be started from the first episode or picked up.

    Distraction Pieces Podcast – Scroobius Pip talking to interesting comedians, musicians, actors, writers.

    Athletic Mince – Bob Mortimer’s football podcast. It’s pure Mortimer and has no relevance to football. Very funny. Start on ep1 to get the full stories and jokes.

    Quickly Kevin Will He Score – podcast about 90’s football. If you don’t like football don’t bother.

    Danny Baker Show – it’s his Saturday morning 5 Live show without news or traffic. Easy listening and normally funny.

    Baker & Linekar – weekly football podcast with stories from their past. Some great Gaza’s stories.

    Adam Buxton Podcast – similar to distraction pieces

    Evil or Genius – Russell Kane and others discuss famous people and if they evil or genius. 30 mins long.

    At Home with Colin Murray – there are a load of episodes of Colin Murray speaking to sports people about their life and career. Some very funny stories and some insights into their careers that you don’t normally get.

    I listen to loads each week but that should get you going with some old episodes and the new content being released.

    Premier Icon lunge

    Drifters – Soft and gentle, and lots of talk of socially awkward people of doing awkward things. Pleasant listening.
    Free Weekly Timed – Parkrun chat, don’t listen if you don’t Parkrun, it’ll make no sense at all.
    The Grade Cricketer – Brilliant, funny, slightly dark cricket chat. Australia focused but broad enough to cover the rest of the globe.
    Running Commentary – Very funny running chat with a couple of comedians.

    Premier Icon fingerbang

    If you’re into music then Ive really been enjoying the 6 music Marc Riley and Rob young A-z of music podcasts. So far psych, punk and David Bowie

    I’ll try that blood on the tracks podcast, talking about music/dancing about architecture is what I’m into


    As Mike says ,some of the Blood on the tracks podcasts are excellent https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b09wgfst

    Just been listening to the Gander one

    Premier Icon binners

    Not exactly ‘fun’ but really, really interesting. End of Days. Its a really detailed documentary about the Waco seige right from how they recruited people from Manchester into the cult of Koresh and got them to move out to Texas, right through to the horrible bloody end. Absolutely fascinating!

    Another vote for ‘At Home with Colin Murray’ as well


    Personal favourites are:

    BBC The News Quiz from R4
    No Such Thing as a Fish (makers of QI)
    The Bugle
    The Curious Cases of Rutherford and Fry

    If you like film:

    Empire Magazine
    Kermode and Mayo
    Pilot TV
    Kermod on Film

    Premier Icon benp1

    No such thing as a fish is really good.

    So is the friday news quiz from the BBC comedy one


    Hardcore History – more of a work of art than a history podcast
    Adam buxton – as mentioned above
    Hello internet – chat about vaugely sciency / internet things
    Planet Money – short podcasts on popular economics
    Freakonomics – popular economics (very broad definition of that!)
    Criminal – pod cast about criminals / people who were called criminals
    Science Vs – popular science podcast
    How I built this – founders of companies discuss how they got to where they are
    Page 94 – Private eye podcast
    Measuring up – Two guys off you tube discuss woodworking / joinery business (much better than it sounds!)
    Behind the bastards – Comedians learn about a monster from history (or current events) – the one on Paul Manafort is eye opening
    The history of rome – monster series documenting rome from the start to the end
    The butterfly effect – the effect of pornhub on the porn industry (much better than it sounds!)
    Pod save america – US politics show, from a democratic point of view
    My favourite murder – two comedians covering real life crime
    Joe Rogan experience – Joe Rogan does interesting interviews
    Pod save the world – Like Pod save america but covering liberal politics and issues across the world
    Slow burn – history of the monica lewinksy / clinton affair explains how we got to today!
    Today in focus – guardian newspaper podcast – current affairs
    Standoff – history of the ruby ridge siege
    The move – cycling podcast with lance armstrong (dormant under the season starts)
    This pod cast will kill you – couple of phds tell you everything you want to know about various dieseases in a fun and engaging way
    Our ludicrous future – youtubers cover electric cars and spaceflight
    The bechdel cast – comedians look at a different movie each week and discuss if it passes the bechdel test (look it up)

    Premier Icon nedrapier

    Marc Maron’s WTF, especially if you’ve got a platform that gives you access to all 700+ episodes. some true greats in there, and some utterly absorbing conversations with some people you’ve never heard of.


    Premier Icon slowoldman

    The Life Scientific – “Professor Jim Al-Khalili talks to leading scientists about their life and work”.

    Premier Icon chakaping

    Baker & Linekar – weekly football podcast with stories from their past. Some great Gaza’s stories.

    Long time listener to the Candyman but I did not know about this, thanks.


    Premier Icon peekay

    “The Beef and Dairy Network” podcast. Supposedly it is for those working in, or just interested in the beef animal and dairy herd industry.

    It is actually a spoof of a magazine type podcast for the aforementioned industry. Put together by some comedians who do a fair bit of R4 comedy and sketch stuff. Think of it as like an audio version of “Look Around You”, or The Day Today /Brass Eye.

    Give it a couple of episodes before making your mind up. They are only around 10-15 mins long.

    Premier Icon benp1

    @Ewan, thanks. Some good ones there

    Premier Icon Cougar

    I really like Escape This Podcast. Self-described as “a cross between escape rooms and traditional table-top role-playing games,” each episode has the team or guests trying to solve puzzles to escape a scenario described by their host.

    Someone else mentioned The Bugle (which is ace). Andy’s sister presents The Allusionist, which is a look at words and language. It’s interesting and fascinating if you like that sort of thing.

    A couple more that I don’t think have been mentioned:

    – That Peter Crouch Podcast – genuinely laugh out loud funny perspective on football
    – Last Podcast on the Left – very funny and frequently offensive podcast on the supernatural, serial killers, cults and the unexplained… in fact there are quite a few podcast on the Last Podcast network that are worth a listen
    – The Bugle – Andy Zaltzman lies about about the news this week (it was better with John Oliver when he was on it before he got famous, but I have a bit of a thing for Alice Fraser who’s a regular contributor so it keeps me happy)

    [edit – ok, so the post literally one above this mentioned the Bugle but it’s still worth a listen]

    Premier Icon benp1

    I listen to Stuff You Should Know, but the presenters are OK, not amazing

    Anything similar like that?

    My Favourite Murder – two US Comedians tell each other True Crime stories lots of catchphrases as they obvs have a big and weird fanbase but it’s good fun, sort of…


    Planet Money has some really interesting episodes, the money laundering bank one recently in particular.

    The Dream, a series about multi level marketing schemes (pyramid schemes)

    Caliphate, New York Times journalist reporting about the Islamic State.

    All Killer No Filler. Very funny show about serial killers but mostly funny because of the banter between the hosts.

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