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  • Vulgar Cars
  • grum
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    Oh, and the pretend Humvees.

    Apart from the name and styling, they have nothing in common with the military trucks.

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    Now someone has pointed out that the RR Cunnilingus looks like an inflated London taxi that is all I can see when I look at one.

    There are a few cars on this thread which I think are ugly but not vulgar. The Land Rover Clitoris (every ****s got one) Evoque and Velar are definitely in the category of both though.

    When you start wrapping your car, any car in actual real gold though or even fake gold, then it becomes vulgar:


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    Who could forget the Dartz Prombon. At one point allegedly available with leather seats upholstered with foreskins from whale penises (penii?).

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    Anything that has a number plate containing either of these:



    Which tends to apply only to Range Rovers and X5s.

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    I upset a guy with a black Cullinan at Goodwood last year by shouting “Taxi!” just as he was about to get in the back. He stared angrily at me while a few in the crowd giggled. I immediately apologised and admitted that he had seen it first so it was his. Even the apology didn’t seem to cheer him up.

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    @klunk Mansory don’t appear to limit themselves to just producing something that looks like the bastard spawn of an SUV and a Transformer https://www.mansory.com/car/bstn-gt-xi#1

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    I may be getting a bit long in the tooth, but I’ve been a car nut since I was a lad and there is literally nothing made in the last decade that tickles my fancy.

    All the supercars are carbon copies of each other. The luxury SUVs are pig ugly (see above), sporty Audi’s. Bimmers, and Mercs appear to be trying to emulate the faux macho image of the Village People with pumped up wheel arches and massive shiny wheels.

    I think as I’ve got older I’ve really learnt to appreciate the lines of older cars.

    But to answer the OP’s question: Any car that costs more than about 50k seems like a vulgar display of wealth to me.

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    Many of these cars are just for footballers – large wallets, small brains & boredom means easy targets for “styling” companies

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    love his tranny tear down vids (i know) but good god that’s a vulgar yank ride 1.11

    quite literally pimp my ride

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    As a Group A race car, the GT-R was awesome, but it’s basically a bland, ugly Japanese middle manager’s company car with a stonking big turbo engine. No idea what they cost new, but spending this sort of money to remanufacture one seems a bit silly to me when you could build a pretty decent historic racer out of it.

Viewing 12 posts - 81 through 92 (of 92 total)

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