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  • fasthaggis
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    So many vulgar people with overloaded wallets. They need our help

    ^^Best mission statement ..evaaa 🙂

    I think nothing will beat that Tesla Cybertruck for the ugly prize

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    Living in deepest Surrey about half of the cars round here must been full size SUV then there is a good proportion of lifestyle pick up trucks and VW transporters. All fine to me, can’t say that any of them bother me or are more vulgar than other cars

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    All SUVs are vulgar pointless horrific monstrosities

    I live in the highlands and have a Suzuki Vitara 4×4 – we had snow and ice on the road for 3 months this winter, it has been pretty tricky getting anywhere without. A Fiat Panda 4×4 is just a bit too small and the ‘limited edition’ updated Suzuki Jimny appears to have all been sold to hairdressers/ speculators.

    I just don’t get ‘coupe’ 4x4s like the BMW X6 or even the Nissan Juke. The new LR Defender is pretty ugly too.

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    X6. hands down. and good news vulgar car fans!

    BMW are now doing “light up Grilles” on their new top end ones. So as well as stupid twinkly headlights, now the whole gopping snout will glow too

    Gopping X6

    “look at me, look at me, im a very special boy”

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    posit any Rolls Royce is vulgar but not ugly.

    Goodness. Are you really saying that RR/taxi thing pictured above isn’t ugly?

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    How they can make a car ride that firmly but so wallowy in the corners is beyond me

    He he. That’ll be the Physics of excess mass combined with elevated drive position providing a too high roll centre. One of the many reasons I will never own one of these monstrosities. The arse of the driver should be just kissing the tarmac or as close as possible – this is the correct way.

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    A Lamborghini Urus. Just look at it!!

    In Lamborghinis defence, they have been making SUV’s since the 80’s

    80's skoolboy wet dream.

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    Someone who lives in the posh houses at the top of our road has got one of these.

    A Lamborghini Urus. Just look at it!!

    It looks like it was designed by a five year old schoolboy. It easily trumps those mentioned already that are in much the same vein

    Posted 1 hour ago

    One of those parked outside Merlin Cycles – bike business is doing well

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    I quite like the new Puma. There, I said it.

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    I find these painted builders vans with stick on tat vulgar


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    I think the velar is the nicest looking vehicle they’ve ever made, even the new defender is growing on me. Think Klunk had it, anything with a body kit, I’ve seen a bentaga body kit really vulgar. Wonder what the car designers and engineers think as carbon is strapped to their hard work.

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    My mate drives a Urus. He’s quite happy sticking his road bike in the back but a little bit reluctant to put the mountain bikes in. You might think it ugly, but he couldn’t get either of them in the Aventador.

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    *looks up Etron GT expecting supercar looks*

    *Finds standard bland Audi genericism -looks like an A5*

    *IZ disappoint*

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    Every BMW since the 635CSI.

    Every Audi since the original, pre facelift TT.

    Every single post 190E Merc.

    Every Land Rover product post Defender/Spen King Range Rover.

    All new MINI’s.

    All SUV’s.

    Every post 1999 Volvo.

    Anything painted matte black.

    Any Landcruiser with alloy wheels.

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    Not sure Rolls-Royces have ever been pretty cars. maybe some of their latest efforts but they all look a bit OTT and vulgar but that’s kind of the point of them.

    I’m an SUV convert. The wife X3 is a brilliant car. A bit wollowy in the corners if you want to drive like a knob, but if you’re just driving normally its perfectly composed and comfortable and not willowy at all. A mate of mine has the full on fire breathing X4M car and it is unbelievable given its size and weight…could easily put a fair few hot hatches to shame in the twisty stuff and would leave them for dust in a straight line. Pin sharp handling, enough grip to tear the tarmac off the road and actually returns mid 50’s mpg if driven sensibly. The only criticism of my wife’s car is that its a bit tall for a short arse like me to get the bike off the roof. I need to carry a set of step ladders.

    I’m less bothered about the looks of cars and in fact I quite like an ugly car. ‘pretty’ cars like Astons leave me cold – though that RR SUV takes my penchant for an ugly car to the limit. I’m more interested in what they are like inside and how they drive as that is my experience as the driver. The prettiness of the car is something that other people get the benefit of and screw them…its not their car and I’ve not bought it for their enjoyment. And when it comes to the interior they don’t come much nicer than a decent BMW without spending silly money. Certainly nicer than the interior of an Aston that has the odd smattering of switchgear from a Fiesta or something.

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    Most people drive an SUV where I live and so the don’t stick out. The Middle East knows how to do vulgar though.

    They have a weird penchant for new Mini Coopers with the union jack all over them. Rank.

    Also the Lambo and RR SUVs just look silly as do the new chintzy mini Range Rover Evoque models that seem to channel their inner Juke.

    The SUVs that do look good in the world of the Big Car are Lexus, Patrols, non pimped G Wagon, and of course, proper Range Rovers.

    Plenty of supercars which are hard to fault but easy to laugh at over speed bumps.

    Oh yeah, apart from Veyrons, they’ve always been gopping.

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    A mate of mine has the full on fire breathing X4M car and it is unbelievable given its size and weight…could easily put a fair few hot hatches to shame in the twisty stuff and would leave them for dust in a straight line. Pin sharp handling, enough grip to tear the tarmac off the road and actually returns mid 50’s mpg if driven sensibly.

    In what world is a 3.0 litre turbo charged petrol engine hauling two tonnes getting 50mpg?

    Does driven sensible mean down a hill?

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    So all cars built since the millennium then?

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    er, vulgar cars and no mention of anything from USA?!
    Chrysler 300, GMC Suburban etc

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    In what world is a 3.0 litre turbo charged petrol engine hauling two tonnes getting 50mpg?

    50mpg? Utter bollocks.

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    More and more cars fit this description. It’s clearly the in thing to have huge, aggressively and chrome-clad lumps these days. I don’t like it really.

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    See plenty of Bentaygas round here, Bentley seem to use our village as part of their test-drive routes, and they’re growing on me quite a lot.

    The X6 really is fugly, no idea what would possess anyone to sit in one, let alone buy it.

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    Of course, both are deriggeur in Squamish…

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    The Lambo Urus is pretty ugly but it’s nowhere near as bad as the RR and Bentley SUV offerings

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    *Finds standard bland Audi genericism -looks like an A5*

    Somebody that I am ashamed to be related to has an Audi A5.

    The car has just been wrapped in a silver glitter finish. It
    is very sparkly.

    Inside there are hundreds of Led’s covering the headlining. they change colour and produce a twinkling star effect which is controlled using an app.

    Air suspension has been fitted so that the car can be lowered to the ground.

    Previously the lenses on the fog lights were fitted with filters which meant that they projected red love hearts on the road but those have now been removed.

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    I wouldn’t look to a group of 40 something, forum dwelling, IT professionals to be a reliable barometer of what is ‘vulgar’ TBH. Your flabby arse in lycra is considerably more vulgar than a soft top Evoque – and that’s saying something.

    Anything made by Audi.

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    Nobody’s yet mentioned the Maserati SUV 🤮

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    I saw a black Mercedes G-wagen 4×4^2 in Partenkirchen about 3 years ago. It roared down the cobbled street and a well dressed, little woman in her 60s literally fell out of it, tidied herself up and went to get her hair done.  I’m over 6ft and I’d need a step to get into it

    The most ostentatious display of wealth I’ve seen.

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    Any car with painted black alloy wheels. I can’t think of any car where this improves the look

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    My missus used to drive a Velar. Now she drives my Berlingo 😆

    The lambo mentioned is truly hideous. I think it’s a bit sad that distinguished car makers like RR and Aston Martin have felt they have no choice but to make SUV style monstrosities to keep up with current footballer/oligarch trends.

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    Your flabby arse in lycra is considerably more vulgar than a soft top Evoque –

    I’ll have you know my arse is solid and looks great in lycra.

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    I always thought this article by Giles coren has it spot on.

    Apologies if it’s behind a paywall but an extract here :

    There is just no excuse for driving a farm vehicle in London. You do it purely because your rich friends do it and you are scared that if you don’t drive one they will think you are not rich. Not one of them. Better to collaborate with the fascist occupiers than risk speaking out. I sympathise. It must be lovely to be raised up above all the other traffic with a view over their heads so you don’t feel claustrophobic and threatened. Nothing wrong with a bit of Lebensraum, after all. Sod the smaller cars, you need room to spread out. Ein Volk! Ein Reich! Ein Range Rover!

    You don’t want to be eye level with urban traffic, do you? You don’t want to take part. You want your own island to sit on, detached and with your own rules, doing paperwork quietly in the back on the plush leather seats behind tinted windows (4x4s are now the chauffeured car of choice for most high-rollers, I’ve noticed). It is your own little Brexit from the rest of us.

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    Volga car

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    The new Volga concept is a little understated. Those Russians are not very good at displaying their wealth

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    The flippin size of this thing, as an “urban daily driver”

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    On the subject of Guy Fieri


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    I visited Oz over 20 years ago and there were a lot of Mad Max style street cars around (I gather the survivors are collectors items now, most of them having been trashed by boy racers). The car that Max drove in the movie was obviously supposed to be function over form, so it’s cool.

    The car it’s based on is ok if you’re into American style muscle cars. I gather it’s the Oz version of the Sierra Cosworth or Lotus Carlton.

    But then you get dickheads trying to make Mad Max clones for fantasy street racing duty, and it’s just not classy. This is a properly built show car, but there used to be dozens of half-arsed homebuilt boganmobiles cruising the streets on Friday and Saturday nights with superchargers stuck out the bonnet and other such stupidity.

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    There are plenty of vulgar cars in the lower price brackets. Doesn’t have to be expensive, just needs some ‘look at me’ affectations, like that weird Cactus thing with the padded cell on the doors.

    Or this:

    Oh, and any kind of vanity pickup truck with some aggressively male name like ‘Barbarian’, which is just used to cruise around town rather than for an actual job.

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    X6 – it just sums up bad taste.

    Though one of the upsides of working from home is not having to look at my CEO’s Bentayga every day.

    I also find the DBX very offensive as, apart from the obvious SUV issue, it is just so bland. The Masterati one falls into that category too – I was looking at one the other day from behind and I realised I wouldn’t have been surprised if someone told me it was a Kia.

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    I’d posit any Rolls Royce is vulgar but not ugly



    I’m pretty sure that’s both.

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