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  • Vitus e-bike choice
  • Premier Icon Tim
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    Evening all

    Looking at the e-escarpe Vs e-sommet.

    I like idea of the e-escarpe. mullet makes sense and probably a bit more fun on lesser trails than the Sommet

    But the e-sommet is a lot of bike for the money and if you have a motor…is extra travel a bad thing?

    I’m more tempted by the escarpe for the mainly trail riding.

    Currently on a 27 Jeffsy that feels plenty of bike…

    Any thoughts?



    Premier Icon dhrider
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    I’m on an E-Sommet, the more travel the better in my opinion but obviously depends where and what your riding.

    On flatter trails a e-escarpe would be better but on steep stuff you just let off the brakes and the e-sommet takes off. All the weight low down is amazing for grip and control too.

    Great bikes and amazing fun!! You’ll not regret it which ever one you choose!

    Premier Icon jamesgarbett
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    The sommet seems to sell better than the escarpe so expect some discounts soon

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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