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  • andyl

    Any one done it?

    I am just going through everything I have as I want to start having a clear out. Lots of stuff will probably go to the tip, bike and car stuff sold and some given away. Old clothes to the charity shop.

    What about other stuff like tools (car and DIY) and computer bits/cables etc? Thinking about putting them up as bulk lots on gumtree/ebay.

    Planning to get very drastic (bikes, tools, flat I rent out).


    Yes I have. It’s great. My advice, if you want it (and if you are doing it for reasons other than financial), is to get rid of EVERYTHING except the clothes you are wearing and the bike you are sitting on.

    Have a house sale and invite people round.


    We did it with a move to the US. No furniture, no electrical other than laptops and mp3 players, big clear out. We have a lot less than we did and there are only a couple of things we’ve missed.


    Only really the bike and car stuff is worth anything and will probably be nice to have some money to put in the bank.

    Short term reason is I am fed up with everything stashed all over the place. Maybe I will feel better after a clear out.

    Long term I am thinking about ditching everything and starting fresh somewhere else.

    Hardest part will be getting over the “what if I just need that” or “I was planning on doing this with that” etc etc.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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