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    jumpupanddown – Member

    the wear has nothing to do with it, the pads should not come apart.

    Happens with every brand though- I’ve had it personally with Shimano OEM (which also cost over twice as much as the Superstars) and I’ve had it partially happen with Discos. Seen it in the flesh with Avid, know a mate who’s had it with Hope, and seen pics of everything else on teh internetz.

    esher shore

    I would not blame SS’s postage methods for the bent rotor the OP received

    every day I install disc brakes from Shimano, Avid, Hope etc. all supplied in rigid cardboard boxes, the rotors are always a little bent and require a quick tweak with the Park rotor tools we have in our workshop

    probably the worst brand for bent rotors “out of the box” is Avid (made by Tektro), some have been shocking even the high end XO and XX models

    Hayes used to have the best straightness for new rotors, but its been several years since I have seen a Hayes brake, let alone fitted one to a mountain bike 🙁

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    Samwise, apologies and welcome to the forum 🙂

    Sorry for the accusation, I appear to be getting cynical in my old age.

    Sorry jumpupanddown, I’m not Neil, just someone who’s amazed that no one has actually taken him to the small claims court yet if his products and service are really as terrible as people say they are.

    I did meet him once though – he fixed my brakes at a race, for free and fitted some pads I’d brought with me. Pleasant chap.
    Good luck with the swear filter avoidance, seems to be going well so far.
    I look forward to reading more of your constructive and erudite contributions.


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    I bought a set of pads from SS and they caused my frame to snap, my wife to leave me and my dog to get run over.
    Did you send them back and follow the refund procedure? And did they refund you the postage at least?


    jumpupanddown – Member

    **** of neil you’re stuff sucks, and you’re customer serve sucks even worse, if that is possible.
    To be fair, he can at least write a coherent forum post.

    I bought a 9mm QR thru-axle for my front wheel from SS. It went in the wheel, the wheel went in the fork, it all stayed as it should and I didn’t die.
    Just thought I’d share, since that seems to be what we’re doing.


    Lots of pads
    3 wheelsets
    1 pair of grips
    2 pairs of pedals
    Only problem ever encountered was bending an axle racing at Ft.Bill, £4 to fix iirc

    Find me a brand that hasn’t got its haters though…


    Oh and for the fella that had difficulty proving cost of postage, try asking for a receipt when posting the parcel at the counter of the post office, they give you one and another receipt as proof of postage. Pop the receipt into the box, et voila. My Paypal account was refunded within days.

    I’ll be buying some 29er wheels shortly, even after my previous set developed a problem with the freehub, after a year. Which was sorted out quickly and professionally under warranty as I’ve mentioned earlier.


    Loads o pads
    Pedals stem etc

    All top draw experiance

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    Only grips, SS kit and pads bought here. No probs so far and pleased with rapid delivery & sweets. 🙂

    While it would be nice of pads didn’t “fall apart” I’ve experienced it on a few of my cars/motorbikes over the years and that’s on budget & premium pads, none of which are anywhere as cheap as SStar pads.


    I scanned then emailed SSC with the receipt. A reply email came back that the proof of postage must be included with the returned goods and the return documentation must also request refund of postage.

    My post office takes the parcel behind the counter, applies the postage to the parcel label and then me a tracking receipt.

    Customer: Provides proof of postage, requests a refund of postage.
    SSC: “I’ve got your money and not giving it back”


    I have been reading this thread and feel I need to come to Supersars defence, I live round the corner from there unit in Lincoln, I always pop in there whenever I need brake pads, I have also bought from them some Nanotech pedals and a BB which lasted one ride in the Dark Peak, however I took the BB back said I wasn’t happy with it and he refunded me.
    I have always found Neil and his staff always very pleasant and always willing to have A chat when I pop in.
    It’s obvious some people’s experiences are not the same, but on the face of it I have no problem with him or his products.

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