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    That would be brilliant if that’s possible; yep I knew the HR was OOS so no worries with waiting for a bit.




    I’ll hop onto this merry bandwagon (thanks for the idea!).

    I co-run this band of merry and talented misfits – Creatomatic | Digital Agency.

    WordPress websites, branding and graphics clever custom bits of development – that’s our bag.

    We do a lot of good work with holiday let businesses (albeit they’re having a torrid old time of it right now), and have also built some cool tools for estate agents that hooks their property feeds up to the likes of RightMove and Zoopla.

    So far (touches wood) we’ve managed to keep everybody busy and kept going without having to furlough anyone, hopefully that can continue a while longer.

    Premier Icon theotherjonv

    Case of beers arrived today, cheers @singletrackmind

    It might be a cheeky but there were only 11 in the case…..just checking if this was deliberate (which I’d understand, for the hassles of splitting and repacking cases) or not.

    No probs either way, certainly looking forward to a cold one later.

    Premier Icon gnusmas

    @singletrackmind ordered a case of pure gold last night after reading everyone’s reviews of how good it is. Was going to get a mix of a couple of options but other ones i liked the sound of were out of stock. First proper drink in months so really looking forward to getting them. Thanks.

    Premier Icon theotherjonv

    LPA has certainly gone down well this evening.

    Premier Icon sadexpunk

    just put in another order for 7 crates (not all for me, what do you think i am? 😀 ), lovely beer and looking forward to yet another order when the full complements available, excellent customer service too, thanks rob…..

    Premier Icon singletrackmind

    John V. I am extreamly sorry. We have a clueless lady who does the packing and this sort of doo lally non sense stupidity is right up her street. I wrote on your order 4 x hr, 4 x pg, 4 x lpa in B I G letters and she still failed
    I will sort something out

    Gunsmas. If i can i will throw in some extras, it might have been dispatched already, christ nows you deserve it

    Still getting good footfall and a higher spend per head. By keeping the draught beer price low people are happy to spend on cider, wine and gin to average out the orders. Or to smooth the waters with the significant other at home when they walk in the door with 36 pints

    Premier Icon theotherjonv

    hey, don’t be, certainly don’t waste money on another courier yet. I’ll def be ordering again, we can sort it out then.

    Will be casting eye over the ciders as well – despite previous tricky experiences with genuine west country producers (as a callow youth, cricket tour to Bath and Somerset was an….experience)

    May be sacrilege, but do you have any alcohol free / low alcohol ciders…..my boy’s only 14 but does enjoy them

    Premier Icon stumoses

    Hey all,
    Although a subscriber, I rarely look at the forums, glad I did. As well as being a geek of a mountain biker, my career to fund this addiction – Mortgage Broker – boooo I hear you say. In brief, advise and arrange mortgages for anyone looking to buy a home, buy to let, get a better deal etc as well as advise of life insurance, income protection and critical illness cover.

    Well, as you can imagine, CoVID19 has had a massive impact on my business, not many buying properties at the moment. But, in short a summary…

    Mortgage Broker since 1993 and running my own business since 2005. Voted best overall advisor firm 2020 and finalist for the Nat West local mortgage hero 2020 (event canx due to Covid19 but I’m sure we’d have won).



    Always happy to take a call/email and assist where I can. Let me know you found me on ST and there is no cost to you for any advice. Love to hear from you and if I can help in anywhere, give me a shout.



    Premier Icon nixie

    Gah nearly ordered more beer on Friday as Watercress Best was back in stock and (thinking that two orders in month was a bit much) decided to hold off. Code has now expired (though the beer is excellent so that won’t stop me ordering once we are out).

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