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  • STW Special: Tell us and sell us your services
  • Premier Icon chipps
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    We’re all-too aware that many people, particularly the self employed, have seen their work and income drop, in many cases to zero recently. Due to the fact that the Singletrack community is vast and all-knowing/multi-talented, we have many people here who may have something they can sell – whether that be illustrations, or Zoom guitar lessons, or mail-order strawberry jam – and a correspondingly large number of people who might be interested in buying such things, we thought we’d try to bring them together.

    In an attempt to help everyone help everyone, I’m proposing that this thread be used as a sort of Singletrack-approved labour marketplace. Please keep it simple and brief, explain who you are, what services you offer and how people can contact you. (Is the PM system working again? If not, then an email/number/website.)

    Let’s see how it goes, anyway.

    It might even work for people to sell future services, such as post-lockdown car cleaning, or a post-lockdown dinner voucher. Please don’t take the mick, and the Mods will be keeping an extra eye on it too. If it doesn’t work, we’ll close it again and everyone can go back to Netflix.

    Premier Icon markgraylish
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    My coke and hookers supply is running low…any one help?

    Premier Icon chipps
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    I win 5p…

    Well if no one wants to take it seriously… 😛

    Premier Icon kayak23
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    Wa gwan.

    I’m Oli. I’m a self-employed furniture maker/joiner and maker of things based in Leamington spa, Warwickshire, Midlands.

    I’m technically able to work at the moment although obtaining materials is difficult currently.

    However, perhaps you might have something that needs minimal materials and can be made off site, or perhaps you may already have them?

    Even outside jobs and structures are in my remit. I was on shed of the Year you know! 😉

    I am very practical and can turn my hands to most things so if there is anything you think that a practical and creative person could do and you are in my general area then give me a shout via my website http://Blackteaonesugar.co.uk

    Or you can message via Instagram.

    Thank you and thank you Chipps and Singletrack magazine 🙏


    Premier Icon LeeW
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    Ah balls Oli, I was going to send you some stuff for some shelves. So sorry, it slipped my mind.

    Premier Icon Ambrose
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    I like this idea, thanks Chipps. I don’t know what I have to offer, but if any of you are near Pont Abraham, J49 the Welsh end of the M4, perhaps I can help with something in some way.

    Premier Icon eddiebaby
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    Magazine/newspaper designer and production god.

    6point75 at gmail dot com

    Premier Icon AlexSimon
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    I work from home and charge £40 per hour for any of the following:

    • WordPress theme creation, customisation and content creation.
    • HTML5 and CSS3 for custom sites, apps, emails, advertising banners and more.
    • Graphic design (online and print) including logos, corporate ID, brochures, manuals, UI, apps, etc.
    • Product design for consumer electronics.
    • CAD and 3D modelling for product design, 3D printing or CNC work including CNC toolpaths.

    I have 24 years of experience 9 in-agency and 15 self-employed.

    Some recent examples:
    All of the design work (including print, digital and product design) for http://www.luminmusic.com
    All of the design work (including print, digital and product design) for http://www.magictv.com
    User interface for http://www.synergist.co.uk
    All European press advertising for OPPO Digital 2015-2019 (see examples in portfolio below).

    Recent WordPress sites include

    My general portfolio pdf is 5 years out-of-date, but has a wide variety of things in it.

    You can also see lots of my home projects dotted about in this thread

    DMs are open

    Thanks for reading!
    Thanks Chipps!

    Premier Icon tartanscarf
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    Great idea, thanks STW.

    I’m Keith and with my wife D (we met on a STW weekend away) we run great quality accommodation in Glencoe.

    We have shared hostel/bunkhouse accommodation and 4 star self catering caravans and cabins for a bit more privacy.

    Great location for Glencoe Mointain, Nevis Range, Devils Staircase etc. Epic views and tremendous drying room. Great pub down the road too (met you in there one Thursday night Chipps).

    Happy to look at a discount for STW peeps too.



    Premier Icon Drac
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    Those cabins looks ace.

    Premier Icon tartanscarf
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    Those cabins looks ace.

    Cheers Drac. They are pretty awesome even if I say so myself. Caravans are great for family holidays too (sorry, couldn’t resist an additional sales pitch).

    Premier Icon dirkpitt74
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    @tartanscarf are any of the cabins/caravans wheelchair accessible?

    Premier Icon lunge
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    I’ve idea this, thanks STW.

    I’m Steve and I work(ed) in recruitment. I picked the wrong time to quite my job (end of Jan), take a month out (Feb) and find something new in March/April…!

    As I have time in my hands, if anyone needs any advise on their job search or needs help writing a CV then I’m more than happy to help them and would expect nothing in return. I’m also rather well networked (nature of my job) so if anyone needs introductions, mainly in the Birmingham/West Mids area then message me.

    Anyway, what I do is find great people for great companies in tech and in financial services. Ive worked both in house and agency side. If you want to know more then message me. I’ve been doing it 15 years so like to think I know what I’m doing!

    Premier Icon binners
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    Great idea Chipps. Thanks for this.

    Due to me being a narcissist of truly Trumpian proportions, you’re unlikely to have escaped my endless self-promotion and blowing of my own trumpet (not a euphemism).

    But anyway, here’s the hard sell….

    I’m a self-employed layabout designer and illustrator who, by accident, seems to have developed a line in doing large bespoke artwork for peoples walls. I produce illustrations of peoples favourite landscapes, normally also featuring their favourite people. I can have these printed on UV-fast film and framed, onto canvas, in some cases wallpaper for entire walls and my present personal favourite, Alloy plates.

    Probably best to put some examples up, a lot of which have been produced over the last few years for the good folks of this parish.

    Rivington Pike, Winter Hill and the Pigeon Tower
    [url=https://flic.kr/p/294szpP]Ramsbottom panoramic (blues) for laura[/url] by bin lid, on Flickr

    The Ardeche
    [url=https://flic.kr/p/27Y8GzQ]Ardeche[/url] by bin lid, on Flickr

    Les Gets
    [url=https://flic.kr/p/QPB2Wg]Mini-Weeksy[/url] by bin lid, on Flickr

    And I even do roadie stuff. This was commissioned as a 50th birthday present and features her husband on his favourite climb, wearing his favourite Kraftwerk Tour de France jersey

    [url=https://flic.kr/p/294szw2]Mont Ventoux[/url] by bin lid, on Flickr

    It’s not all cycling based. Heres a wedding anniversary present with the spot where he proposed, looking over Derwentwater to Cat Bells

    [url=https://flic.kr/p/294sztr]Derwentwater[/url] by bin lid, on Flickr

    This one was a birthday present for the wife of another forum regular. I love doing these. A geographical mash-up featuring all their favourite locations on a round the world trip

    [url=https://flic.kr/p/2iSNg4n]Round the World[/url] by bin lid, on Flickr

    And here’s a running image for another forum regular. Great Gable in the summer sunshine

    [url=https://flic.kr/p/2iSHBF5]Great Gable[/url] by bin lid, on Flickr

    I’ve also done favourite sporting events and moments for people.

    Another birthday present commission. Ayrton Senna at Monaco in his 1988 MP4

    [url=https://flic.kr/p/29R3BpU]Ayrton Senna at Monaco 1988[/url] by bin lid, on Flickr

    this one was emotional. My best mate, who was a City fan (when they were rubbish) died when we were 27. His sister commissioned this for their dad. As a United fan, this famous commentary really hurt, but I imagine he was up there laughing his tits off watching me doing this one. Cheers Mike

    [url=https://flic.kr/p/258rLof]Ethiad Aguaro Print[/url] by bin lid, on Flickr

    I’ve also recently done my first portrait for a mates girlfriend who is a huge Adam Ant Fan

    [url=https://flic.kr/p/2ip7NHr]Adam Ant[/url] by bin lid, on Flickr

    So there you have it. A good spread of work. Sorry if that’s a bit of a deluge of imagery.

    If anyone would like to commission something, or more likely drop some heavy hints for their significant other to do so for their birthday, then give me a shout. I can’t get any printing done at the moment, but I can produce a design for you, then get it all printed and framed once we’re back to some semblance of normality.

    more work examples at http://www.adamrowlinson.co.uk

    Stay safe you lot

    Premier Icon erictwinge
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    you are welcome to give my CV a polish, Lunge. been meaning to give it a refresh for ages, im sure its got lots of irrelevant waffle that could be ditched / streamlined.

    Premier Icon lunge
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    @erictwinge, drop me a message on here and I’ll reply with me email address.

    Premier Icon Alex
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    That ^^ Ardeche one is mine. It’s brilliant. I’ll have something else off @binners (insert appropriate double entendre here) as he’s a) really good at translating ‘er you know something er yeah sort of that’ into brilliant imagery, b) does it at a very fair price and c) is a thoroughly nice fella to deal with.

    I love your work as well as @kayak23. I wish we had something we needed doing as you’re not too far away. If/when we do, I’ll defo be in touch.

    Great idea this, be good if we could help each other out.

    Premier Icon franksinatra
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    I’m Keith and with my wife D (we met on a STW weekend away) we run great quality accommodation in Glencoe.

    I’ve stayed in your hostel loads of times and it is great. Also walking distance to (probably) the best pub in the world. I’m looking forward to coming back.

    Premier Icon NJA
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    Thanks for the opportunity. Anyone who looks at my post history will be able to figure out what I do and who I am, but for those who can’t be bothered here goes.

    I am Nick Ash, Managing Director of Will & Probate Services – we will write your Will, sort out your Powers of Attorney and Deal with the admin if you are unfortunate enough to have a death in the family. I am more than happy to give some free intitial advice if you have a specific query.

    I am working, not quite normally, by doing my initial client meetings by Zoom, Whatsapp, Messanger video conferences and if all else fails by telephone too.

    You can find all our contact details on our website http://www.will-probate.co.uk and there is loads of information on our TV channel WAPS TV https://www.youtube.com/c/WillProbateServicesMarketDeeping

    Premier Icon tartanscarf
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    I’ve stayed in your hostel loads of times and it is great. Also walking distance to (probably) the best pub in the world. I’m looking forward to coming back.

    Amen to the pub and thanks for using us, we really appreciate it.

    Say hello next time you’re in or make a booking. We do discounts for various outdoor organisations when prodded so remind me
    of that too!

    Premier Icon tartanscarf
    Free Member


    @tartanscarf are any of the cabins/caravans wheelchair accessible

    Sort of – I’ll ping you a message.



    Premier Icon alibongo001
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    I generally work in Pharmaceutical sales (Market access and team management) but presently the NHS is not receptive to new ideas owing to the huge workload that COVID causes, not to mention the people out of action making it worse for those left

    To make ends meet I am selling Audiobook on eBay – I managed to buy a job lot just before lockdown.

    They are all unabridged audiobooks (from libraries) and some of them seem quite rare!

    If anyone wants to be entertained by an audiobook during lockdown it might be worth looking me up on eBay (Alibongo001)

    I could also offer help to anyone considering a role in pharmaceuticals with a chat and potentially a network of ex-colleagues from the last 29 years

    I might ask for a CV review too!

    Stay Safe everyone – what a great idea Chipps – I would love some Binners artwork!

    Premier Icon DavidB
    Full Member

    My son has picked just about the worst time ever to start a small business! He is building location based games that use real world mapping. He’s currently working on an App for a well known cycling collective that will be launched soon. But after that is hungry for new projects

    Here is Brixham rendered in his engine and part of a proof of concept hide-and-seek game he is working on.

    pm me for further details.

    Premier Icon nicko74
    Free Member

    a) lovely idea Chipps, and b) there are some very talented people on here!

    I run a own small market research strategy company. Market research design, survey development, public opinion stuff, customer satisfaction work, custom end to end projects or small-scale consulting and advice. Always happy to chat, you can find us at http://www.fuse-insights.com

    Premier Icon Bunnyhop
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    Most of you on STW are male, so probably aren’t interested in interior design or soft furnishings, however….

    I run ‘The curtain Studio’ (emmy jane designs on face book) from home near Stockport.

    Soft furnishings such as:
    Cushions, Roman blinds and curtains are the made to measure items I make.

    At the moment there isn’t any work or orders for the future, so I am making scrubs for the NHS. This keeps me from going do lally and I feel useful.

    Binners – I love the Mt Ventoux picture.

    Premier Icon breadcrumb
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    Great idea for a thread.

    Currently furloughed but if things change for the worse I’ll add my skill set.

    Premier Icon Cougar
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    Most of you on STW are male, so probably aren’t interested in interior design or soft furnishings, however….

    Do you do curtain tracks?

    Currently furloughed but if things change for the worse I’ll add my skill set.

    Add it anyway?

    Premier Icon Cougar
    Full Member

    For my part,

    Regular readers might know, I know a bit about computers. I’m not furloughed but I’ll surrender IT help in exchange for a 12 month STW sub. (Or will offer it anyway if you’re already a [P].)

    Premier Icon yourguitarhero
    Free Member

    I have a masters degree in brewing and distilling and have built an (extremely) small brewery.
    If you want any advice about home brewing or distilling or anything that ferments (sourdough, kombucha, vinegar, cider etc) during lockdown, hit me up.

    I have also gone through the process of building a world class pump track on land I didn’t own without spending any of my own money, so if you want to do that I can guide you.

    I don’t care about money, so I don’t want any from you.

    craiggeorgeturner at hotmail dot com

    Premier Icon thegreatape
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    Great pub down the road too (met you in there one Thursday night Chipps).

    I remember that night!

    Premier Icon WEJ
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    Set up a new Coffee Roastery last year, going well until March… Still in the process of finishing my website, http://www.coffieryri.cymru I’d be delighted if you had a look!

    10% off for forum users with STW10

    Premier Icon singletrackmind
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    Most on here here know what i do but how about a cheeky STW discount code on cases of beer.12 x 500ml. Mixed. Usually £26.40 plus carriage but we can screw that down for you lot.
    Will sort out a cash rebate to stw towers as well if there is any interest
    As a ludditte it may take a week for me to get it online.
    Chipps, pm me with a retro figure or %
    And i will crunch some numbers

    Premier Icon Bunnyhop
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    Cougar – Yes I can sell curtains tracks/rails poles. These can be seen at ‘Hallis hudson’. Who have started to deliver directly to the customer, whereas before it was just the account holder.

    Thank for this great opportunity to let others see what we do for a living and maybe help out (if not now) in the future.

    Premier Icon chipps
    Full Member

    @singletrackmind – where’s your website details then? 🙂

    Great pub down the road too (met you in there one Thursday night Chipps).

    Ah yes! And what a pub. I reckon a trip to the mountains is calling once we’re freer…

    Lots of good stuff here, keep the ideas coming. I’m randomly still working full time, but if anyone needs any written work critiquing with my Editor head on, let me know. (No novels please, I don’t have the time. More like magazine articles or marketing blurb.)

    Premier Icon barney
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    Ace idea, Chipps!

    I can research/write words about pretty much anything you care to name, from bikes to hardcore science, tailored to a wide variety of audiences. I can also proof and edit.

    You may have seen some of my bike stuff – both on here or in the mag (and *ahem* one or two of the others). If you’d like some examples of this, or my non-bike work, then get in touch!

    I’m also available for Zoom/Facetime tuition in biological sciences, psychology and the neurosciences.

    Drop me a PM if any of that appeals 🙂


    Premier Icon singletrackmind
    Full Member

    Beers here.

    Online shop via squarespace.

    Enter code STW25 for a whopping 25% online discount. When i get round to adding the button that is. Will be courier delivered

    Give me a week or so to get the button working and replace the bottle stock as we have been selling more than usual as the pubs are shut

    Premier Icon yourguitarhero
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    Can anyone cut this image out of thin steel plate for me, with a height of 30mm?

    Premier Icon Alex
    Full Member

    @WEJ – ordered some coffee

    @singletrackmind – will order some beer later!

    Premier Icon Drac
    Full Member

    Enter code STW25 for a whopping 25% online discount.

    Premier Icon nbt
    Free Member

    @singletrackmind count me in, you brew a nice pint. might order 2 crates to make it worth while

    Get in

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