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  • Stopped using social media yesterday
  • Premier Icon cookeaa

    podging away at a screen whilst in company

    I really like that description, so I’m Stealing it…

    Premier Icon footflaps

    I quit Prestel pages nearly 30 years ago, do I win a prize?


    Why, did it irk you?

    No, only IRC’d a bit 😉


    You can read forums without being logged in or even a member. You can’t do that on TwitFace (I assume because I’ve never been a member).

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    “do I win a prize”

    Press *7# to find out.

    Premier Icon Daffy

    Going to the pub and talking is NOT in any way, shape or form Social Media. It’s just Social.

    Premier Icon CountZero

    I was putting my phone first before reading a book.

    I do both. I’m sure many people who see me when I’m out on my own, sat in a cafe or a pub, staring at the screen in my hand tut to themselves and mutter about being obsessed with social meeja or some such, when actually I’m listening to music and reading one of the many books I have on my phone and tablet – several hundred or so.
    I gave up on following Fb nearly a year ago, very seldom look at it now, Twitter gets a cursory glance every now and then, I hardly ever contribute to it, and Instagram barely registers with me.
    Still, I spend a lot of time on here, so I’m not entirely disconnected from social media…

    Premier Icon frankconway

    For years my only social media activity has been this forum and reading serious/respected political websites in UK & US.

    Premier Icon epicyclo

    This might amuse some of you 🙂

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