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  • Spec me a bike room
  • miketually
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    We have a leaky asbestos-roofed garage which we’re getting taken down and replaced with a wooden structure of about the same size. We’re going to divide it into two parts: the south/garden-facing end is going to be insulated and nice with french doors onto a covered deck area and used as a second living room/office; the north/house-facing end is for my bikes and tools. (Random garage crap is being demoted to a cheaper shed further down the garden.)

    So: bike end – suggestions? Features? It’s going to have double doors opening into a ‘car port’ area.

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    Build the security in now rather than as an afterthought.

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    make sure it’s easy for the other members of the family to get their bikes in and out 🙂

    as CB says security by design

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    It’s being built from scratch so can be built secure and some anchor points sunk into the ground beneath.

    The family bikes are filed under ‘garage crap’ in the other shed 🙂

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    Hang vertically from the wall to maximise space, fit the workstand in, Power points for chargers (lights etc) above or along side the bikes, hooks for spare wheels/tures etc. and easy access to the crap removal door so that worn out stuff gets binned not put in the just in case pile

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    Make sure the bike end is also insulated, so you can work comfortable on bikes during the winter. Plenty of plugs, for shoe dryers, laptop, beer fridge, rubber oil proof flooring, warmer under foot when working on bikes, heater, ground anchors, work bench that you can attach a vice \ wheel truing stand to…… wi-fi

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    How large is the space? I’ve just set out the garage/man cave (3x6m) into a bike zone. It has dedicated shelving, with BigDug shelves and Really USeful Boxes to keep all the kit well-sorted. I also added the floor tiles, including a blue area for the KICKR and an old 32″ TV for running Zwift and Eurosport (and added a Sonos). Bikes are hung, but wheels go underneath. I finally got round to adding a workbench and reinstituted my Record vise.

    It left no change from £1000, but has transformed the space. Was worth every penny, but decent storage will not be cheap. Plan tehshelving first, then look at spaces for hanging bikes.

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    If you have an electric door, make sure there’s a back up in case you lose the key.

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    My spec list would be:
    Either hooks to hang stuff vertically or the stands that hold one bike at head height above another at floor height.
    Security for the bikes, things like ground anchors, etc. But nothing that obvious from the outside.
    Other hooks for hanging wheels and perhaps hanging wet clothes to dry.
    2 works stands. A big, heavy duty one, perhaps anchored to the floor for normal usage, and a smaller one to move around as needed.
    A good, sturdy work bench, with a clamp attached and ideally a wheel truing stand.
    Lots of storage. Cupboards, racking, shelving, you name it. Old kitchen units work well and the work bench an be incorporated into these.
    Lots of power points, dotted around the whole space.
    A Fridge.
    A tool chest on wheels.
    Good lighting and/or windows.
    Somewhere for the turbo trainer and turbo bike to live. A fan close by and either a permanent screen or somewhere to stand your iPad.
    Bluetooth speaker.

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    Deffo some soft flooring for the inevitable drop of something expensive. Worktop area with sink if you can (even if it just drains into a bucket).

    Think about eliminating crevices where screws can find there way into and never to be seen again when you drop them.

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    I’m trying to decide between a freestanding workbench, or something that’s incorporated into the building itself. Adjustability Vs sturdiness…

    Security doesn’t need to be too ott as I don’t have expensive/desirable bikes.

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    Oh and don’t reveal any details to a public forum about security and site location of your expensive cycles…

    AH, just seen your post about bikes. Carry on…

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    A decent vice and an electric sperm extractor.

    Too embarrassed to knock one off…

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