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  • Sonder Camino ti
  • graemethejock
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    Looking for new gravel frame/forks and this is currently top of the list , Genesis vagabond will be the donor bike

    Any owners on here and good / bad points to share also any pics?

    Thanks in advance


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    Hi there. I have a Camino Ti in XL which I love but not quite right on the sizing so I’m looking to swap the frame out. It’s a fantastic bike and I love that you don’t have to treat the finish like a baby with bag straps etc (though I still do!).

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    What’s happening to the vagabond and is it a medium 🤔

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    Vagabond will be up for sale , unfortunately it’s a large

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    Ah shame cheers

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    have a medium on order….give me a few months for it to arrive and I’ll get back to you 🙂

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    I’ve got a Titus Goldrush – the Planet-X bike *ahem* inspired by the Camino Ti and I love it. Great for everything from long rides on quiet roads, lugging panniers full of shopping or rides where a mountain bike would really have been more suitable.

    Mine is a couple of years old (flat mount brakes and through axle, but not the wired dropouts), which I think is pretty much as the Camino has stayed.

    It’s not the lightest, and the little clips to hold cables are forever falling off, only drawbacks that spring to mind.

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    I got Camino ti v3 before Christmas, I’d asked about dropper posts a few weeks before my delivery was due so I got the v3 frame this is internally routed with holes for a dropper or a front derailleur , the seatpost is 31.6mm and it’s slacker than online geometry, I’ve noted a few complaints on Facebook group, but mainly very happy riders
    Note they still had stock of both v2 and v3, wasn’t a clear distinction online last time I looked

    I went 650b medium (5ft11) with a 60/(70mm) stem superb ride and looks, I changed the cassette to a 11-46t and so far with the 40t GRX1x11 I’ve not been defeated on a hill climb

    If you are on Facebook, the Camino owners group is pretty active and I’ve found very helpful and a positive experience

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    Thread ressurection; can anyone comment on the new v4 Ti Camino? It’s a pretty nice price, good clearances and geo (on paper), and it’s Ti with a 10 year warranty. I’m wondering what the catch is?

    The obvious alternatives would be a Pipedream Alice or a Cotic Cascade, but they seem to be more expensive to build up to a similar spec. Does anyone know how the weights compare with all three?

    Also, is the Camino wheel spacing boost or non-boost? I cannot find it anywhere on spec sheets.


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    I was quite interested in one until I saw them in the metal – the geo looks quite good on paper. Practically, they give every impression of being built to a price, not to a standard.

    The way the seatstays are welded onto the side of the top tube is IMO hideous. Doesn’t look like any effort has been made to blend the stays in – just plonk ’em down and smother ’em with weld. Fine on a £200 BSO, not on a £1400 frameset.

    The big thing though was the cable guides at the top of the D/T. There’s 3 welded in ports for internal routing, and a 4th plain hole (I guess for Di2 wires). All in the same plane around the D/T, just below the HT, probably THE most stressed part of the bike. On the frame I looked at, the DI2 hole looked very 50p shaped with obvious corners as if it had been drilled by hand with a cheap twist bit and then left. Given the somewhat cracky reputation of Ti frames at the best of times, putting 4 potential fatigue starters in a line just there feels like a recipe for disaster. Maybe someone has done the sums and its all massively overbuilt, but it didn’t inspire confidence.

    Being steel, the Cascade and Alice will be at least a pound heavier (maybe nearer 2) than the Camino.

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    Yeah that was in the back of my mind about some modern Ti frames being massively overbuilt to counteract risk of snappage, thus invalidating Ti’s acclaimed ride character and light weight.

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