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  • So, I bought some Magped Enduro magnetic pedals….
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    I can’t help feeling you’re trying to re-invent the wheel here. Given the same amount of time you done on them, you’d probably have nailed either riding SPD or flats and worked out which one felt best for you. Right now it seems you’ve worked out the mag pedals aren’t quite as good as either.

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    Yeah, as nickc says above – not sure what problem these are supposed to solve?

    “Heavy, expensive, and less good than either of the other options” seems to be what you’re describing.

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    actually, not so much as you’d imagine
    Flats, love, have no isses with
    SPDs that i tried.. i felt insecure.. and then too secure.. ie my foot felt vague.. and i didn’t have the convenient bail option i quite like
    these.. excellent middle ground, with the right shoe i’m sure..
    i will ride all 3 in the future i’m sure…
    plus, no biggy swapping pedals on occasion

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    You have AM9s. The pedal you want is the saint* spd. This will feel very secure as you get a bigger platform for support and to aim at when you need to dab and get back on the pedal.

    *or dx. Other pedals are available… but I find the saint spot on with skate type spd shoes. Ideal for dragging a foot around those loose off-cambers at QECP.

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    So…they are like clips actually are with the tension set up right, but heavier, more expensive awkward and not as good.

    Premier Icon Tim
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    The main thing that put me off these is reviews saying that it felt like you were standing on a ball (or a polished metal plate)

    And the weight

    Premier Icon footflaps
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    The shin argument against flats is a bit weak.

    The biggest scar in my shins is from failing to clip into Eggbeaters and driving the pedal down my shin – cut right through the skin to the bone!

    Premier Icon alan1977
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    RE Yak
    yes, you are right, the SPD pedals i bought have no real platform on the clip side.. and the shoe i have isn’t as supportive as it needs to be i dont think

    RE Tim
    i cant actually feel the magnet in my setup, there is a rubber buffer under it allowing it to squish down as pressure goes on to the pedal, however, i am unsure if this is the popping sensation i am feeling

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