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  • unless your new rims are the exact same size you’ll need new spokes too,

    The shimano wheels are a no go.

    I’ve used Mavic Open Pro rims and they have been excellent.

    But if you go for a wheelset the halo aerorage ones are pretty good, you may get a bit of cash selling your current wheels to some hipsters.


    Yeah, I think the Shimano wheels are 130mm so they’ve gone back on the spares pile.

    I was looking at the Open Sports for a possible build.

    The Halos are a bit out of price range but I’ll keep an eye out on lfgss for a second hand pair, maybe.

    Spa cycles would be worth giving a call for rims and advice, they are really good wheel builders and stock alsorts of rims for good prices.

    It may not be from a brand you’ve heard of but the quality will be good.

    I’ve had some wheels built from them with rigida and rims that have been excellent.


    I’ve been commuting on Kinlin XR-300’s on formula hubs for the past 2 years and they’ve been faultless. I got the set for £85 from high on bikes (I think). Planet X used to do a set for around £100.


    I have a 2010 Kona Paddywagon that I’ve started using more and more. Aesthetically, I’ve never liked the wheels – too orange. So, I’m looking at changing them. I thought of converting a spare pare of Shimano r500s I have, but the spacing will be out. The Kona currently has a flip-flop hub but I haven’t ridden it fixed for the past 2 years so I’m happy to go with just s/speed.

    S/speed wheelsets all seem fairly expensive for what they are so I was toying with my first ever self-build. In all honesty, I could keep the hubs and spokes and build them into new, un-orange, rims.

    I thought I’d check here first though to see if any could recommend a wheelset or any other suggestions of the best way forward.

    I’m planning on using the Kona as my only bike during winter this year so something for wet, average condition roads, light-ish rider, 120mm spacing, normal use.

    Any suggestions? Thanks

    EDIT – as with everything I want to do it as cheap as possible, around the £100 mark give or take a bit.


    I’ve got a ad in the classifieds for some Weinmann ss/fixed wheels in black. Stealthy and nice :O)


    I have Phil woods hub built onto mavic open pro rim for sale, brilliant hub and tried and tested rim. Screw on freewheel (White industries if you can afford it)

    A little bit more than £100 though.

    Drop me a e-mail if you are interested.


    pryall – I’ve emailed you tentatively

    timbur – emailed you with a more likely outcome!

    plus one

    I have a bandwagon and I ditched the clown wheels for a set of these .. Put around 500 miles on them and they do the job very well 🙂

    S S C Workhorse Single Speed Wheel – Silver

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