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  • Side awning for a Berlingo/Partner – does it exist?
  • DickBarton
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    Spent the weekend at 10 Under and a mate arrived in his rather nice camper van. Properly kitted out and a real nice place to be. Wouldn’t really say no to one but no space or funds for one so happily willing to go adventuring in the Partner – bike inside on one side and I sleep on the other side.

    Thing is, he had a nice awning that was sent and had some chairs and a table underneath and it was nice to sit out and it got me thinking…is there something similar for a Berlingo/Partner?

    Happy to not have the height but something that could take a chair (or 2 and a place to cook with a cover would be a pretty ideal thing with the Partner.

    Have roof rails and roof bars and hoping something could attach to each roof bar to allow an awning to sit on the side and be extended/retracted. Ideally sitting the length of the inner space of the car i.e. the complete roofline from rear to when it meets the windscreen.

    Absolutely no idea where I’d be looking for something like that and my lame attempts at Google searches seems to return me thousands of VW T5/T6 side awnings – which are too long.

    Anyone know where I could look to find something?


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    F35 pro might work

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    I’ve got a good quality but inexpensive collapsible gazebo that goes next to /at the rear of the car when car camping. Takes less than a minute to put up, and can be put up more securely if needed with braces, weights and guys in a couple more minutes. Seems to do the job better than a tarp and some poles.
    It will also provide a bit more head height than something lashed to the side of a berlingo.
    My gazebo also came with sides that are easy to attach and can provide a bit of privacy if needed for showering/changing.

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    Dunno about awning but you can get magnetic awning rail (google it) (which I will get for the relay ) and the get a side awning for a smaller van

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    I’ve got a tailgate tent from Amdro. Works really well, couple of minutes to put it up and you can stick poles in and leave it up but still close the tailgate and lock the car.

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    If your berlingos anything like mine then it has the roof rail already fitted.

    In which case id get a regular tarp , a couple of cheap camping poles sections made up and then put eyelets in the corners and maybe at a couple of points along the sides

    Dynacord it to the roof rail with 2

    Pull it out to desired length (hence te few eyelets in the sides ) and put the poles in the eyelets and on the second set dynacord out to pets on the ground to tension it with a couple of tautline hitches.

    – and thats said with a fiamma f45 on the side of my van- it can be a bit of a very expensive pain in the ass at times.

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    I used a F35pro. I used ARB awning brackets and t slot bolts to secure to the roof bars. Awning must now be nearly 10 years old and still going strong one of the best things I have purchased. Easy to roll out even on your own.
    Now use it when camping with my skoda – will try and find some pics.

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    Found some pictures. None of the brackets but they were from devon 4×4 and called Awning Mounting Bracket For ARB & Bushranger Awnings 813401-ABL

    [url=]IMG_0941[/url] by dunc_brown, on Flickr

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    Some of the links in my thread may be helpful:

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    Excellent links and info folks, thanks. F35Pro looks good, need to see how secure it is with the roof bar mounts spaced as they are, but that looks like what I was hoping for.


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    I have a F35 Pro on my camper – it’s the longest, 3m version and it’s fitted using L-brackets so it sits above a pair of roof bars that are spaced quite wide, either side of my pop-top – the securing bolts run in tracks in the casing extrusion so infinitely adjustable. The casing is very stiff, so a shorter version shouldn’t be a problem.

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    This is worth a look –

    Images here of one in use. Not mine by the way.

    We bought a Cayman Tail Driveaway awning which you could probably fasten to the side.

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