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  • Rich Energy and Whyte Bikes
  • Premier Icon dafoxster

    Is it just coincidence that the logos are so similar?

    Premier Icon AlexSimon

    I’d never heard of Rich Energy.

    Looking at it, it seems to be set up as one of those aspirational brands that I aspire to avoid.

    Can’t see any links between the two after a brief look around the website and social media.

    Premier Icon zilog6128

    Union Jack logo on the cans as well, very similar to what Whyte (used to?) use also.

    What a rip off!!

    Never heard of them either..

    Rumored to be potentially buying out force india f1 team for 200m

    Premier Icon funkmasterp

    I now want to know what makes it premium. Only the finest man made chemical shit storm makes it in to our beverage. Also, how can a drink be innovative?

    To answer the OP – To my eyes it looks exactly the same as the Whyte logo

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    Assuming they use a similar livery if they do buy FI, the car will get a paint scheme upgrade at least!

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    Blimey, the judge gave Rich energy a right kicking!

    Premier Icon scuttler

    From the Jalopnik article

    Public records, however, paint Rich Energy as an enigma, with traces scattered across the UK, Croatia, and Austria, and names that knot up in a circle of failed former businesses—some of which curiously echo Rich Energy’s current state. Storey was eager to hype his young brand as innovative, creative, and with unorthodox marketing—all the typical tag lines—over the course of Jalopnik’s phone interview

    This is Storey. He has a beard…. dunno about tats.

    Anyone else getting flashbacks to the other thread…. I’m feeling a bit Sick.

    It’s all a little shady, isn’t it?

    The Jalopnik article is a gem, IMO. A nice balance of investigative journalism and proper old school du(d)e diligence.


    Whoever said this wins the internet for today:

    Don’t care. This is a Rich Whyte people problem.

    Premier Icon martinhutch

    From the Whyte news piece linked above:

    the similarity between the logos is staggering…

    The full judgement is well worth a skim read for entertainment purposes, particularly the bit about not removing the metadata on documents which aimed to show how many years ago Rich had come up with the concept…

    Suffice to say that the judge was not overly impressed…


    For those following this, whyte have announced a potential winding up order in rich energy for non payment of costs!. Ive been following this a bit and its hilarious!. The CEO of rich energy could give Donald a run for his money on Twitter!

    Mister P

    Bizarre logo coincidence? Rich Energy and Whyte Bikes

    Pages and pages here

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