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  • Quantum porridge.
  • Premier Icon poly
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    I’m guessing one of you doesn’t know how to weigh properly or measure the milk properly (not that either of those should need done for porridge – its surely a judge by eye thing). If you really want to know:

    Weigh empty bowl (because electronic scales will go to sleep whilst cooking porridge)
    Weigh with oats
    Weigh after milk
    Weigh after cooking

    the mass before and after cooking will be virtually the same – (only the steam has been lost) so this will establish if you are making an error weighing or perhaps have some inconsistency in stirring, where you put it in MW or type of bowl used that leads to hot spots and bigger “volume” (lower density).

    Premier Icon Houns
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    The answer to this issue is obvious…..Just don’t open the microwave door, it’ll stay in both quantities

    Premier Icon grum
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    This is a dessert, not breakfast.

    I’m sorry, I’ll try making it more dreary and bland next time.

    Premier Icon cookeaa
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    Does your wife keep talking under her breath to a flamboyantly dressed time travelling hologram that only she can see?

    I’d be careful, this while Porridge thing might have more historical significance than you think…

    Premier Icon stevious
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    I continue to find it odd that folk seem to think that it’s less hassle to weigh something than to try and judge it by eye.

    Premier Icon sirromj
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    Sorry late to the party.

    Oh, this is just going to turn into Hipster-than-thou with people you don’t know and are never going to meet are going to tell you that your way of making something that you want to eat is Bad and Wrong.

    You deserve it/Diddums etc.

    Porride should always contain currents, adorned with summer fruits jam, and if you’re feeling particularly extravagant, or run out of jam, then extra crunchy demerera sugar or soft/dark brownn sugar. only **** put salt in porride 😛

    This post is a post about Quantum Entanglement, which i do have many problems with.

    Oh sorry. Have you tried putting it in the cat litter tray?

    Premier Icon martinhutch
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    That Dougle the Scotsman clip is yet more proof of how inexplicably successful Harry Enfield was.

    The funniest comedians are Scottish comedians, I find.

    Porride should always contain currents

    All that stirring will get tiring though. And I like it quite gloopy.

    Premier Icon longdog
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    Porride should always contain currents

    If we ignore porride (is that what cats do?), currents in the porridge could be a symptom of the quantum entanglement!

    Premier Icon malv173
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    only **** put salt in porride

    This **** here did once. *****ng vile. About 2:1 milk to oats, with whatever sweet thing you fancy. Hob ftw, but carefully monitored in the microwave is fine.

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout
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    Do you keep your porridge in the pan for the next day, so you can take your piece to work?

    Premier Icon duncancallum
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    In the warning oven on ones aga for 30min
    Finish on the hob.

    Never a microwave

    Premier Icon Dorset_Knob
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    Does one of you make two portions (ie make it in two bowls), while the other makes one big bowl then divides that into two portions? And would that make any difference?

    Premier Icon thols2
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    only **** put salt in porride

    Jesus, it that the ghost of my grandma came back for another round of misery?

    Not only was she a horrible cook, she was a racist (although grandad’s previous family with the dark skinned lady may have predudiced her on that count, but she was pretty adamant that the not so white cousins were not invited for Christmas dinner, she also hated Germans).

    Edit: She also hated Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe, along with homosexuals. I doubt she knew what transsexuals were, but she did complain frequently that my aunt and uncle should have administered more frequent beatings to my cousin who liked to wear girls’ clothes. I will never allow my children or grandchildren to eat porridge. So much hate in one plate.

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    To get closer to hob made porridge you need to do multi stage microwave cooking.
    Add your chosen hand picked scottie porridge oats amd yaks milk de jour.
    Approx 3 mins full chat, with the bowl on the extremes of the turntable.
    Then 10 mims on de frost setting, 220watts for mine.

    Gives the emsamble time to cook thoroughly, and the heat tp dissapate through the mix evenly, definitely smoother and creamier.

    13 mins is also the perfect time for pre breakfast bathromm procedures s s s
    Well, it is for me, your experience may vary.

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    I will never allow my children or grandchildren to eat porridge. So much hate in one plate.

    Porridge is nice and also nutritious. The kids don’t need to hear the misery, just serve them breakfast.

    Salt and sweet for the win. I go with a pinch of salt and palm-ful of whatever chopped fresh fruit – ie bananas, apple, blueberries, or mixed. Raspberry has been the big find this year. Fresh raspberry porridge is delicious. Frozen fruits work too. Glad we had an excess crop this year.

    I don’t bother with a stove, pot, milk, etc. Just put ingredients in a bowl , add boiling water, cover with dish and let stand for 5 mins. Stir and serve. Microwave if need a heat boost/if room is cold.

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    Why are you all spelling it wrongly?

    its PORAGE

    You canot get more right than

    Premier Icon tjagain
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    even if you want your porage sweet – you have to put salt in it when cooking or it has no flavour

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