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  • A few Qantas Qs as I find myself using them for a trip to Oz shortly.

    Can you book seats in advance? On BA, I can choose my seat as soon as my flight is ticketed, and that’s ace! (Got my favourite seat for the long trip home…!)

    Any advice on which is the best seat/area? Will be upstairs in a 380.

    What are they like long haul? Never flown with ’em. Will I need to wear short shorts and a pair of RM Williams boots on board? 😉


    I take it will be in the comfy seats? Not as good as Emirates by a mile, the Qantas business seats are quite poor in comparison, IMO even the BA Business seat is better.
    You can book your seat in advance I think, or if you have a Qantas card cant remember.
    If you like to sleep get a seat in the back area of business as the bar/lounge is at the front, lots of bodies back and forth in the forward area.
    Flight was OK, food was decent and plenty to help yourself to in the lounge.
    Emirates every time for me, even though you have to change in Dubai quality of service and the seat makes the stop in Dubai worth it.


    I have flown with them to Oz they are okay but like virgin staff – you are privileged to travel with them not the other way round.
    I have found that Air New Zealand were really good to fly with but then that would be the longer way round but not the usual Asia stopoff options. Never seem to travel business class although so can’t comment on seat options. You can always look here for types of seats once you have decided who to fly with.
    No you need to wear boardies and either uggs or havaianas!

    Thanks, both. Sound advice as ever.

    Will indeed be in the comfy seats. Usually use BA for long haul, but this was a codeshare in a really good price for a multi-city trip. As such, I have my BA card, but not a Qantas card. So, probably can’t book seat in advance. Harrumph.

    RE Seatguru – It’s in the favourites! I fly far too bloody much rather often and it’s never let me down, but wanted some first hand knowledge as well, given the newness of the 380


    I was surprised the Qantas business seats were as poor as they were on the new 380 compared to other airlines.

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    mm. The Quantas A380 is nice. (I flew in premium economy, or the equivalent) and it was great. Not as good as Singapore, but better than BA (mind you BA Club class is hard to beat) I clip around 500k miles a year with BA for what its worth.


    You do of course realise Qantas stands for “Quite a nice touchdown, any survivors?”… 😉


    Not flown with them for a long time, sadly no more extended business trips to Sydney, but from what I remember Shorts and RM Williams is pretty much par for the course.

    I still remember my first ever trip down to Aus. BA club class London to Tokyo and then QF business class to Sydney. After an overnight flight from the UK to Japan. The first thing I recall on boarding the QF flight in business class really was “Good day mate, do you want a beer”.



    They never crashed. Apparently.

    You do of course realise Qantas stands for “Quite a nice touchdown, any survivors?”…


    Up there with “Better On A Camel” and “Try Walking Across”!

    As a pilot I know once said, any landing you can walk away from is a good one! (Not telling you who he flies for….!)


    Also IIRC you don’t get your own space in QF Business on the 380 so a bit like BA if you have the seat/bed flat the person at the window will be climbing over you.

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    You do of course realise Qantas stands for “Quite a nice touchdown, any survivors?”.

    “Queers And Nancys Trained As Stewards ”

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