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  • Possible demise of CRC / Wiggle
  • chakaping
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    A carbon Mega frame for £500?

    Sans shock or warranty, with an apparent reputation for cracking.

    Still a keen price but go into it with your eyes open.

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    I collected a rapide fs & a mega frame in person from this seller this afternoon. Seems to be a decent, nice dude. He has already sold a shitload of frames but still has a good amount of stock.

    The rapide is a completely bare frame, no headset or rear axle but has all the shock mount hardware. These were intended for warranty jobs. The mega was a boxed and sealed retail version with all the bits.

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    Was considering one of the Ebike frames, but where do you get battery and motors etc?

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    I’m fairly sure one of the Scottish startups will sell you a motor.

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    So what’s the deal with Wiggle then? I bought some shorts a couple of weeks ago and decided to return them. The website now doesn’t recognise my password but it’s definitely correct as stored on my iPhone keychain. Tried resetting it but password reset emails not coming through.
    I’ll try to call them but all seems dodgy.

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    So what’s the deal with Wiggle then?

    They no longer exist as they were. The name now belongs to the Frasers Group and they have no obligation to take back any returns / warranties from the old company.

    From the previous page on this thread, there was a returns address via RM Cycles but I think you’ve left it a bit late for that…

    AndyFull Member
    Small print from old Wiggle holding page

    Returns Process
    Return Form

    Orders before 22 February 2024 can be returned within 60 days of your order date. Orders after this date can only be returned within 28 days of your order date. No returns will be considered after 22 April 2024.

    Please do not return goods outside of these windows as we can not guarantee they will be returned to you.
    Return address is : RM Cycles (wiggle returns), Unit 3a, Leigh Green Industrial Estate,
    TN30 7DE

    I also have the PDF of the returns form if anyone needs a copy emailed. PM me you email address.

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    I’d say it’s highly unlikely they’ve migrated user accounts from the original website, assuming that’s where you placed the order? I reckon you’d need to call them

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    Mashley and co didn’t buy the company to get the user database. They only bought the branding.

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