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  • jdogger

    To make a long story short and not drag out details…. I have a 2013 Mega am, bought new from CRC….. Had creaky pivot bearings from the first day. Nukeproof suggested replacing the main pivot at the bottom of the seat tube… Did that and a few rides later the rest of the pivots started creaking…. Replaced the remaining bearings, as per Nukeproof recommendation. To this day, I can only get 3-4 months out of a set of bearings. Every month I pop the dust covers off and regrease, but still only 3-4 month life span. Nukeproof also mentioned running the best bearings you can find…. I thought Enduro MAX is a fairly decent bearing, but still only 3-4 months out of a set… This bike is an amazing ride, but this issue has certainly put me off buying another Nukeproof. Anybody need a hand pressing bearing out and new ones in, just give me a shout!


    My 2013 Mega AM started cracking/creaking under pedal load a few months ago. Checked all the bolts and replaced the shock bushings.

    I’m fairly certain it’s the main pivot bearings at the base of the seattube. I’m going to replace them when I get chance.

    Mine is almost two years old (bought new from CRC) but it’s still on the original bearings. Have you had the alignment checked on your frame jdogger?


    That definitely sounds like a poorly aligned frame, as mine has been creak free since day one. It did start to develop a clunk when pushing the rear wheel side to side, but I got all the bearings and bushings replaced, which fixed the issue. All the bearings could still be turned by hand though. It’s done two years of riding in scottish mud and two trips to the alps, and without any seized bearings? I’m impressed.

    Premier Icon jakehinton

    Im getting a knocking on mine when the rear suspension is compressed. Replaced all bearings, got the chainstay bush kit, had shock serviced, checked bushings. There seems to be a tiny bit of play in the shock mount hardware at the top end of the shock so ill replace that next. Any other thoughts on what it could be?

Viewing 4 posts - 81 through 84 (of 84 total)

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