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  • Magura Vyron MDS V3 Wireless Dropper review
  • Ben_Haworth
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    The “Magura Vyron MDS V3” stands for Magura Dropper Seatpost Version 3. I’m afraid I’ve not really taken to the Magura Vyron experience. Read on…

    By ben_haworth

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    I seem to be in the opposite wireless camp to Benji. I use a wireless Reverb post and I love how, what was previously a long thumb press on a mechanical dropper lever, has been turned into an instant mouse-click. It makes several-times-a-minute saddle height changes easy. Whereas I don’t reckon there’s anything wrong with mechanical shifting on mountain bikes that needed improving. It was already pretty slick and I don’t think electronic shifting has improved the shifter ergonomics (in fact did away with the finger trigger action found on mechanical Shimano which was handy when out of the saddle, sprinting or climbing.) SRAM’s thumb/thumb shifter didn’t have it in the first place, though ‘previous’ AXS made it possible again – and now Transmission has taken it away again…

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    I think I’ll wait for the wireless BikeYoke Revive

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    Fundamentally I agree with Chipps though not quite for the reason. A saddle and cable dropper post together are a hefty investment. Even if you have only 2 bikes (!) a really decent wireless post and saddle could save some expense. And give consistent setup. But there’s no excuse for lag and here I agree with Benji that it’s super annoying. Or transmission well if you ride an ebike as i now do then it’s not important. In fact I think most ebikes could just as well be single speed. Long story short I’d never buy wireless transmission but I would buy a really reliable wireless dropper for a sensible price.

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    My bikes all use cables. I guess that makes the wireless anyway 🤷🏽‍♂️

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    Ive had both versions of the Magura, and the newer one is a lot better, still not quite as good as the AXS one for speed, but the switch for the magura is better than the AXS and both are a lot better than any cable droppers

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    So people are sharing droppers between bikes? I’m such a princess they have to have very similar actual seat tube angles

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    That’s quite a lot of money for not much of a tangible benefit compared to a quality dropper at around £100. They don’t even seem to do a 200mm which is a popular size.

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    I’m with chipps – I’ve axs droppers on both bikes & lucky enough to have axs gears on both too. But If I had to only have one, it would be the dropper. It’s just a far nicer operation than a cabled set up. Yes wireless is expensive, but who pays full RRP? Both of mine were bought for around 50% of the RRP (one new, one 2nd hand). With the appropriate maintenance, both have also been extremely reliable.

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    I really liked my Mk2 Vyron.

    The nice thing about it was that for things like servicing the bearings, I could just take it out and then start pressing out bearings – with a wired dropped I just dreaded the process of wrangling the cable out, and then fighting to get it back in afterwards.

    And being able to swap from a dropper to a fixed post occasionally was also pretty nice – I know it sounds daft, but sometimes I would go out and just want to ride with a fixed post to just be a bit more old-skool.

    However, I dropped it in a stream, and it turned out it was not waterproof. In the end it didn’t seem worthwhile to fork out almost the price of a new mechanical dropper on a replacement head unit that might only last until the next stream.

    I now have a one-up and it’s pretty decent. But a waterproof Vyron would be interesting if the one-up ever failed, or perhaps next time I change the bearings.

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