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  • rob2

    I don’t know how to post a pic but mine is…

    Raw frame (the best!!)
    Rct3 dual position revs
    1×10 zee
    Xtr cranks
    Xt brakes
    American classic tubeless wheels
    Mk2 front, nobby nic rear, both 2.4

    I’d deffo recommend the wheels. Light, stiff, wide.

    It’s sofa comfy to ride once set up and climbs like a mountain goat. I got up Smiths Coombe in the quantocks which I’ve not done on any other bike.

    One thing though is I couldn’t get an e type front mech to fit it it must do!

    Premier Icon HansRey

    i’m getting a raw too! Did you use a straight or tapered fork?


    Tapered. But purely for cosmetic reasons as the headtube is so massive it looks better!

    (Hangs head in vanity shame!)

    Premier Icon HansRey

    I’ve got a Liteville 301 frame on the way! I need some inspiration for my upcoming build. I’m planning to set it up as 2×9 with Zocchi 44 Ti’s.

    ´Post up your builds!

    Premier Icon chickenman

    Lyrik air 160 forks
    1 by 10; 30t with 11-36 cassette.
    Easton carbon bars
    Spank 30mm stem.
    Flow wheels; Minion and Ardent.
    Mallet pedals (old style)
    XT everything else.

    For and aft stability awesome (1200mm wheelbase in XL size) but still very nimble at slow speed.
    same weight as the hardtail Kona I had in 2007.

    Premier Icon augustuswindsock

    Rode one for few days in Garda couple of months ago, awesome piece of kit, I’m dead jealous!


    Ok you asked for it so here goes:

    It’s quite a conservative build in some ways as it’s got a lot of Syntace kit on it

    Liteville 301 Mk10 L 140mm rocker plates
    Pike RCT3 150mm
    Syntace w35 27.5 wheels
    Hans Dampf 2.35 front
    Mavic CrossRoc rear
    Syntace Vector Carbon bars
    Syntace Megaforce 2 30mm stem (highly recommended)
    XT 1×10 with Hope 32t retainer ring and 40t-rex expander sprocket
    Xt brakes w ice tech 180 rotors front and rear
    WTB rocket saddle
    DMR Vault pedals

    I took it to a Bike Park last week and had amazing fun doing 6 foot drops, jumps etc. Never felt overwhelmed on it.

    I’m eyeing up a CCDB inline though….

    Premier Icon P20

    Mk11 size large 160mm plates
    Pikes 26″ 160mm
    XT 2×10 King BB
    Hope Tech M4 180mm floaty rotors
    King on Stans 355, though the rims are dying…
    Hans Dampf and Nobby Nic tubeless
    Reverb Stealth, still getting used to that.
    The most stable and capable bike I’ve ever owned. It’s bloody brilliant

    Liteville 301 by ritcheyp20, on Flickr

    Premier Icon P20

    They’re strange critters when bottomed out

    Liteville 301 Compressed by ritcheyp20, on Flickr


    Not got an up to date pic but:

    Mk8 black frame (large) 140mm rockers
    Fox RP23 shock(I think) with oversize air can (also have DT shock)
    Just fitted 160mm coil converted Lyrik(tapered) to replace 150mm Revs
    SLX brakes 180 discs f&r
    Ragley carbon risers 720mm
    Ragley stem, 55mm
    Crest hoops on Pro2s (rear Crest a bit beaten up now – had to pull the rim out in a vice a couple of times…)
    2.4MK front, 2.35 Fat Albert rear, tubeless
    RF Next carbon cranks running 2×9 with bash. 22/36
    XTR BB
    11-34 cassette
    SRAM XO shifters
    SLX Shadow Plus rear mech with 6mm spacer bodge
    LX front mech
    Fizik something or other saddle
    34.9 Reverb
    520 SPDs

    According to my elderly spring balance scales it was about 28lbs with the air spring Revs so maybe around 29 now.

    Have run it with 140, 150 and 160mm forks. Only done one ride with the Lyriks but feels great. I really like this bike – but would like a raw one – and I’d like to try 650b – to see if the trail can come any more alive.

    vonplatz – I’d hardly call that a conservative build… Very nice.

    Premier Icon HansRey

    The bikes above look great!

    Two questions…

    1) P20, what front mech are you using? What is the fitting?
    2) Pike owners, do your forks have dual 26”/650b compatability?

    My build will be something like…

    MK11 frame xl, raw
    Shimano 2×9 or 2×10, depending on budget.
    Marzocchi 44 Ti RC3 150mm
    Sun ringle black flag wheels
    Full XT or SLX/Saint brakes
    Reverb stealth


    I think the rake on the 26/27.5″ Pikes differ but if you want to be sure that you can run both then go with the 27.5s

    Premier Icon P20

    It’s an XTR E-type front mech. From memory there isn’t any other choice for the 40/28 rings I run. Shifting is excellent both up and down. The down side of those rings, the front syntace chain device doesn’t fit.
    My pikes are 26″

    Premier Icon P20

    The first one. That 2nd one is for swing arm mounted mechs

    Saw one of these in the flesh for the first time in the alps, very taken with it in the flesh, the suspension setup is very neat


    My build (remarkably similar to vonplatz’s) :
    301 MK11 XL in black with 160 plates
    160mm 27.5″ Pike RCT3
    Syntace W35 wheelset, 26″ rear & 27.5″ front (These are brilliant & make my FlowEXs look puny thin in comparrison)
    Dual-ply Larsen TT on the rear & Magic Mary on the front, tubeless.
    Syntace Vector Carbon 780 bar
    Syntace Megaforce 2 30mm stem
    2×10 XT throughout
    Syntace bash
    LV integrated chain device
    150mm reverb stealth
    SQ labs Ti railed saddle
    Syntace No9 Titan pedals
    ~29lbs all up


    My build.

    Medium MK 11 in Raw with 140 plates
    150 pikes
    50 mm Haven stem and carbon bars
    Reverb stealth.
    Arch ex hoops (26)
    XTR pedals
    Selle kit carbonio saddle
    Rubber queens ( the light ones)

    26 lb 10 oz. On ultimate digital scales before anyone says “no way”

    Love it

    P20 – Member
    They’re strange critters when bottomed out

    Linkage looks sort of normal there, albeit in the wrong place. It’s a clever design, I like it.

    Premier Icon oxym0r0n

    Rob2 – slight hijack: what are you doing riding up Smith’s in the first place!

    Premier Icon HansRey

    *opens can of worms*

    has anyone tried a 301 with 26” and 650b wheels? Are the differences so noticeable that it’s worth buying new 650b wheels, tyres and forks in the future?


    Oxy – it’s that climb on the right when you get to the bottom. It probably has a proper name!


    Not tried 650B in the back but did ask for some picks of it on here before I made a decision.
    I decided on 26″ in the back in the end. 650B would not have given enough mud clearance for my liking.
    So I went 26″ rear and 650B front.


    Just like London buses, you wait all day for one and then two come along together, photos from their first proper full day out pass-storming …


    Nice pictures Ecky-Thunp.

    I’ve got 650b back and front and I am limited to 2.25 tyres in the back.

    Do I like it better? Compared to my Cotic Soul 26″ it’s really hard to say as they ride so differently and I ride them in completely different situations. I cant’ say that the wheels make a massive difference but then I’d have to compare riding the same setup on the 301.

    I went 27.5 as i fancied trying it out and it looks like the industry seems to be going that way in terms of new developments.

    Premier Icon chickenman

    If you search for Tobi Leonhardt you will see a video of him riding a 301 with 29″ upfront and 650b on the rear; sorry I tried to do a link but I’m a Luddite it seems.

    Premier Icon HansRey

    p20, crikes that was a difficult read!

    vonplatz, what tyres are you running?

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    Not the best shot of mine;

    The 44 Ti’s work really well on this frame.

    but is the current build. I’ve rebuilt the wheel with Blunt 35 rims and it’s running a 2.4 rubber queen front 2.2 rear now plus the Liteville chain device under the BB. I changed the bars and stem, too.

    original build;


    I have a Hans Dampf 2.35 VertStar compound up front. Very tacky and loads of grip. It has an enormous profile due to the 35mm rims. I’m very happy with it but it’s wearing very quickly, as to be expected with such a soft compound.

    On the rear I have a Mavic CrossRoc. Fast rolling and long lasting, it has quite a smooth central band with more aggressive side knobs meaning you can drift nicely before you find grip. Seems quite hard wearing.

    HansRey: I recently converted to 1×10 so I have an XTR front mech in my parts bin with about 500km use if you’re interested. I wasn’t going to sell it in case I didn’t like a single ring but I’ve been impressed so far. Send me a PM if you want it.

    Premier Icon HansRey

    vonplatz, what’s your email address? Mine is in my profile. I’m interested, if you can post to Helsinki, Finland.


    Just written!

    Premier Icon HansRey

    the frame comes today!!!

    Happened across an MBR review of this frame – they didn’t like the high BB – is that an issue?

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    I hadn’t noticed on mine – I get enough pedal strikes as it is!

    Premier Icon HansRey

    in the past, i found that reading tea leaves or consulting the horoscopes were more informative/ accurate than MBR, MBUK, WhatBike, Dirt, etc. 😀

    BB is high, but i can’t see it being a problem for me. I’ll write up my thoughts on it when it’s built up. I think it’s dead certain that will be like reading tea leaves too !

    Hob Nob

    Happened across an MBR review of this frame – they didn’t like the high BB – is that an issue?

    Depends, if you like a high BB or not? I borrowed one for a while whilst I was inbetween bikes, so had a decent amount of time on it – it kinda worked ok, the frame was well built & had some decent design/thoughts, but the numbers were a bit funky, the high BB being one, and not moving towards the longer reach mindset.

    The whole 650b compatible thing is a bit of a misnomer, yes the wheels fit (just, if you don’t ride in the mud), but they take a bike that’s already a bit high and make it REALLY high – 14.6″ BB heights with a 160 fork & plates. The one I rode had offset bushes and an angleset in it to make it a bit more normal.

    Personally, if it was updated to be a bit longer in the front, and (a lot) lower, it would be a really, really good bike. I understand some people like the short & high thing though, we’re all different 🙂

    This was the one I was on:


    Compared to my old bike I felt like I was riding a horse at first on the 301, the whole thing was bigger in every respect and I was initially worried that I’d got a size too big (L – I’m 5’11).

    I thought that the bike did have quite a long reach, it certainly had a long wheelbase when comparing it to a couple of bronsons that were on a bike holiday with me, but that was an observation, I haven’t looked at numbers.

    I also read that MBUK review and it made it sound quite pants really… I can’t agree with the height bottom bracket thing however, I get quite a few pedal strikes and have never had the sensation that the bike flops in corners. Again, not a scientific measurement.

    I don’t ride lots of different bikes every month and so can’t compare or be impartial since I’ve already spent money on it and therefore have a vested interest in saying it’s good so I don’t look like an idiot BUT the frame is extremely solid, has been developed little by little not by model years to its current iteration, has loads of clever features and I think it rides like a dream.

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