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  • RealMan

    If you’re having to pedal toes down then your saddle sounds too high full stop.

    Could always try dropping it for the descents, putting it back up for the climbs.

    Keep at it mate, I also had the toes down style of pedalling. After forcing myself for 3 months its now a more natural feeling for me, i did move my feet forwards on the pedals so i was pedalling with the arch of my foot for a while.

    I have the same issue with my feet too, I’m a left foot forward person so I rekcon i might have to force myself on the right a bit more. Strange really as i’m right handed and right footed but my left forward seems way more controlled.

    I don’t have to pedal toes down because my saddle is up high, I have to have my saddle up high because I pedal toes down. It’s not too high full stop. I know when it is.

    Where I ride, there aren’t many ‘descents’ to speak of, but there are loads of logovers and rock gardens on otherwise flat/rolling trails. Slipping a comfort inch for those makes a load of difference, but then my legs muscles scream.

    Cleats back on the shoe – I might try nudging them back a little. Thanks almightydutch.


    Just try to push through with your heel on the downstroke, as if you’re trying to wipe dog crap off your foot and onto the pedal.

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    should this thread not be called “learning to do something correctly on the bike”? 😆

    seosamh77 – harsh! 😆


    You won’t feel the difference if you move the saddle just a few mm – so do that, have a couple of rides, then do it again… until you get to where you need to be.

    A few months ago I managed to force myself to run ‘wrong’ foot forward. I’d always gone right foot forward, but by consciously making myself roll through stuff left foot forward, I’m now reasonably happy hitting stuff either way round (yay!). Sure makes technical sections loads easier.

    Now, I always run my saddle way up, higher than comparatively proportioned riders, so I figure I must pedal toes down, and if I could learn to pedal with flatter feet, I could drop the saddle whilst straightening the leg to the same degree, making technical sections a little easier.

    EDIT: I have done the heel on the pedal, straight at the 6 o’clock position technique. Seems right.

    However, if I try and ride with my saddle down a couple of cm lower, my leg muscles scream. I don’t seem to be able to learn to hold my foot in a different manner.

    Any tips? Ideas?

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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