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  • Le quatorze juillet
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    So, having settled down in my tent for an early night, gun shots started to ricochet around the hills surrounding my little campsite a few miles north of Ronchamp in north-east France; there was shouting in the woodland; dogs were going nuts; then in the distance came volleys of booming sounds. Suddenly it all kicked off – an ambush perhaps? Flares launched into the sky, more gun shots cracked and crackled around us; and then the whole sky lit up with fireworks and the booming sounds and more flares.

    An hour later, having now learned from some people from Belgium what it’s all about, as I couldn’t find anything on the internet, I’m keen to know where or what can be witnessed on Le quatorze juillet? I’m too Far East from Paris (near the border) so where can I find out what other towns are hosting events during the day?

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    Generally a “soirée dansante” or “bal des pompiers” on the night before – music and various food/drink things. Fireworks on the 14th but smaller towns that are near big cities tend to do them before the 14th on the 12th or 13th. Go and speak to the office de tourisme if there is one, if not, just ask someone in a bar… It’s kinda a big thing here.

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    Neighboring villages alternate the nights on which they hold their parties and fireworks. Ours was last night, the next village over is tonight.
    I didn’t get up early enough to ride before the heat this morning and I doubt I will tomorrow!

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    Yes big party tonight.

    Managed a 700m elevation 20 km ride this morning but leaving at 10 was too late.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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