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  • captain slow

    so me and the sixteen year old son suddenly have a few days free from wednesday to saturday which coincides very well with the last few mountain stages of the tour

    could watch it on telly, but have always francied watching it on the side of an alp. however I’m conscious that if i just drive down there we’ll probably spend more time in a traffic jam than at the side of the route

    have heard stories of campervans being parked at side of alpine stages for 72 hours before the race goes past which is not going to be possible for us

    so does anybody have any practical advice as to whether to drive down , hire a campervan, take the bikes, join a tour, etc.



    Hi, I’m not sure what advice you’re after but I’ve just arrived 3km from alp d’huez this afternoon. Quick recce of the hairpins, some motor homes are already pitching up and the villages in the area are filling up a bit. There is still quite a lot of space on the hairpins but I don expect it to last much as crowds swell the area. Not many tents on the route yet. Took us about 1.5hrs for a 1hr car journey from Grenoble due to traffic.

    My question would be where are you planning to stay and how would you plan to get here, it’s a long way by car esp if doing it in a day. I think alp d’huez will be epic with an amazing atmosphere, make it if you physically can but it might be an idea to also consider the Friday stage which should also be great.

    captain slow

    Mcwyc, thanks for response. The truth is I have a few days, a load of enthusiasm and a little spare cash, but I don’t know where to start. Can leave UK Wednesday morning and really have to be back sometime Saturday so wondered if it was possible to watch Thursday and Friday stages. Concerned that I will get within striking distance and then not know where to go. Have a tent or could rent motor home or fly down and stay in a hotel, but as a tour Virgin really looking for inspiration!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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