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  • Interesting article on BBC News on exercise / obesity
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    chance would be a fine thing, it rare the stumpy sees the light of day.
    spreading myself across some tarmac mind, that’s very much a possibility.

    I’d expect VIP treatment. the salad dodgers can wait in one big blubbery line until I’ve been sorted out. 🙂

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    In the end, the FSA’s recommendations did not receive government backing, and within six months of the coalition coming to power, it was stripped of its responsibilities for nutrition labelling in England.

    Nine out of 10 academies are selling pupils junk food such as crisps, chocolate and cereal bars that are banned in maintained schools to protect children’s health, research has revealed.

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    Got to agree with it, I’ve been steadily losing weight for 2 years now, I find it hard because of a medical condition. Tried all sorts, but exorcise isn’t the key for me – not unless you can do it an awful lot.

    Most recently I’ve been following the very old fashioned, old hat calories in, calories out method so I’m sticking to 1800 my body will use around 2500 a day based on my level of activity and whatever else – so by taking in 700 less I should lose about 2lbs a week, there are more factors at play of course, but it’s seems to be about that in real life too.

    My Doctor considers my level of weight loss to be the extreme end of ‘good’ so wants me to replace any calories I use through activity over and above 1800 and frankly it’s hard bloody work, a good hard few hours of riding my use – 700, which is a lot, but an hour in a box gym, or a 20 min walk (as often suggested for obese people to get started) for someone who’s 100kgs – about 115, half a chocolate bar – someone who’s obese is usually over eating to the tune of a 1000 cals a day, all walking everyday will do is reduce their weight gain, slightly – a 1000 calories needs hours of exorcize to overcome.

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    The article is spot on.
    It was only when I started researching things last year as I had some weight to lose-was 76kg now 70 Kg that I realised how confusing things appeared to be.
    The bodys response to sugar and carbs(which is converted to sugar) is key to insulin response/fat storage and in the extreme diabetes.
    What surprised me was how positively the body responds to a higher protein( and fat) lower carb diet. The biggest surprise was the reduced food cravings once you move away from high carb/sugary foods.
    Whist I exercise a lot ( 8-10 hours a week medium to high intensity)and I feel healthier for it it has little bearing on my weight or fat levels.

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    In the past 30?years, as obesity has rocketed, there has been little change in physical activity levels in the Western population

    That’s the bit in this research I don’t get. I find it hard to believe that activity levels have not dropped – perhaps it is in the collation of what is being measured as activity.

    Wiki on exercise trends Suggests downward trends of exercise in western economies.

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    Exercise ‘not key to obesity fight’

    says 3 blokes all trying to flog you a new diet.

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    This bloke say it as it is on diabetes, cholesterol etc. and has quite a following:

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