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  • How many pairs of shoes do you own?
  • alwillis

    Brown smarts (worn out and need to go in the bin)
    Black smarts
    Leather trainer things
    Old skate shoes
    Old running shoes
    Road running shoes
    Trail running shoes (x2)
    SPD shoes (x2)
    Walking boots (x2)
    Army boots
    Ski boots
    Flip flops

    Not as bad as I feared!


    Wow just writing them down makes me realise I have too many.

    2 pairs walking boots
    1 pair Salomon XA Pro
    2 pairs XA Pro goretex
    1 pair Salomon Mission trainers
    1 pair Saucony running shoes
    3 pairs various Timberland boots
    1 pair Wolverine boots
    2 pairs brown smart shoes
    1 pair black smart shoes
    1 pair wellies
    2 pairs AM40 cycling shoes
    1 pair Specialized spd shoes
    2 pairs Teva sandles

    Edric 64

    3 pairs running shoes
    2 pairs trainers
    1 pair track spikes
    2 pairs mtb shoes
    3 pairs roadie shoes
    2 pairs football boots
    1 pair walking boots
    1 pair wellies
    1 pair chelsea boots
    2 pairs timberlands
    1 pair merrells
    1 pair smart slip ons

    Premier Icon Bunnyhop

    You’ve all got more shoes than me!!

    Although I have many. many boots.
    five tens
    Karrimor walking
    Head ski
    shimano winter riding
    Cheap wellybobs for the garden
    Sorel for bad winter days


    N+1 doesn’t work for shoes.

    I work to a rule of 3:
    Ratty, Best, Bestest!

    Multiply that by Smart, Work-work, Outdoorsy-work, Casual, Walking, Running, Mtb, Road, O’ dear….


    Alpinestar Tech 3 motocross boots
    Icon Elsinore motorbike boots
    Dewalt steel toe-cap boots
    Shimano MP66s
    Merrell hiking boots
    Chuck Taylors
    Some plimsole looking trainers
    Work shoes

    The top 2 took some courage to purchase.


    There’s more now!


    In addition to the usual…

    I seem to have several pairs of Brooks trainers. Initially for running, their route of demotion goes like this;

    1-2prs for running
    1pr for gym
    2prs for work
    1pr for Sunday lounging
    1pr for gardening
    1pr in the car for emergency/beach use


    Premier Icon PMK2060

    11 pairs

    2 pairs shimano flats
    1 pair spds
    1 pair running shoes
    1 pair walking shoes
    2 pairs casual trainers
    2 pairs casual shoes
    2 pairs work shoes

    Not as many as most of you lot but more than I first thought.

    Premier Icon amplebrew

    I’m feeling very under shod with only:

    2 x Nike trainers
    1 x Black work boots
    3 x Shimano cycling shoes
    1 x Motorbike boots

    I never realised that people owned so many shoes 😯

    Mrs Toast

    1x pair black brogues
    1x pair pink brogues
    1x pair of trainers
    1x pair skate shoes
    1x pair Impact Karvers for Wimmins
    1x pair leather boots
    1x pair hiking boots
    1x pair wedding shoes

    Most annoying thing is that pretty much none of them fit very well due to my stupid narrow feet (particularly towards the heels).


    Jumping on this thread long after it died, here’s my list:

    1 x Redwing boots
    1 x Cheney smart brogues
    1 x Russell and Bromley suede desert boots
    1 x Russell and Bromley brown leather boots
    1 x M&S navy suede boots
    1 x Nike 6.0 hi tops
    1 x Nike SB hi tops
    1 x Nike Blazers
    1 x Nike ACG boots
    1 x Nike AF1’s
    1 X Wellies
    1 x Roadie Shoes
    1 x MTB trail SPDs
    1 x MTB XC SPDs

    and either a pair of Redwing Beckman boots or Cheney Ranger brogues will be added when possible.

    Oh and I still ‘need’ some walking boots.



    salomon xc ski boots
    couple more pairs salomon approach shoes,
    La sportiva climbing shoes
    2 pairs of La sportiva wildcats
    1 pair carnac dune mtb
    1 pair carnac “” expensive mtb
    2 pairs carnac road shoes
    1 pair nike road shoes
    1 pair sidi dominators
    1 pair sidi genius 5.5
    1 pair scarpa m4
    1 pair formal
    1 pair steel toe cap boots

    I think that is the lot?

    Premier Icon everyone

    Since I’ve never actually counted here goes.

    1 x GATs
    1 x Onitsuka Tiger
    1 x Vans Era
    1 x Reebok running shoes
    1 x Specialized MTB shoes
    1 x Specialized Road shoes
    2 x Boat shoes
    1 x Cheap brown boots
    1 x Steel toe caps
    2 x Black formal
    1 x Brown brogues
    1 x Crockett & Jones brown single monks

    Only 14. I think I can deal with that.


    One pair black shoes for when I drive in
    One pair black shoes for when I cycle in
    One pair hush puppies for dress down Friday
    One pair steel toe capped ppe boots

    2 pairs lounging trainers
    One pair boots
    One pair wellies

    One pair running trainers

    One pair sidis
    One pair north wave boots
    Three pairs mtb shoes


    Let’s see…

    Brown DM boots
    Black DM shoes
    Patent dress shoes
    Smart Brown boots
    Nike Blazers
    Five10 basics
    Pearl Izumi cycling shoes
    Boot fair wellies
    Some 15 year old nike running shoes that are only now just dying

    Never ever owned this many pairs before in my life.


    GF found a pair of unworn shoes in my wardrobe this week and forbade me ever to wear them in her company. I like them! Should I bin the shoes or get a new GF?


    Fewer than some, more than most I think

    1pr brown leather brogues
    1pr brown suede brogues
    1pr grey suede brogues
    1pr merlot leather brogues
    1pr black formal
    1pr Vans
    2prs trainers
    2prs walking boots
    2prs flip flops

    2prs road cycling
    2prs summer mtb
    2prs winter mtb

    Just like bikes, is not possible to have enough shoes!


    GF found a pair of unworn shoes in my wardrobe this week and forbade me ever to wear them in her company. I like them! Should I bin the shoes or get a new GF?

    Wear them in bed when she is sleeping.


    GF found a pair of unworn shoes in my wardrobe this week and forbade me ever to wear them in her company. I like them! Should I bin the shoes or get a new GF?

    Wear them in bed when she is sleeping.

    Thanks, yossarian, I have just suggested that, and I have to say that it didn’t go down well! It may surprise you to know that if I make the slightest critical remark about her own attire, shoes or otherwise, we don’t speak for a few hours 🙂


    2 x pairs Loake brogues
    2 x pairs Derbys
    2 pairs NDC brogues
    1 x pair combat boots
    1 x pair running shoes
    3 x pairs bike shoes
    3 x pairs trainers

    Bit of a middling haul in present company.


    1 pair black shoes
    1 pair brown shoes
    2 pair walking trainers for biking
    1 pair of soft walking boots for biking
    1 pair walking boots
    1 pair work boots
    2 pair of walking trainers day to day
    1 pair flip flops taking out rubbish etc


    After many years of manky feet I have finally learnt the benefit of leather soles for extra breathability and less manky feet. the down side, leather soles and wet weather don’t go together…so I still need some with man made soles too

    In work: (i cycle commute so these stay in the office)
    leather soled brown brogues x1 worn on rotation with
    leather soled black oxfords x1 (rotation allows shoes to dry fully, prolonging their life)
    old and worn out rubber soled brown oxfords for nipping out if pissing down x1 (got wet feet Wednesday lunchtime…these may be for the bin)

    at SWMBOs
    black chelsea boots leather soled x1 (work well formal or casual)
    brown casual/chunky style commando rubber soled brogues x1
    plimsoles x1 (for summer use)
    old and split shoes for diy…about to bin

    at home
    black trainers x1
    black rubber soled chunky casual x1
    black oxford with rubber sole x1 (for smart wear when pissing down)
    brown dealer/chelsea boots with leather sole x1 (bad buy, not lasting long)
    black brogues leather soled
    wellies x1
    spd shoesx1
    flipflops x1
    plimsoles x1
    walking boots x1
    climbing shoes…errr….4 pairs? several pairs are unworn ‘spares’ bought when on discount…so do they count?

    other spares bought as part of bogohp offers or when discounted
    spds x1
    black chunky style rubber soled brogues
    brown leather soled brogues

    blimey, that’s 17 pairs not counting the unworn spares! think that’s the lot. Am I a girl for having so many?


    damn, I forgot the ski boots.

    Some of you know the brands and models of your multitudinous shoes! That’s proper geekery.


    I didnt think I had many. Then thought about it, and well I have quite a few! Mind you, they all have a purpose – mostly sport specific

    2 pairs of MTB flats
    1 pair of MTB spd
    1 pair road spd
    1 pair squash
    1 pair astro turf footy boots
    1 pair stud footy boots
    2 pairs running
    1 pair digging boots
    1 pair wellies
    1 pair snowboard boots
    1 pair casual shoes
    1 pair trainers
    1 pair gardening shoes
    1 pair flipflops
    1 pair sandals
    4 pairs of smart shoes
    1 pair of road motorbike boots
    1 pair off road motorbike boots
    1 pair slippers


    Premier Icon footflaps

    I forgot weight lifting shoes and a spare pair of smart shoes under the desk at work…..

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