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  • How many pairs of shoes do you own?
  • DrJ

    And people thought I was a little excessive!

    Yes but his trainers are not all on cedar shoe-trees like yours are πŸ™‚

    Premier Icon smett72

    From memory:
    5 pairs shoes
    2 pairs boots
    1 pair wellies
    4 pairs trainers
    3 pair cycling shoes
    1 pair football boots
    1 pair sandals

    Was thinking that was a lot, but looking at some of your posts, maybe not.

    Premier Icon Yak

    I’ve got:

    1 pair general trainers/approach shoes
    1 pair brown leather ankle boots
    1 pair rigger boots
    1 pair black leather work shoes
    1 pair brown leather work shoes
    1 pair smelly biohazard standard sport sandals

    1 pair mtb shoes
    2 pairs of road shoes
    4 or 5 pairs of climbing shoes
    1 pair winter walking boots

    BUT I regard the last 8pairs as sports equipment, so they don’t really count for purposes of the front page survey πŸ˜‰

    Premier Icon njee20

    – 3 pairs of work shoes
    – 3 pairs of Puma trainers
    – 2 pairs of Sketchers trainers
    – off road running shoes
    – road running shoes
    – 2 pairs of S-Works MTB shoes
    – S-Works road shoes
    – Northwave Fahrenheit winter boots
    – Northwave Celsius winter boots
    – wellies
    – ski boots (albeit presently misplaced!)
    – 2 pairs of flip flops

    That’s 19 pairs, I’m actually quite surprised by that!

    Premier Icon ton

    some of you lot are like women…… πŸ˜†

    DrJ, only the good ones get the cedar treatment! (And yes, it’s worth doing! One pair of Oxfords is about twenty years old now. From Oxford as well, as it happens.)


    Brogues x 3
    Brogue boots x 3
    Oxfords x 2
    Dress shoes x 1
    Chelsea Boots x 4
    Chukka boots (colours various) x 5
    Deck shoes x 2
    Plimsoles x 5
    Running shoes x 7
    Walking boots x 2
    Trainers x 2
    Moccassins x 3
    Flip flops x 2
    Wellies x 2
    Cycling shoes x 2

    I make that 45 – blimey

    Premier Icon BigDummy


    Brown chelsea boots
    Black chelsea boots
    Black chelsea boots
    deck shoes (knackered)
    walking shoes (knackered)
    spd shoes
    Five Tens (knackered and heading for bin)
    Tevas (replacing the above)
    Wellingtons (winter)
    Sandals (much of the summer)

    I buy several pairs of work shoes at the same time, so that I have to do it as rarely as possible….


    sidi road
    fizik road
    adidas mtb
    shimano mtb
    shimano winter mtb

    trickers brogues
    trickers brogues
    trickers boot brogues
    grenson boot brogues
    grenson oxford brogues
    grenson brogues
    some leather slip on holiday/poolside/wear with linen trousers/jumper over shoulders/for 30ΒΊ and above destinations

    walking boots
    a pair of brown leather walsh running pumps πŸ™„ (trainers are for sports people and teenagers, i am neither)


    Absolute madness, you lot are like ladies. I have:

    1 pair black shoes,
    1 pair running trainers,
    1 pair decent walking boots (Need cleaning),
    1 pair of holey walking boots for gardening,
    1 pair Nikes that have just got holes in the soles πŸ™
    1 pair Β£20 canvas 5:10s from PSA that I now use all the time due to holes above
    1 pair Β£26 Teva links from yesterdays PSA on their way to me

    Premier Icon Yak

    I am staggered by this. Some of you lot are clearly running an n plus 1 rule for shoes. I like to think I’m running a 1 in, 1 out system as I’ve on about 6 pairs for years.

    Premier Icon surroundedbyhills

    Work –
    Chelsea boots

    Play –
    northwave spd shoes
    northwave spd boots
    Shimano road shoes
    Specialized spd shoes
    NB running shoes
    Mammut boots
    Berghaus boots
    Old Salomons

    Brown trainer type things
    White nike trainer type things
    Fitflop clogs
    2 pairs Kickers
    1 pair bizzare square toed Italian things

    17 pairs – quite normal I think… πŸ˜•

    Premier Icon footflaps

    I forgot sandals etc so that’s another two pairs = 25 so far…..


    I can’t believe I actually have more shoes than O’Flashearty. And I don’t even have to have lots of “suit” shoes anymore. πŸ˜†

    Too many to go listing them out here.


    2 Oxford
    3 Half Brogue
    2 Full Brogue
    3 smart leather shoes/boots for casual
    2 unsmart leather boots for casual
    2 Docksides
    1 Approach
    1 Walking Boot
    2 Running
    1 Tennis
    1 Astro
    2 Rugby
    1 Golf
    1 Cricket
    1 Ski
    4 SPD shoes
    1 SPD Boot
    2 Road Shoes
    2 Wellies
    1 Work Boot
    a few pairs of old running shoes
    1 Crocs
    1 Leather Sandal
    1 Trail Sandal

    DD, it’s probably a lot easier for you to store lots of shoes, though. Don’t take up as much space! πŸ˜‰


    42/43…like the UK average Flashy. Most of my horizontal efforts went where it’s important.

    I have a massive nose.


    I am not going to list them ,but 8 are cycling related 😳

    I have a massive nose.



    Footflaps can you come and organise my shoe cupboard (no lets make it life)?

    – Bont road
    – Shimano road
    – Diadora road
    – Vittoria leather jobs for retro rides on the Merckx
    – Addidas winter boots
    – Specialised SPD
    – Scott SPD

    – Gazelle
    – cushe slip ons
    – Sole filpflops x2
    – house slippers (not tartan!!!!) x2

    – Loakes x 3 Black brown tan
    – Tan Chelsea boots
    – Merrell boots for out side

    Recreational pursuits
    – Wellies x2
    – Salmon goretex
    – Dubarry sailing shoes
    – Walking boots
    – Walking sandals x2

    25 there I think. Less than I imagined but pales into insignificance against Mrs W.

    Just a thank you to OP for helping me avoid doing any work!


    Smart Work
    Casual Trainers
    Casual Boots

    So four. The rest aren’t shoes, they are equipment

    Road Shoes
    Shoes for flats
    MTB SPDs
    Hiking boots
    Climbing shoes
    Ski boots
    Running trainers
    Astro turf boots
    Football boots

    Premier Icon footflaps

    Footflaps can you come and organise my shoe cupboard (no lets make it life)?

    Step 1 is to build a massive workshop / shoe store…..

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    Step 1 is to build a massive workshop / shoe store…..

    Know any good brickies?

    Premier Icon seosamh77

    Pair of goretex salomon gutties
    Pair of asics runners
    Pair of brown boots
    Pair of black dress shoes
    Pair of mockasin type shoes aswell, but I never wear them, the sole is too thin and hurts me if i walk anymore than half a mile in them.

    I’ll generally wear these until there are holes in them and them buy new.

    Premier Icon miketually


    Of my five pairs, two are knackered and need replacing, one was from a charity shop, and one is permanently muddy. The other pair are flip flops.

    I’ve just realised that I’m going to have to buy a new pair of shoes then next time someone dies or gets married.

    Premier Icon tomtomthepipersson

    In order of height:

    1 pair of Sorel 1964 Premiums in Tabacco
    1 pairs of worn-out brown leather boots
    1 pair of brown leather Caterpillar Abe boots
    1 pairs of smart brown leather boots
    1 pair of Converse hi-tops
    1 pair of Gore-Tex Salomons (for biking)
    1 pair of cheap Salomons
    1 pair of black vans
    1 pair of white vans
    1 pair of Airwalks
    1 pair of Duffs (or Etnies, not sure)
    1 pair of Deklines
    1 pair of slippers (do they count?)
    1 pair of flip flops


    Is this actually happening? Oh well WTF:

    Each below is obviously one pair.

    x1 running trainers
    x1 old running trainers for MTB all year round
    x1 football boots studs
    x1 football boots studs spare
    x1 football boots moulded
    x1 football boots moulded spare
    x1 football indoor
    x1 walking boots
    x1 squash/tennis trainers

    x1 trainers

    x2 old trainers

    x2 shoes (1 pair to left at work for commuting days)

    x1 slippers

    x1 Havaianas

    16 in total, I could probably get rid of one pair, but all others serve a purpose.


    Easily over 100 pairs, some of which I’ve never worn and some are the wrong size

    some of you lot are like women……

    You need to try much harder, Hun *kisses*


    Hang on, let me think…

    1x pair brown brogues
    1x pair black oxfords
    1x pair Merrell approach shoes
    1x pair Merrell walking boots
    1x pair running shoes (road)
    1x pair running shoes (trail)
    3x pair boots assault, combat high
    1x pair brown oxfords
    2x pairs wellies

    Do flip flops count too?

    Premier Icon footflaps

    willard: Not a single pair of cycling shoes?


    Hmmm, I have somewhere north of 60 pairs.

    In my defence I get given a lot of shoes for free from suppliers through work which is nice. But it also means that I never wear any out as the wear is spread over so many pairs. This means that they rarely get to the stage of getting thrown away.

    Premier Icon Rusty Spanner

    Just checked – Oh dear. πŸ˜€

    New Balance 530’s.
    Vans Era.
    Vans Era Suede.
    Vans Chukka.
    Vans Bedford. (They’re an American company – I don’t think they get it).

    Shimano 33 SPD’s.
    Shimano 77 SPD’s.
    Shimano 90 Flats.

    Karrimor Coniston.
    Karrimor KSB 300.
    Brasher Telica.
    Decathlon rock shoes.
    Salomon sandals.

    Doc Martens, 8 hole, black.
    Clarks Wallabees, black leather.
    Clarks Wallabees, dark brown suede.
    Clarks Wallabees, tan suede.
    Clarks leather boots, dark brown.

    How the HELL did that happen?


    More than my wife.

    Premier Icon Blackhound

    2 x black formal*
    2 x brown formal*
    1 x Merrill walking boots
    1 x mtb
    1 x Spesh with spd cleats for touring, audax,road
    1 x Shimano winter boots
    1 x sidi road shoes
    2 x running
    1 x trainer
    1 x wellies
    2 x croc things

    When I worked I used to commute by work and had a black and brown pair at work and pairs at home for when I went off to London Town etc. Now a pair of each kept at Mrs B’s. Wellies and 1 x Walmart croc copy’s kept in van for convenience.

    At least I can count them!

    Premier Icon ourmaninthenorth

    Let’s see:


    2 x Paul Smith tan brogues
    1 x Edwards Derby tan brogues
    1 x Loake Oxford black brogues
    1 x Loake Oxford black
    1 x Barker Derby black
    1 x Camper Pelotas black
    1 x Frank Wright tan suede camels


    1 x Barbour blue canvas
    1 x Converse Chuck Taylor blue (double laces FTW)


    1 x Mizuno trainers
    1 x Specialized road
    1 x Specialized MTB


    1 x Reebok trainers (knackered – for decorating/DIY etc)
    1 x Caterpiller boots brown (c20 years old, used for outside work)
    1 x Hunter blue (natch, just to annoy the Dunlop and Le Chameau wearers alike)
    1 x Aldi knock-off crocs for fetching firewood and taking the bins out

    Well slap my thigh and call me Imelda!

    Premier Icon Scapegoat

    Everyday Clarkes Oxfords
    Thick soled Army Surplus Oxfords
    Leather soled Churches Oxfords
    Leather soled Loakes Oxfords
    Lowe Goretex Mountain boots
    Haix PSU boots
    Tuff PSU boots

    Spesh Carbon Expert SPD
    Northwave Celsius SPD
    Spesh Tahos
    5:10 Freerider
    Nike Mogan
    Toggi Wanderer wellies
    Meindl Borneo GTX walking boots
    Karrimor Summit trainers
    Some other cheap Karrimor trainers
    And another pair of cheap Karrimor trainers
    Gilbert Rugby boots
    Merrel sandals
    Brown brogues
    Nike Air trainers
    New Balance trainers.
    a pair of nondescript grey and brown fashion shoes that I haven’t got round to binning yet.

    Premier Icon iainc

    have you guys actually gone and catalogued them all, or is this from memory ?

    If the latter, I’m impressed πŸ™‚

    as far as I can remember :

    2 pairs work shoes
    2 or 3 pairs brown work/casual
    more than 2 but less than 5 pairs of trainers

    bike :

    2 pairs mtb
    1 pair road
    1 pair velodrome
    1 pair defrosters πŸ™‚

    and some slippers !!!

    Premier Icon ourmaninthenorth

    have you guys actually gone and catalogued them all, or is this from memory ?

    If the latter, I’m impressed

    Memory. But mainly because I wear them all with reasonable regularity (work shoes on rotation, though one pair of the Paul Smiths have now developed cracks in the leather – that’s why I have two pairs!).


    This thread has cheered me up.

    22 I think


    3 x smart / formal shoes
    4 x casual shoes
    2 x walking trainers
    3 x casual trainers
    1 pair road running shoes
    4 x fell running shoes
    2 x cycling shoes
    2 x hiking boots
    2 x rock climbing shoes
    3 x sandals / flip flops

    So 25 pairs, I’ve probably missed a couple of pairs but by my reckoning thats about Β£2000 tied up in shoes.

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