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  • How many pairs of shoes do you own?
  • Premier Icon miketually

    The front page poll got me thinking…

    I own:

    1 pair brown Doc Martin boots (for work and general wear)
    1 pair blue Vans (for work and general wear)
    1 pair Karrimor ‘approach’ shoes (for walking and bike riding)
    1 pair Salomon running shoes (for running)
    1 pair flip-flops (for summer)

    Apparently, this isn’t very many. How many pairs of shoes do you own?


    …and this is why I stay off the front page.

    Anything that leads to shoe polls, is witchcraft.

    1 pair of trainers for work/general
    1 pair of black leather shoes for weddings etc
    1 pair of MTB shoes
    1 pair of road shoes
    1 pair of walking boots
    2 pairs of flip flops (do they count as shoes?)

    Premier Icon scotroutes

    Not enough for a shoe pole

    Premier Icon teamhurtmore

    You must be a hip teacher at the college – DMs for work!!!! How many laces???

    Only one pair of running shoes?????? Forget n+1, you need more running shoes than that!


    1 winter cycling boots
    1 summer cycling boots
    1 roadie cycling shoes
    1 pair of walking trainers
    1 pair of winter walking boots
    1 pair of work shoes
    1 pair of wellies – I dont recall ever wearing these but must have
    1 pair of sandals for that one warm day we get each year
    1 pair of slippers – do they count?


    Loads, 3 pairs cycling, 3 running, 3 formal, various trainers/casual/walking.

    Premier Icon ton

    1 pair of barbour brouges, without the brogue front
    1 pair of DM dealers
    1 pair of scarpa rangers
    1 pair of teva links

    I did have some 5/10 exums until 1 hour ago, and the sole fell off.

    Premier Icon jamj1974

    Too many…


    I’m a big girl when it comes to shoes, I’ve got stacks. I couldn’t even begin to list them (but I’ll do an overview) : mostly trainers – loads of Nike Air and Jordan variants throughout the years, numerous Etnies skate shoes, different versions of Vans, Adidas shell-toes. Magnum army boots, Timberland boots, CAT boots. Five ten Impact lo’s for riding. There’s more but that’ll do for now

    EDIT: Wish I could find some Vans Gravels to add to the list, fed up with my monstrously chunky Five Tens that hold more water than the Hoover Dam


    I have about 60 pairs 😀

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    1 pair of trainers
    1 pair of converse
    1 pair of work shoes
    1 pair of boots
    1 pair of mtb flat shoes
    1 pair of mtb spds
    1 pair of road shoes
    1 pair of walking boots
    1 pair of wellies

    That’s loads more than I thought!


    1 Formal

    2 cycling

    1 work (approach shoes)

    1 approach shoes (actual approach shoes)

    5 pairs of walking boots (1 current summer, 1 current winter, 3 old knackered pairs I refuse to get rid of, used on the allotment, ghyll scrambling etc.)

    1 sandals

    2 climbing shoes

    1 pair running shoes

    so – 14 pairs in all, my wife has about the same, but none of them are much use for anything…where as mine all have pretty specific uses.

    Premier Icon miketually

    You must be a hip teacher at the college – DMs for work!!!! How many laces???

    They’re not proper DMs, they’re the ones with a slightly padded ankle and just 4 holes. But I am a hip teacher, obviously 🙂

    At least one member of staff has been known to wear Vibram 5-fingers for work 🙂

    Only one pair of running shoes?????? Forget n+1, you need more running shoes than that!

    I don’t run enough to justify multiple trainers. I’ve just realised that I own 5 bikes and 5 pairs of shoes; that must be some sort of cosmic balance, right?

    Premier Icon richmtb

    More than I thought

    4 pairs of leather shoes for work (although I only wear one pair and ignore the other ones)
    1 Pair of walking boots
    1 pair of Doc Martins (black eight tie)
    2 pairs of Merrill outdoor trainer things
    1 pair of Asics running shoes
    1 Pair of Nike trainers
    1 Pair of ghillie brogues for wearing with kilt
    2 Pairs of Specialized MTB Shoe
    1 Pair of Diadora MTB shoes
    1 Pair Shimano flat pedal shoes

    Still loads less than my wife “Imelda” though!

    jamj1974 – Member
    Too many…

    I fear I may have a few more than that. 😳

    Premier Icon sandwicheater

    Did a sort out last week so i know about the house/in the attic i have;

    1 pair of walking boots
    1 pair of mountain boots (Crampons)
    1 pair of wellies
    1 pair MTB shoes (spd)
    1 pair Road shoes
    1 pair MTB shoes (flats)
    1 pair walking sandles
    1 pair flip flops
    1 pair of work shoes
    1 pair of running shoes (road)
    1 pair of running shoes (fell)
    1 pair of wet suit boots
    1 pair of approach shoes (my every day shoe)
    1 pair of clown shoes
    1 pair of ski boots

    Crumbs, that’s a great deal

    Premier Icon cloudnine

    Mtb spds
    Road spds
    2 pairs etnies rvms
    3 pairs etnies number mids
    3 pairs various white skate shoes
    2 pairs posh shoes
    Ugg boots
    Running shoes
    Hiking boots
    3 pairs wetsuit boots
    2 pairs reef sandals
    Chainsaw boots



    Casual Shoes
    Casual Boots
    Casual trainers
    Hiking boots
    Fell X 3
    Road X 2
    Cycling X 2

    Premier Icon ton

    just realised how few I own, and also how few clothes too.
    2 pairs jeans
    2 pairs moleskin
    12 or so t shirts
    4 jerseys
    3 various jackets
    2 best shirts

    I need to buy some new clothes.

    Premier Icon D0NK

    trainers that I wear 90% of the time
    posh trainers
    posh shoes
    work shoes (stay at work)
    walking boots
    running trainers (very muddy)
    old battered trainers I wear in the house instead of slippers.

    Not as many as some but more than others, OTOH I have 5 pairs of cycling shoes (winter wet [and most of the year TBH], winter cold, summer, hot summer, commuting)

    got a bunch of other old shoes kicking about in the bottom of wardrobe coz I’m a hoarder but v.v.rarely used.

    oh if we’re doing all footwear then I have 2 pairs of snowboard boots and 1 pair of skates too

    Premier Icon miketually

    I don’t really own many clothes either; I’m wearing my only pair of jeans, which I wear all day every day.

    Premier Icon MSP

    far too many pairs of cycling shoes, although most are just stuck in a box in the cellar because after trying them for a month or two I decided I didn’t like them.

    If I count the contents of the box.

    6 pairs MTB shoes
    3 pairs of MTB winter boots
    3 pairs of road shoes
    3 pairs of running shoes
    3 pairs casual shoes
    2 pairs casual trainers
    1 pair sandals
    1 pair hiking boots
    + do inline skates count?

    I have also thrown quite a few cycling shoes away, the ones I do have left are the ones I could wear without pain if I had to.

    the teaboy

    3 pairs work shoes
    2 pairs trainers
    1 pair boots
    2 pairs cycling shoes (1spd, 1road)
    5 pairs running shoes
    1 pair hiking boots
    1 pair birkenstocks

    More than I thought
    edit: forgot a pair of running shoes – 6 of them now, oh and golf shoes and evoskins

    A rough audit as follows;
    2 x Oxfords
    2 x full brogue
    1 x half brogue
    2 x smart turnout boots
    2 x Sebago Docksides
    2 x Clark’s desert wellies
    2 x FiveTen freerider
    1 x walking shoes
    1 x walking boots
    1 x wellies
    1 x water/dinghy shoes
    2 x tennis shoes (indoor/outdoor)
    1 x running
    1 x trail SPD
    1 x racier SPD
    1 x ski boots
    3 x flip flops
    1 x old trainers used for gardening/diy


    Premier Icon sandwicheater

    ton, you need some sock and kegs ya minger.

    Blooming heck, feeling better now I’ve seen some of the above posts. Think I can treat myself to some more.


    Cpt I would have that many if i had a walk in wardrobe and a Butler to dress me 😉

    Premier Icon BoardinBob

    2 pairs of smart boots
    1 pair of shoes
    10 pairs of trainers
    1 pair of walking boots
    1 pair of flip flops

    Premier Icon footflaps

    Far too many.

    Just one of our shoe racks:

    Premier Icon D0NK

    CFH in regular use? 27 seriously? did I add those up correctly? You have more shoes than my mrs.

    😳 indeed.


    3, possibly 4 pairs of cycle shoes
    3 pairs football boots
    2 pairs Vans
    1 pair brogues
    2 pairs boots – 1 lace up, the other not
    that’s it


    Hmm … just by way of therapy I decided to make a list
    6 work shoes that fit
    2 work shoes that fit in the shop but turned out to be uncomfortable to wear all day
    3 running shoes
    2 trainers for general wear
    1 lightweight hiking boots
    1 heavyweight hiking boots
    1 Sorels
    2 casual wear shoes
    1 Timberland
    2 cycling shoes
    and some more in a box that I don’t dare to think about 🙁


    MSP you don’t happen to have a pair of Vans Gravels do you that you tried for a month, didn’t like and then stuck in the cellar. Size 10 or 11? Just on the off-chance 🙂

    Premier Icon lunge

    I counted up this just yesterday. 52 pairs. I’m male. Sorry.

    Premier Icon stever

    Oh jeesus…
    [work shoes, knocking about shoes, etc]
    Road shoes
    Old MTB
    Fell shoes
    Other fell shoes
    Trail shoes
    Other trail shoes
    Very old trail shoes
    Minimal race shoe
    Race shoe
    General trainers
    New rock shoes
    Old rock shoes
    Very old rock shoes
    Very old, 2nd resole rock shoes
    Archived rock shoes in the loft for unexpected visitors, kids, etc
    Summer walking boots
    Winter mountain boots
    Help me someone.

    Premier Icon edd

    Black Oxfords for smart
    Approach shoes for casual
    brown deck shoes for in between
    Battered brown deck shoes that should be binned
    Battered running trainers that should be binned but are actually used for painting/ other shit jobs

    One pair Shimano SPD shoes
    One pair of 5 Ten Impact boots

    Three pairs of horse riding boots

    One pair of wellies

    That’s 11…

    EDIT: Plus one pair of old black formal shoes and one pair of steel toe capped boots.


    About 40 pairs of trainers
    Walking boots
    Flip flops x2
    Brown Brogue boots
    Black Brogues
    Brown Brogues

    Premier Icon footflaps

    23 so far, but I’m sure there are more somewhere….

    Mountaineering / Climbing
    Scarpa Vegas (Plastic Mountaineering Boots)
    Salomon Super Mountain 9s (Leather Mountaineering Boots)
    LaSportiva something (lightweight Mountaineering Boots)
    Salomon GoreTex fabric walking boots
    Couple sets of climbing shoes

    Rosignol ski boots
    Scarpa Ski Mountaineering Boots

    Wellington Boots
    Old pair Karrimor KSB gardening boots
    Old pair 5.10 trainers for building work duties

    Specialized Defroster winter boots
    2 sets Specialised Carbon Race shoes

    GTX shoes
    Salomon Trail shoes
    Road shoes
    PB Walsh fell shoes

    Brown Leather
    Black leather
    2 sets half boots

    5.10 trainers


    too many

    I’ve got 6 pairs of gazelles to start with 😳

    About 40 pairs of trainers

    And people thought I was a little excessive!

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