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  • mattbilliard

    I need to buy some gear cables for my new build. I used to use Gore ride on cables but can’t seam to find any in black. So I wondered what you guys use and what would you recommend??



    I’ve one bike with Gore the other with normal Shimano SP41 and can’t really tell the difference between the two


    Sp41 with txt cables works a treat for me:))

    Premier Icon oxym0r0n

    Goodridge inner and outer works for me or xtr sealed I have used in the past


    Jagwire ripcord inners here.Superb and don’t stretch at all.

    Premier Icon nickc

    Teflon coated inners and SP41.

    Premier Icon cp

    Shimano bog standard inners and Sp41 outer here. Works a treat!

    Mister P

    Gore are no more I am afraid, hence why you are struggling to find them.


    Got some Jagwire outer (got a good offer) and super slippy 1.1mm gear cables (always fancied try them) to give a go, have used SP41 and any old gear cable upto now without issues though

    esher shore

    teflon-coated shimano inner cable and SP-41 outer cable with Shimano cable end caps (including the all important aluminium alloy cap at the derailleur end)

    use this on all my bikes: road, hybrid and mountain

    cannot go wrong really?


    Clarks cheap an work just lube them the odd time


    Jagwire outers with stainless inners normally from Decathlon.
    Never had any problems with this set up , I normally pull the inners over a wax candle to pre lube them.
    On a side note the now deceased Gore cables were made in the Jagwire factory.


    I use the transfil sealed ones and they are excellent, cheap too.

    Premier Icon tmb467

    Goodridge here as well. Great

    Premier Icon coolhandluke

    Cheapo outer off Ebay and gear cable from Halfords but I put Middleburn cable oilers in the lines too so I can Jet wash grime out with GT85 as well as lubricate the cables.


    I’ve used gore cables and have to say shimano sp 41 full length routers with cheap 1.1mm inners pi55 all over them.


    The cheap shimano set around 20 quid, set it up with the various rubber seal bits and you won’t need to touch it for a year.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    I’m just using SP41 off the roll, and cheapo inners- I bought a couple of Shimano kits a while back and I reckon I’ll be using the sealed cable ends and ferrules forever.


    Full length Alligator mini i-linka.
    Need next to no attention once installed and very very light. Not cheap but last for ages so still good VFM.

    Premier Icon deadkenny

    SP41 outers, cheap inners. Forget branded, Teflon coated, pre stretched and various other fancy inner treatments. Makes sod all difference with a good quality lubed outer (that SP41 is).

    Full outers ideally, if off road (I qualify that as I know there are tonnes of people here only in it for roadie chat for some bizarre reason on a forum called *Singletrack* World but anyway 😉 ).

    Good quality hard ferrules. Bendy rubbery ones are fine but they split easily and the outer frays.

    Premier Icon transporter13

    Always used clarks full length gear cables. Cheaps as chips (£4@ halfords)
    A little bit of fork oil/bearing grease on the cable before installation and they’re as good as anything out there.

    Premier Icon JoeG

    Shimano SP41 housing and cables with sealed end caps and Jagwire housing liner between them. All available at my LBS. I discard the rubber part of the Shimano caps as the cable is covered by the Jagwire liner.

    Edit – and the rubber wormy thing from Gore cables at the derailleur end!

    Rock Wallaby

    The Transfil Flying Snake are the business as I have been running the same set of gear cables now for four years without any issues. They are a three part system the wire, then an sleave that goes completely over the wire and then the outer. I have converted a number of mates to these cables and all are happy with them.


    Yokozuna reaction.
    Just to be different from everyone else


    For full outer routing, standard Shimano outer & stainless steel inner with a Middleburn Cable Oiler 50mm after the shifter & one on the chainstay just after the BB area.

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