Frog bike – any experience with sizing?

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  • Frog bike – any experience with sizing?
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    My daughter has outgrown her Isla Cnoc 16, and prefers the Frog bike colours.

    Size wise, she is right in the middle of the 20 and 24. She is 8 in March, so I’m reluctant to spend on the 20 (age 6/7) when in a couple of months she will no doubt grow again, the little bastard.

    24″ suggests minimum inside leg of 62cm. She is 60 in shoes…considering it’s a Christmas present, worth taking the punt on the bigger bike?

    Is there any scope to cut the seat post to get the saddle lower, or is it already flush?

    Thanks for any advice


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    We got our daughter the bigger Frog for her 8th. Spun the seatpost round to help with the sizing. No idea on her actual height though but shes average for 8 I’d say.


    What is her height against the recommended 135cm?

    I was looking at the Frog bikes for my 7 year old daughter and had the same dilemma. She is only 1.3 metres tall so too small for the 24 but I didn’t want to buy the 20 in case she grew out of it quickly. Ended up buying an Islabike Bein 24 which will fit her according to the size chart. Ordered it yesterday arrived today so it’s hidden away now for Christmas.


    I would go for it my daughter was just over 62cm when we got hers but we had to raise the seat a little. They are really great little bikes, I have watched a few of these versus the equivalent Isla and the frogs cost less to own between purchase price new and second hand sale when done with it.

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    Thanks all

    Colour is swinging it for Frog…although she has loved her Cnoc.

    Not sure how tall she is, I’ll measure her tomorrow…

    I reckon the vfm part of me will go for the 24″…it’s the gaffer I need to convince!


    standheight i dare say she’ll be fine, you just need to watch out on the reach as the 62 is significantly longer than the 20″ frogs. Great idea from Yokaiser on spinning the seatpost though! 🙂


    Beware, the 24inch Frog is very long in comparison to it’s stand over height. I swapped my tallish 7 1/2 year old lad from an islabike being 20 small to the frog and it’s still looks far too long for him after 8 months. I am hoping he will fit it better by next summer. He was over the minimum stand over when I bought it.


    Buy a bike that fits her.

    I got Frog bikes for my daughters a couple of years ago – my eldest was around 8 I think at the time. I seem to remember they were on the cusp between sizes so just sized up. Worked out fine, they grow quick at that age. I think the saddles were slammed at first, but only for a short while and it is always the case with kids – they seem to want the saddles too low so they can get their feel on the floor comfortably at the expense of an ideal riding position. The bike is still good for my eldest and she’s 10 now, so plenty of growth potential in them – should do for at least another year, I think my younger (7) is probably getting to the height where she might benefit from the next size up.

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