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  • Fixing a pinched steel dropout (driveside)
  • My mk1 PA frame arrived with it’s drive side slot a little squidged. What’s the best way to sort this out?

    So far I can see:

    1. Walloping.
    2. Filing (I sense this is not the answer).
    3. Heating and walloping.

    As it’s the first generation the dropout/hanger is a smaller piece than the newer PA.



    Gentle but firm bending. The end of an adjustable spanner works.


    i would be tempted to ask a friendly local frame builder.

    Get pro advice. cold setting can be done but for something like that where yo want a very localised bend and don’t want to add stress I would be thinking of serious heat. But I would take pro advice. Not hitting it weither – bending it with a lever

    i would be tempted to ask a friendly local frame builder.

    who will:

    1) Wallop it
    2) File it
    3) Heat it and wallop it.

    Seriously though, don’t heat it. Very gentle bending when it’s cold. If you need to heat it to bend it back then you’ll already have compromised it.

    Bear in mind it *may* crack while bending it but if you get it too hot when trying to heat it, it’s going to be weaker and probably crack in the long term.

    Al’s right, if you don’t have access to the right tools, an adjustable spanner works well.


    Ok. Gently gently with the spanner it will be. Shame it’s not a love/hate!

    Worse comes to worse do I use an emergency hanger in place of the one I may snap off?

    Thanks for the feedback.


    How bent is it? pic? Steel is pretty hard to break.

    It’s only tweaked a little, I’ll stick a pic up tomorrow if I haven’t fixed it. It’s just too tight and slightly teardrop shaped. I tried prying the stays a little to pop it straight into it’s nook, but the nook has been encroached upon.

    *tries to figure out way to hide filing from earlier* 😳


    Just tweak it back, gently. Its steel 🙂

    Fixed it!

    Lots of persuasive bending……….and some filing and it’s taking the wheel like a lover into open arms. But not too open.

    Thanks team 😀

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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