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  • Finding new (running) routes – strava? Or something else
  • petrieboy
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    I started a new job in a new town this year. I’ve been out for a few runs (lost my running mojo for a bit) but could really do with finding what routes other people are doing locally so I can pinch the good bits. Im on the outskirts of Luton so I expect there are loads of trails and theres lots of offices in the area so I expect plenty lunchtime runs going on.
    I know the right answer is “look at the map and plan some routes” but I’m lazy and would really like to benefit from others efforts.
    Strava doesn’t seem to have a “search for routes” feature that I can see?

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    The global heat map on strava is useful for finding local hot-spots

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    Another vote for the global heat map, great for finding local routes.

    Once you done a few routes you can also use the flyby feature to see who the other local runners are – you can then cyberstalk them to find out their routes 🙂

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    On the Strava App.

    1. Segment explorer
    2. Select running
    3. Find a segment in the general area that you are interested in.
    4. Go to leaderboard for that segment .
    5. Tap on segment leader
    6. Will now show you their full run route that they included that segment on.
    7. Look at some more people’s routes from the leaderboard.
    8. Get an idea of their routes.
    9. Run their routes
    10. Steal their CRs and get in a never ending CR battle.
    11. Realise the futility of racing against strangers.

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    Stravas excellent for knicking routes off (bike or run)

    Just avoid anything titled “Bobs chip shop jog” or “Fifi’s folly with Foofoo”

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