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  • Fat C*n’t? Actually Fat Can
  • dangeourbrain
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    Why on Earth would you expect someone to continue making themselves miserable and lethargic indefinitely for absolutely no benefit?

    Well I for one have been posting here and reading politics threads for years

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    I’m the Fat Bloke behind the Fat lad at the back. I don’t wear lycra, not trying to put people off their dinner.
    I’m disabled and I’m losing my ability to ride much now. I’m obese since my injuries and I don’t give a Wossname for the urzlolys that want to get all self righteous about the “Blame Issue”. I used to average 7K annually, much of it touring with camping gear.
    Be as negative as you want, I don’t mind.
    Insult me to my face, I will refit your saddle, internally.
    I like the advertisement.

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    i think a nice bright t shirt with the ‘ Fat C*n’t ‘ logo on it would be perfect for us big un’s who dont give a flying **** about being big.

    Ton. 21 stone. fit as ****.

Viewing 3 posts - 81 through 83 (of 83 total)

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Search the forum using the power of Google

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