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  • Do you go to gigs on your own?…
  • The Idles thread sparked this off – there’s no way my wife would go and see anyone like that, and I can’t think of any friends that it would appeal to either.

    I’ve never been to gigs on my own, but as I get older it appeals more – as I’d rather be enjoying the music myself than having a friend or the wife stood next to me with a face like a smacked arse!


    Plenty of times! Do it, grab a beer and be in your own little world

    Premier Icon senor j

    Sooooooo many.

    Got myself into several pickles at quite a few! 🙂

    Premier Icon bikebouy

    Yes, absolutely.


    Yep, being single and not planning means I’ve just wandered into a few too.

    Yep, I’ve literally just bought myself a ticket to go see Bob Mould in Leeds. I might bump into folks I know, but if not I’ll quite happily read on my Kindle between bands. I’m that cool.

    Premier Icon Cougar

    Why not?  It’s not like you’re there to have a conversation.


    In order of the best ways to watch gigs IMO

    1 With friends who equally like the artist.

    2 On my own

    3 With friends who tagg along but don’t realty like the artist.

    4 Being the tag along.

    5 Off my face on booze and drugs accidentality finding myself in a venue with a “take that” tribute band playing, then realising I don’t have enough LSD to escape reality.


    Yep my best mate has now been to see Britney speares twice by himself and girls aloud and many many more. He’s very much single though!

    Premier Icon Hells


    Next question!


    Apart from the last 3 years with my Mrs and a few when I went with mates in my 20s

    every other gig I’ve been to have been on my own – its absolutely my preference

    After last Saturdays gig I will be going on my own again. Why would your Mrs choose to get pissed and spend hours slagging of the band you are going to see – weirdo

    Premier Icon DezB


    One of the most memorable gigs of my life was on my own – I was on a training course in London, checked the listings.. only Themselves playing! (one of my all time heroes being the vocalist). Went, small room, sat on a speaker and swooned over Doseone. Bloody awesome.

    Oh and Suuns, right at the front – well, there was only about 12 people there.

    Also joined one of those “Meet Up” groups online and met “Gig buddies” a few times. One time the organiser talked/shouted to someone all the way through the gig! So he ain’t no gig buddy of mine. Arsehole.

    Got another one next week 🙂

    Not Idles though, seeing them with mates, one of whom doesn’t like them 😀

    Premier Icon theotherjonv

    yep, many times. You’re not alone though, you’re in a room full of people with a shared interest.


    Yup,also go to the cinema a lot as Mrs FH doesn’t always want to see the same films.

    Got used to it when I was a contractor working all over the place.

    Table for one sir ?

    Not a problem,just remember to take a book or a newspaper. 🙂

    I do it on a regular basis, I wouldn’t see half the bands I wanted to if I only went with other people.


    I was going to say no, but I often end up going off to try to get to the front which none of my mates want to do so effectively I am on my own.

    Premier Icon dannybgoode

    I’ve been clubbing on my own plenty of times. Even met Mrs Danny one time I went solo some 16 1/2 years ago.

    See no reason I wouldn’t go and see a band on my own either…

    Premier Icon gallowayboy

    Yes…had some great times that way, no need to feel that mild anxiety  of ” is the other(s) enjoying it. Come to think of it, I value a bit of solitary headspace these days – gigs are a great release. Still go to more together though.

    Premier Icon ChrisL

    Yes, but it’s a bit boring standing around on my own waiting for the support act or main act to start.

    Premier Icon kennyp

    Yes, do it sometimes. Went to see Rush on my own a few years ago. Mrs Kenny asked afterwards how it was being on my own. I told her fine as I’d got chatting to a couple of other blokes also there on their own. She said she wasn’t surprised!!


    Absolutely and I really like it that way as I can go to what I want without worrying about whether those with me are enjoying themselves (it tends to be me who sorts out gig attendance).  Just chat to other solitary attendees or read my Kindle (so there may be two of us at Bob Mould in Leeds doing that…..).

    Premier Icon feed

    I have a small group of friends, 4 of us that go to gigs on a “regular” basis. Due to some varied musical taste I will often end up at gigs where I haven’t previously heard of the band. Invariably good gigs. My preference is to go with this group but there’ no chat during the gig (obviously). Am quite happy to go to a gig on my own if there’s a band I want to see and no one else is around or wants to see the band.

    Also happy to go mountain biking on my own sometimes.

    Mister P

    I’m going to see Nils Frahm by myself in February for my birthday. None of my friends like his music but I don’t see why I should miss out.


    I’ve been to a few on my own, no problem. I’m not one to chat to random people, so keep myself to myself.

    My other half usually comes with me, she’s not one to chat through gigs which is nice.


    Only once when my wife put her back out before we were due to see Royal Blood and nobody we knew wanted to come instead. Was fine during each set but was bored between bands as I’m not one to find strangers to talk to. Plus it was in the NIA where I have no phone reception so felt a bit of lemon just standing and people watching with my pint.

    Coincidentally I’m seeing Idles tonight, can’t wait!

    Premier Icon Phil_H

    Most of the time but I’m antisocial.


    Yep, since reading a similar forum thread on this a while ago and a discussion on 6Music I realised it was about me and my interest in music and not being put off because friends who don’t share that interest don’t want to go.

    From November last year I have indulged in solo gig attendance, seeing Royal Blood and then Iron Maiden. I was due to see the Idles tonight but an unforeseen event meant I had to cancel. So Will from Solihull – who bought my ticket – if you’re reading this, hope it’s a great gig.

    Funnily enough, since going on solo gig adventures, friends now want to join me. So we’re off to see The Prodigy in Birmingham next month and Metallica next year. Looking forward to Placebo starting their next tour. Old skool rocks.

    so there may be two of us at Bob Mould in Leeds doing that…..

    Kindle corner…


    I enjoy going on my own. I’d rather that than stand there worrying whether the person I’m with is enjoying it or not. It’s also nice to be free from having to make arrangements to fit around others.


    Ohh and I went to Glastonbury a couple of years ago with my brother and his daughter. I spent most of the four days doing my own thing and only really saw them first thing in the morning and occasionally when going back to our tents. I think the only artist we all saw together was Hosier.


    Quite often.

    I did take Mrs Stoner to a Tindersticks gig with me at Warwick uni a few years ago. She enjoyed it but would have preferred the opera. I loved it.

    Coincidentally  I’m in France on my own at the moment and the other day saw that Stuart Staples (he lead singer of the aforementioned Tindersticks) is playing his only solo gig this year tomorrow night in Lyon. Which is on my way back to blighty. Colour me happy as cherub!


    All the time,

    and all sorts of venues from the Community room at The Brudenell the other week, up to Knebworth park back in the day,

    cant think of any reason not to …..

    Premier Icon sadexpunk

    The Idles thread sparked this off – there’s no way my wife would go and see anyone like that, and I can’t think of any friends that it would appeal to either.

    not sure if i gave the impression i was on my own, i went with a few workmates who’d never heard of them but are up for a good night out.  wifes not interested at all and as others have mentioned, id rather she didnt cos itd take some of the enjoyment away knowing that she’d be hating it.

    as for the OP’s question, i sort of agree with this….

    but it’s a bit boring standing around on my own waiting for the support act or main act to start.

    its nice to share experiences and id prefer to go with mates.  an hours car journey, finding somewhere to park, queueing up, going to the bar, all on your own, nobody to talk to, standing on your own waiting for the bands, it spoils it a bit for me.  killing joke are playing rock city next week and theres none of my mates want to go, so ill just probably go to work instead….


    Used to all the time, first gig was Steeleye Span at the Leacock Folk Festival, around 45 years ago. I saw Supertramp play the local college just before Crime Of The Century came out, then there was a spate of great gigs in Bath, saw The Clash, The Jam, The Human League, Siouxsie And The Banshees, Ian Dury and The Blockheads, Girlsschool, Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers, (a gig I was so totally stoned at I’ve no clear recollection of it!) Saw Pink Floyd, Yes and a bunch of other bands in Bristol. More recently, since the early 90s I’ve tended to go with a mate with the same sort of tastes in music, but he doesn’t do festivals, so I’ve done IoW in 2015, and Greenman in 2016 and 17 on my own. I did Reading a couple of times once in the early 80s and once in, I think, 94 or 5. Saw Richard Thompson a week ago, thanks to a mate who had a ticket and couldn’t go.

    Oh, saw Death Cab For Cutie in London a while back for free, via iTunes Festival, and David Byrne and St Vincent at the Roundhouse, went up to London on my own, booked a B&B near Hyde Park, visited Highgate Cemetary in the afternoon, walked from there to the gig. Next day walked across Hyde Park, had a look at the Diana memorial water feature and the Serpentine Gallery, then over to Borough Market for lunch and a beer, then went up The Shard, back to Paddington and back home. All on my own, first time I’d done anything like it, the weather was perfect, and it was one of the best weekends of my life,

    Thing is, I’m perfectly happy with my own company, but I’ll strike up a conversation with other people, so I’m never rally alone. I’d rather go on my own and be happy and enjoy myself, than with someone who isn’t into the music and is only there grudgingly and is unhappy, which makes the whole thing miserable for both parties.


    Yep. I’ve been listening to noisey hardcore punk since the early 80s so my music tastes are a bit niche. It’s all good.

    Premier Icon garage-dweller

    I should/would. Mrs g-d doesn’t like any of the more intense stuff that I’m into.

    Even when I’ve been with friends you usually get chatting to some randoms anyway and if not there’s always stw to keep you company with a pint.


    No, I would be feel too self conscious. Would probably spend most of the time worrying other people would think I was a loser with no friends.

    Now I know that I shouldn’t care what people think. And I would love the experience of going alone. But the reality is O never would!

    And BTW I don’t lack self confidence, I’m not shy and I like meeting other people. I’m maybe just shallow!

    Premier Icon seosamh77


    Yep my best mate has now been to see Britney speares twice by himself and girls aloud and many many more. He’s very much single though!

    That’s not really acceptable tbh! 😆

    Yes indeedy. Going to see Killing Joke next weekend, mrs_d is not a fan so i’ll be going on my own. Fully expect to bump into some old friends, mind

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