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    Here is a typical scene from my commute:-

    This one ****** me off the most though. It is at Sandwood Bay in North-West Sutherland. A 4-mile walk from the nearest road and this is what is some campers have left waiting for you on your arrival.


    I used to train in the Tidworth area and there was always lots of porn to be found..


    The view from a bike is interesting.

    Whilst touring in England the main thing you see / smell is dead rabbits in the road.

    On the side of the road its all Red Bull cans, Fag packets and McDonalds packaging. Given that I never see any porn I deduce that people who drink Red Bull, smoke fags and litter McDonalds are indeed w**kers.


    i have found a massive spikey dildo in a layby once guiding in the mendips…


    Premier Icon molgrips

    Mate of mine was riding along and saw a small perfectly arranged set of internal organs – lungs, heart, liver, stomach, guts, the lot. He stopped to look, puzzled.. then about 10 yards down the road was a rabbit with a very flat front half and a very large hole in its bum. Apparently car had run over the front end of the rabbit and blown its insides down the road.

    I used to see loads of tapes.. now it's all CDs. How times change eh. Once found a pair of molgrips on the road. Also, I once broke the mounting for my lights whilst on a night road ride. I didn't have anything with which to fix them, so I trundled on holding the light in my hand until, only about a mile away, the god of roads provided me as I was sure it would. Piece of baler twine.

    there is/was a junior sized raceing bike in the hedge on the climb up form the John Tompson in in South Derbyshire if anyone wants it.

    porn, porn and more porn (derbyshire folk clearly wan*****/)

    ladies undergarments, although not in the same quantity as porn.

    Mountainbikers are as bad as anyone, the jump spot was always a tip.


    found a nice chain today attached to fly tipped ladder.

    mine now 🙂

    and a nice mini light…


    I had a chain like that and a mini light just like that aswell.


    A couple of DVDs – 'Asian Anal something-or-others' 1+2



    flytipping scum 😉


    I saw a dead heron, one heck of a big bird.

Viewing 15 posts - 81 through 95 (of 95 total)

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