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  • dirtypiere

    Apart from all of the tins, bottles, litter crap etc I saw a used ( full up ) Johnny along with a yard of tissue at the the edge of a quiet rode this morning whilst out with me niece for a training ride.
    Told her what I had seen so had to go back and check.
    Bloody funny to see and had a laugh but really not that nice, litter does my head in, and some bloke most of done a months worth!!!
    What is the worst you have seen?


    A charcoaled badger corpse.

    Premier Icon bruneep

    False leg


    Yeah weird! dunno how that happens


    Ps be ok if I could spell road as well! sorry

    Premier Icon Dougal

    Saw one of these while out nightriding in the snow a few weeks ago:

    Was put there after the snow, and was a long way from civilisation. Some people litter off stuff.

    I have twice seen £5 notes at the side of the road!

    west kipper

    What pi**es me off is the sheer amount of fly-tipping in verges. You'd probably never notice it at 50 mph in a car, but from a bike its really obvious.

    …And no matter how remote the road, how far in the middle of nowhere, you'll always find used McDonalds cartons.


    Saw a load of double glazed windows in local beauty spot once with an address on. I did the dutiful thing and let the local plods know. They weren't interested.


    About 30 empty lager cans, around a dozen pringles tubes, and a deflated inflatable chair lying in a verge about 5km from the nearest town. Weird place to have a party…


    I often see ONE shoe. How does that work then? So you get home and think "Hmmm, something's not quite right, oh would you look at that? I lost a shoe somewhere".


    i've seen stoke-on-trent a few times


    lol at Tribalchief 😆


    Dead cat in a rug.


    Gloves. I almost started a website called which would show all the gloves and assorted garments found by the roadside. But then I remembered I had a life.

    Worst thing though? We found a shooter once. Not an animal shooting shooter but a human shooting shooter, a pistol. Looked like a semi-automatic of some description to me but then I've never actually held one. I'm more used to rifles and shotguns.

    Anyway, we phoned the police and they turned up astoundingly quickly. Really, we made the phone call and the first cop car was there almost as soon as we hung up. Bizarre really, cars kill three thousand people a year in britain and guns kill (from a quick search for 2009), 39 people a year but if we'd phoned up and told them we'd found a car we'd still be waiting there now.

    What a strange and shitty world we live in.


    Other things found:

    A cross cut saw.
    Zip Ties
    Pikey patchwork horse.
    Art pamphlets.
    Shop rack system (now my home toolrack)
    Couple of tents.
    Horny Girl sweets
    Blow up doll
    Enamel shop sign.
    Trailer board.
    Baby name book.
    Mr Sneeze toy.
    Tonka toy.
    Mini tyke bike thing.
    Roadie jacket.
    Mountain bike (apollo type ;-))
    Book on woodland (still use it)


    What appeared to be an air rifle. Didn't examine it. Phoned Police. Police arrived. Gun had gone.

    I remember someone on here saying they once found a charred dead person in a burnt out car. They took some photo's before calling the Police.


    Report fly tipping etc here – gets sorted very quickly. 3 of my 4 eports dealt with in under a week. This included a dumped tractor wheel and tyre, 10 x 21"+ TVs, a stone block fireplace, and 10 rugs on the roman rd out of Hope!!


    >Saw a load of double glazed windows in local beauty spot once with an address on. I did the dutiful thing and let the local plods know. They weren't interested.

    No good reporting flytipping to plod, get on to the council.


    a pristine copy of 'transvestite today' on the road out of peaselake.

    having inspected the contents as far as pages 5-6 it was left open at pages 3-4 and propped up in the verge so passers by could be shocked and appalled.
    there was that dead donkey on pitch hill around the same time, but that was trailside not roadside.


    A pile of frozen chips on a bridleway about a mile from the road, without any sign of a bag. WTF?


    A human torso


    Way back when I was an estate forester we used to find all sorts of cr*p in the woods. One time I found an old radiator that a plumber had taken from my house the day before. Seeing as I knew where his next job was I took it along and gave it back.

    Once other time what looked from a distance like a shop window dummy on the grass next to a byway near Stonehenge turned out to be a nice looking young woman nude sunbathing. Brightened up the day no end.


    came across a small rave last summer on a local bridleway about 7 in the morning, i dont know who was more surprised……….



    It's nearly interesting how you can judge the distance to the nearest drive thru (*shudder*) fastfood outlet by the boxes. fry cartons two miles, drinks cups three, main boxes four and a half miles.


    As above the best people to call with fly tipped stuff is the council. My dad came across a pile of dumped plumbing scrap at a local nature reserve. Amongst it was an invoice. He called the council and someone was round like a shot. They traced the plumber who claimed he'd recently sold his van and that it was full of crap so the person that bought it must have dumped it. The council guy said thanks, then prosecuted the two of them.

    My most recent weird find was a giant cuddly bunny.

    As a youngster a friend of mine happened across a neatly folded pile of clothes, and a short distance away gentleman in basque, suspenders and high heals enjoying his own company. So he did what any right thinking young chap would do- nicked the clothes.


    Found a massive safe once, like the size of a washing machine, dumped about 50 metres down a trail. You could see the fresh tyre marks from a van or pickup. It had been cracked open and set on fire!


    I used to work surveying the trunk road network in Scotland. Man we found hundreds of weird stuff.

    One day I was down a verge and found about 50 footballs! I stuffed as many as I could into the survey car and then handed them out to anyone who wanted one back at HQ.


    If you want any motorbike spares, have a ride up to the Cat and Fiddle in Macc, theres flippin loads of broken fairings, forks, mirrors, pedals, half a handlebar, probably enough to bodge an entire bike together over a few miles. Dosent take long to see why…

    Premier Icon Drac

    **** me where do you people live, all I ever see empty cans and crisp packets.


    LOL @ Skidartist – class!

    Edric 64

    I found a flytipped computer desk i'm looking at it now


    Whilst travelling in Peru our group found a dead body wrapped up in a carpet. It was on the side of a motorway bridge near a very dodgy slum area of Lima.

    We go out of there pretty quickly!


    Bullets, 6 of them. Some 30 yards from a primary school gates and, say, 300 yards from the Civic Centre. Police were interested.


    Only tyres today…


    Road ride near Penrith last Feb – found myself a very lovely top-of-the range Leatherman, which I expect it's owner didn't mean to drop there. I've also had a few fluorescent workman's vests, which are useful for commuting.

    Where were them winders?

    Still there? I'll save then a job if they are!

    Tijuana Taxi

    I remember someone on here saying they once found a charred dead person in a burnt out car. They took some photo's before calling the Police

    That was on the Roman Road near Cambridge a couple of years ago near Christmas time

    Premier Icon piedi di formaggio

    Once saw a huge amount of bog roll flapping about on the verge. Some of it was clearly used. I suspect it had something to do with the empty box in amongst it. The box was about 18 inches tall by 6 inches square. It's contents (thankfully missing) was apparantly some sort of butt plug. Made my eyes walking just thinking about it. It was obviously huge 😯

    On another occasion was out walking with the family in the woods. Emerged into a clearing covered in rubbish, nappies, bog roll, food waste and sh!t. Appeared to be recently vacated by 'travellers' Filty bastids

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