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  • COVID vaccination side effects. What were yours?
  • Premier Icon zippykona
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    How were you after your jab?
    All our parents and 80 plus people we know have just had a sore arm.
    Half the people we know in their late 50s have had really rotten flu symptoms.
    Having ours tomorrow (Both 55) and would like to hear lots of stories that you were perfectly fine.
    Should we start dosing ourselves up with paracetamol?

    Premier Icon FunkyDunc
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    Mine killed me.

    Premier Icon longdog
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    None whatsoever for me, astra-zennica. My wife had a sore arm and felt a bit off a couple of days, Pfizer. I know people like me who were not affected at all and others who’ve been pretty Ill. Seems a bit of a lottery really.

    Premier Icon onewheelgood
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    I’m 61. I had my AZ vaccination at 9:30 last Monday morning. Exactly 12 hours later I started to feel rough. I had a terrible night, incredibly hot and achy, didn’t really sleep at all, I can’t remember ever in my life feeling more unwell than that. But by 9:30 the next morning I felt absolutely fine, did 10000 steps that day and a 23 mile bike ride that was my fastest of the year so far. So it wasn’t very nice, but only lasted about 10 hours and since the timing meant that it was all at night it didn’t really inconvenience me much. Very strange. But both my sisters had AZ and have had no side-effects at all.

    Premier Icon bigdaddy
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    Pfizer one for me, mildly sore arm, nothing else – felt fine…

    Premier Icon Rio
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    I was a bit achey about 10 hours after having the AZ, lasted until I took some paracetamol as recommended in the leaflet they gave me, which is odd as paracetamol usually does nothing for me and also I never read the instructions, so Mrs R thinks common sense may be another side effect. She had the Pfizer and had a sore arm for a couple of days. So overall nothing we haven’t had after a flu jab.

    Premier Icon whitestone
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    I’m 61. Had my first (AZ) jab last Thursday evening. No sore arm. Had a feeling similar to a hangover (rough head, slightly upset stomach) most of Friday (not helped by my wife reading most of the night keeping me awake as well), by tea time Friday I was fine.

    I took a couple of paracetamol on the Thursday night as I’ve a pulled tendon in my knee – I rarely take any form of painkillers so there could be confounding factors in how I felt.

    Premier Icon zippykona
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    @ onewheelgood have you had COVID?

    Premier Icon burt
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    Had mine Sunday, bit of a restless night and by midday Monday I was in a right state. Every bit of me ached, even my balls at one point. Felt like I’d been pummelled in the kidneys for a couple of hours. Then a headache, that’s still around in the background, then a bit dizzy and light headed. Went to bed when I got home with a couple of paracetamol and codeine. Another restless night. By 10am this morning it was all gone apart from the slight headache.
    Booked a couple of days off for the booster!

    Premier Icon Drac
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    Pfizer I had a sore arm.

    Should we start dosing ourselves up with paracetamol?]


    Premier Icon richardk
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    3 days of significant tenseness and stress – that was from the moment of getting the text, to walking into the hospital.  Fear of needles is something I should probably get over…

    AZ vaccination.  Brain turned too mush for about 36 hours, little ability to concentrate, mostly felt knackered, and had a higher than usual resting heart rate (not sure if that was the vaccine or the response to the nervousness).  Sore arm for 2-3 days.  After that, no other issues.

    Premier Icon tayls
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    Had my first jab on saturday, astra z, dull ache where injected and as above a bit off for a couple of days is all. (late 50`s)

    Premier Icon onewheelgood
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    @ onewheelgood have you had COVID?

    Not as far as I know.

    Premier Icon patagonian
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    We are 64 and both had exactly the same symptoms.
    About 8 hours after the jab we stared having nasty hot/cold variation right through the night. Felt ok in the morning except for the lack of sleep. No soreness in the arm at all.
    2 friends had nothing happen.
    1 just had a sore arm but he has had covid.
    1 felt sick

    All of the above had the AZ jab.

    Premier Icon grahamt1980
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    Sore arm for me, felt a bit tired the week after but not sure if that was the jab or home schooling

    Premier Icon mildred
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    Pfizer for me. The next day I had a sore arm (significantly more so than flu jab, but that may have been the person administering it??).

    About 18 hrs later I got a typical (for me) viral feeling of a hot tingly back, high overall temperature and a bit dizzy/confused. I took a couple of ibuprofen and within 30mins I felt fine.

    However, for about 4 weeks my resting heart rate was elevated by about 10 bpm. I had really poor restless sleep, itchy skin and every time I exercised I felt like I had absolutely no fitness whatsoever. My heart rate just refused to respond properly to the exercise.

    Currently I feel fine but when I exercise I get cold symptoms the next day. The day after I’m fine again. Very strange. I have two colleagues who are experiencing virtually identical symptoms, both of whom had the Pfizer jab.

    Premier Icon plop-pants
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    61. AZ. Had jab at 1045. Felt fine at 1400 so went out for a mtb ride for a couple of hours and my legs felt like they would get me up a cliff face! By 1800 I felt a bit muzzy in the head. Went to bed and just could not sleep. Next day I had muscle and joint aches and a bit of a headache but didn’t feel weak at all or tired. No loss of appetite. Day after felt much better but took it easy anyway. Next day back on the turbo.

    Premier Icon chipps
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    Pfizer here. 53. Had a sore arm for two/three days from the first jab. That was entirely it. Second one in a month.

    Premier Icon Murray
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    56. AZ. Nothing that afternoon but vivid fever type dreams that night. Under the weather the following day, cured with paracetamol. Slight tenderness at point of injection.

    Significantly less side effects than the cocktail of vaccines I had in the 80s to go to Russia and China.

    Premier Icon ashmonkey
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    Had mine at 3pm (AZ), by 8pm had hot/cold shivers and was literally shaking, couldn’t stop shaking unless wrapped in several duvets.
    Only felt that ill before when I had swine flu.
    Took a couple of days to feel better. Not complaining, was a pleasure and honour to be offered it (through work, 46 yr old)

    Premier Icon malv173
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    43, and Pfizer for me. Nothing other than a sore jab site for a day or so. I’ve got ne second one next week. I’ll report back after that, as I’ve heard the reaction can be a bit stronger the second time.

    Premier Icon mattcartlidge
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    Az here, 44, jab last Tuesday, felt fine for 12 hours after jab then got the shivers, rough night sweating/fever then just felt tired for a day or so, believe I had covid last March but never confirmed by test.

    Premier Icon inbred853
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    AZ jab on Friday, felt a bit fluy on the evening into Sat afternoon. Felt better Sat evening and back to normal on Sun. Back to normal training routine on Mon with no I’ll effects.

    Premier Icon Greybeard
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    65, AZ, all the next day I felt as if I had a hangover (hadn’t drunk alcohol). No sore arm. Similar but not so bad the next day, fine the day after, unusually tired the day after that, then normal.

    Premier Icon rOcKeTdOg
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    Sore arm but no worse than the flu jab. 54 yo AZ

    Premier Icon devbrix
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    1st Pfizer beginning of January not a thing. Second yesterday, stonking headache this morning but paracetamol sorted it out and feeling a bit meh generally. Second dose of Pfizer tends to cause more people to have side effects from the data but vast majority mild. Much preferable to having COVID.

    Premier Icon docrobster
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    I’m in the az trial so had my first dose last June second in September (obvs didn’t know at the time)
    Mild sore arm both times. I had a shocking headache and felt fluey lifeless and generally crap the day after the first dose but hardly noticed anything after second dose.
    At work (gp practice) a bunch of people all had first Pfizer jabs on the same day and the next afternoon a lot had similar. Fever of 38, headache shivers etc. All fine next day.
    These are all normal and expected vaccination reactions. Up to 48 hours generally not worrying. Longer than that get checked as could be something else.

    Premier Icon jate
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    Had the Pfizer first shot just over 2 weeks ago (57 but my surgery has me down as asthmatic, even though I’ve told them I’m not…..). Went out for a walk with Mrs Jate the same day and a ride the following day. No effects at all, not even a sore arm.
    Mrs Jate had hers Sunday. Sore arm and felt slightly less than 100% on Monday. She’s fine now.

    Premier Icon slowoldman
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    Pfizer. Slightly sore arm for a day. As with the flu jab some people are unaffected, others need a day off work (apparently).

    Premier Icon Northwind
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    I got the AZ. I was basically fine, then suddenly about 14 hours after the jag, I was Not Fine. Like having the entire flu but in a day, I just barely made it to bed and stayed there. I think that’s more or less “on the severe end of the really trivial side effects”? Anyway, it was orrible but totally worth it.

    Arm stayed pretty sore for a week or so but not enough to cause any problems

    Premier Icon Poopscoop
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    52, Pfizer here, absolutely nothing, not even sore arm.

    Premier Icon jimw
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    59, Pfizer, sore arm for a day, fatigue for 48 hrs, but as it often get tired (CFS diagnosed a year ago) may not be as a result of the vaccination.
    My brother, also 59, had the AZ vaccination yesterday, says he aches a bit and feels slow today.

    Premier Icon scotroutes
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    I got the AZ. I was basically fine, then suddenly about 14 hours after the jag, I was Not Fine. Like having the entire flu but in a day, I just barely made it to bed and stayed there. I think that’s more or less “on the severe end of the really trivial side effects”? Anyway, it was orrible but totally worth it.

    Similar for Mrs Routes, though she had the Pfizer, It  really knocked her out for a couple of days. We’re pretty sure she had the virus last spring so that might tie up with the notion that those who’ve already been infected have a worse reaction to the vaccination.

    I get mine (AZ) on Friday. I’ll try to post every day but if I suddenly stop…..

    Premier Icon MrOvershoot
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    Had the AZ 3 weeks ago and not a thing, not even a sore arm.
    I’m not exactly in prime health so was expecting some reaction, but nothing!
    I am also in the high risk of blood clots, high hematocrit level so given that I was jabbed by my practice nurse who knows all about me, I’m hoping they are not worried about the clotting situation?

    Premier Icon thelawman
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    I’m 58 and had the 1st AZ vaccine one afternoon last week, followed by a restless night and didn’t really sleep properly. After that, no apparent side effects at all. Mrs Lawman is a bit older and had hers a few weeks ago; she complained of feeling a bit achey for a couple of days – muscles, joints, head plus a sore arm. Otherwise we’ve been fine, and have heard similar stories from other people of mixed but basically minor reactions.

    Premier Icon FB-ATB
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    Mrs FB & I both had Covid in Dec, she had worse symptoms than me. She had her jab (Pfizer) a month ago (49 & at risk due to low immune system from post cancer drugs). Was rough for 2-3 days – she said it was similar to when we had Covid but not as bad. Have heard that if you’ve had Covid the jab can be worse than if you hadn’t had it. Not sure how that can be deduced.

    Premier Icon Klunk
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    was wondering if it makes a difference, one way or the other, if you’ve already had it (Covid19 that is) ?

    Premier Icon jamesgarbett
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    I’m 49 and had az a couple of weeks ago
    About 7 hours later started shivering
    Temp was up and spent all night sweating
    Felt rough the next morning but paracetamol did the trick
    Felt fine the day after

    Premier Icon JohnnyPanic
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    was wondering if it makes a difference if you’ve already had it ?

    Supposed to make it worse.

    63 Here, had the AZ Jab last Thursday. No arm pain, but about 5-6 hours later just felt really tired. Still tired the next day but ok by the evening.
    Partner, 59 had Pfizer a week before mine. Sore arm for a couple of days.

    Premier Icon martinhutch
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    51 – no arm pain, no temperature, no headache – maybe a mild fatigue the next day, but I’m a lazy bastard anyway, so who knows? My wife had it a few days later, massive temperature, shivers, sweats, headache, still not 100% 48 hours later, but getting there.

    Toss a coin, I think. We were suspecting we had covid in a mild way back in September/October, but no test, so we’re just guessing in retrospect.

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