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  • Chain guide recommendations please
  • e13 XCX+ in your flavour of mount, preferably ISCG if you have the tabs as you have more spacing options and it’s independent of the BB.

    Hope guide with hope bash ring here. Not dropped the chain once yet, very minimal so it;s barely noticeable and weighs sod-all.


    I have/had the same question recently. Due to the odd nature of the On One Whippet frame I couldn’t just stick a simple jump stop on which was most annoying. Anyway I didn’t have enough spare cash to buy any of the recommended options so I have nothing other than a bash guard, so far I have done 200 miles most of whch are on the SDW and have had one dropped chain.

    I will have to cover this with the statement that I am not very clued up on this biking lark other than I try to get out as often as I can so i don’t have extensive experience of riding with a single ring up front but 200 miles and one drop gets me wondering if the guide is as important as some would make out?

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    Single ring
    Upper only

    e13 xcx – don’t faff with cheap shite, it doesn’t work as well!


    e13 xcx works well. I am using the ISCG 05 version with a BB adaptor and the allignment is perfect with a 50mm chainline. Very sold and not much more than the BB version.


    I’ve been using a Blackspire Einfachx for the last month – it’s been faultless combined with a clutch mech.

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    MRP x1 has been faultless here, very pleased.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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